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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mr.Mrs.. Ms.. Sir, M'am... Do You Use Them...

During your everyday, how often do you address someone
as Ma'am, Sir, Mr. Mrs... etc....

I have been thinking about it for a while. More so because
my kids call their teachers Mr. or Mrs...

But quite often when I talk with them I address them by
their first name, as they do me.

My son has a teacher this year who is new.. He is Mr.Wopat.
I am sooooooo tempted to ask him if he is related to
Tom Wopat,... YOU know Dukes of Hazzards fame.. but
I could already see the eye roll.....

He is young as well... its possible he has never heard
of the Dukes of Hazzards...

When I talk with my kids I always speak of their teachers
as Mr. or Mrs... so their if no confusion as to how I expect
them to address them..

But in our daily lives how often do we really address someone like

I address my neighbor as Mr... and his wife as Mrs...

Because for some reason I always have... since we moved here.
I have been asked by several why do I do that?

Why don't I call them by their first names..
My other neighbors I do.

I have addressed them by their first names before.
and after so long of saying Mr.& Mrs... it just does
not feel right.

So Mr. & Mrs it is.

After my post yesterday to MS... Gillespie,
I realized that I don't know that she is married.

So I will play it safe from now on and refer to her
as Ms. or by her first name.. Jamie...

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