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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Push for Puppy Mill Legislation

It's about time. We unknowingly bought one of our
dogs from a puppy mill, she ran a very clean operation
but a puppy mill just the same. I have since read numerous
reports on line about her, selling sick dog, after sick dog.

We were lucky.

We got another one of our dogs from a puppy
mill , but we did not know it was a puppy mill
until we got there and saw the conditions. There
was no way we were going to leave him there
in that mess.

We called the Lafayette Sheriff's dept after we
got home, and all they could do was tell her she
two weeks to get all her dogs up to date on shots.

As there was no ordinance against what she was doing.
The dog we got from there is slightly bipolar, and we
often wonder if that is not part of his problem.

Then we have people who used to breed big dogs
them selves, and now point their finger at others
who do. It's funny when a breeder finds conscious
and becomes holier than thou. What a joke they

There are so many dogs and cats in shelters
I strongly encourage people to adopt from a
reputable shelter.. Try adopting a older dog or
cat they have a lot of love to give.

We are currently fostering a older cat,, he
may be old (10) but he has a lot of spunk.
He sleeps right on one of the pillows at night
like he thinks he is king.

We chose fostering to give a animal a home
instead of a cold cage at some rescue.

So if you enjoy animals, but don't want a long
term commitment consider fostering.

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