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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Audio; Common Council: Police Station Remodel... This Is Crazy!!!!!!

For my info: I have been told we do have a very good city planner from
a very reliable source... It makes you wonder if this city planner has been
run over by those who want, what they want.

CORRECTION: The woman you hear speak on the audio about the budget, is not

Sandy Decker but Barb Jacobson. I should have known as Barb has always been
very thoughtful when dealing with tax payer money.. thank you Barb.

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!! Does this city have a city planner?
What a freakin mess..

How much money???? Why????

How long will this house them comfortably. I heard
someone say in one meeting , in 10 years it won't
be good enough.

I am curious when there was first talk of a fire house
AND POLICE DEPT... all in one....

Yes it would have cost.. but it could have been build to
last 40 years... they all, EMS,, Fire Dept, and Police could
have all been in one location.

This is just crazy..

I don't fault them for wanting or feeling the need to
move.. but do it right.

I have also heard this will be smaller than where they
are now... Then why move?

I am assuming who we hear is Sandy Decker and good for
her actually questioning how much and when it should be

The current police station is appraised at 175,000???
ONLY if it sells as commercial?

Who else would want it with the way it is set up now?

TAKE FROM THE E.M.S.???? Is that not like stealing
from SANTA CLAUS........ Shame on this guy for that

What happens when the E.M.S. FINALLY gets its
decontamination unit??? OR anything else they

DO THIS RIGHT..... I think its foolish to spend this much

More thought should have been put into this from the
beginning talk of the fire house..

They should have done it right to begin with. I just don't
think anyone gave it much thought.

It could have been such a pretty building that housed all three.
For years, and years, and years.

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