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Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Silliness of Out Of School Suspensions.

While reading the story about the Monroe High School,
and giving these kids a day off. It makes me think about
Evansville High School..The use out of school suspensions
as well . But its because the administrators are lazy.
They would rather get the kids out of their hair for a
few days. But all it does it gives the kid a nice vacation.

Most parents work so they are not home to
see what there kids do or don't do with their
days off.

Most parents can't stay at home to be the
slave driver to make sure their kids don't
enjoy their vacation. So it just becomes
vacation time granted by the school. Some
kids intentionally get suspended to get 'free'
days off. As it does not count against their

The high school administrators need to stop
being so lazy and keep these kids in school.

Let them help the janitors for a day or two.

Better yet let them have in school suspension
where all they do is sit in a room by them

However if they do that , which they do
from time to time ,, HEADS up you need
to keep a eye on them so they don't
sleep the day away!!!!!

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