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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Congrats To The Evansville School District .. Right Move..

Did you mark that on your calendar? Not to many times
you will get me to say they made the right call.

Once again the Evansville School District is having
a day of silence on April 17th.

Some people will say this is about promoting a alternative
life style.

It is not.. It is about tolerance.

No where in life do you get to harass or make comments
about some one's choices with out their being consequences
of some kind.

If you make comments about some one's sexual preference
at work, you can get fired.

You do this out in public, you can get a ticket
or punched in the nose.

It's really sad there are so many homophobic s out
there and they make a very poor attempt to stand
behind the Bible with their beliefs.

What a bunch of Crap..

The Bible says many things .. its funny how these
people who discriminate against those with a
alternate life style pick and choose what they want
to believe in the Bible. They choose what
suits their beliefs and ignore the rest.

They may have some explaining to God to do
when their day comes.

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