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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tributes pour in for actress

I as many am very saddened by this. I am just
shocked that she could have been seemingly fine
right after words and decline very quickly within
in the hour.

Everyone understood when Sonny Bono died.
Tragic yes, but he hit a tree while skiing going
over 10 mph on ski's. The outcome most likely
would not be good for anyone that happened to.

A average of 35 people die a year in skiing or
snowboarding accidents.

Just last week a young man in Wisconsin was
taken off of life support after a snow boarding

There is no reason to second guess if this
could have been prevented or not.

She is gone. A beautiful lady, a beautiful
person who dedicated her self to A.I.D.S.
fund raising.

Our thoughts and prays are with her family.

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