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Thursday, April 2, 2009


People's comments on the Gazette sometimes just amaze me.
There was a lady? on there the other day, who was upset with
Obama and was trying to make a case that he is to much of a
socialist.. She was not getting any support with that thought.

She was upset about and felt that President Obama has stuck
himself to far into this Auto Mess.... how dare he try to tell
them how to fix things......

I once again will state he is cleaning up after bushie... someone
else said and Reagan. But if G.M. and Chrysler are going to
come knocking on the governments door , asking for billions
in tax payer money.... the government has every right to
insert them selves into the situation and make sure we are
not going to make a bigger mess than there already is..

When someone borrows any amount of money, the loaner
has the right to put conditions on that money..

If you don't like it, don't ask for it...

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