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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Ship Is Not Sinking... Word From The D.P.I...

I got my call from the D.P.I.,, and the ship is not sinking.
By law the Governor can not reduce state funding for
special education.. He does not have to increase , but
he can not decrease.

Also the State of Wisconsin should be getting
2.8 million of stimulus money for special education
which would be divided up among the schools.

The lady from the D.P.I. said there is a lot of
confusion right now about the state of the budget
and the stimulus money.

So things are not quite as dire as I was lead to believe.
I am sure the school was hoping for increased funding
but we all would like more money it is just not happening
right now.

The other thing the lady from the D.P.I. pointed out
is Gov. Doyle has different areas of money, and in the
one area he had so much money that he could have
divided between the University's and the schools in
the state.. He did not he gave it all to the schools..

Gov. Doyle has always been a big supporter of the
public schools so this talk I heard was very confusing
but after talking with the D.P.I. I have a much better

So I am glad I called them..

So as I mentioned in my last post,, call the Gov. office
but thank him for what he had done for education in

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