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Monday, March 16, 2009

Should Lisa Stone Be Shown The Door???

I am very disappointed with the job she has done.
I do realize that not all in under her control. But
I do think she has had enough time to show us what
she can do . She has had some very talented young
ladies , talented teams several years where I thought
she would have , could have done better than what they
did .

They laid it all out in the paper this last week, what it
would cost to buy out her remaining contract, and
start a search... big bucks..

But whats will be the cost to the U.W. if they wait out
her contract over the next two years??

Unfortunately I don't think she is what they need.
She has done better than the last Woman's coach
Jane Albright?
but not good enough for what she is paid...

I do think it is time for her to go...

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