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Monday, March 23, 2009

A Special Place In Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the shootings of the police officers last week.
It makes you really think of all the evil in this world.

There is a hell... and I have no doubt that is where
this gunman is.

If I can use the word 'fortunate' is that this gunman
was not pulled over in a public place, because who
knows what he would have done, he I believe would
have tried to take as many with him as possible.

Three police officers died by this man's hands. I heard
this a.m. the fourth is legally brain dead, and will more
than likely removed from life support within the
next day or two.

Our thoughts and prays are with their families, , and community.

There is a hell..

I would like to think that is where he is ..

I know we are suppose to forgive. But when someone
like this guy who cared for no one.. He took four lives
of people just trying to do their job.

I don't think he deserves our forgiveness.

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