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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mrs.Gillespie This Is Not Your Prom...

April 8th, 2009

Mrs. Gillespie,

I am writing concerning your views about how many
couples should be on Prom Court. Seriously pick your battles.
Stop being such a control freak. This is not your prom. This is
the class of 2010's prom not yours. The decision of what should
happen with their prom should be solely theirs not yours... With
of course the exception should alcohol be served or not. We will
let you make that call.

I would think you have many other battles you need to be dealing
with during your day and you need to pick them wisely. Like
cell phones in school, kids torturing teachers, harassment of
students by other students, teasing , bullying, drug use , and
writing on the bathroom walls. But how many couples can
be on Prom Court? Come on.. That is NOT your decision.

That needs to be left up to each individual class... It's their

Mrs Gillespie could it be you are still upset you DID NOT
get your way last year????



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