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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No More Money For Fannie Mae and Freddie...

Enough already.. I can not believe they are getting
more money..

They did this to them selves.

This plan of Obama's is better than anything
bush did. Or ever thought of doing.

But seriously its sad for any family to lose their
home.. It really is.

People are losing their homes for different reasons
no story is the same..

Some people have taken their lives or their families
lives over the thought of losing their home and many
times they have already lost their jobs.

It's not worth it.. things will get better.

As for the government bailing them out..

I am a firm believer that everything happens for
a reason. That sometimes bad things happen but
there is a reason for it.

I think everyone has to walk a path in life all the way

It's like when you kid goes through their allowance
and then wants more. What are they learning if someone
is always bailing them out.

In the same respect,, quit bailing out the banks, the insurance
company's , credit cards, mortgage company's...

This has turned into one big night mare.

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