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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here Is Waldo...

This poor baby has been at the Iowa County Humane Society for
TWO YEARS.. We really appreciate the fact that the I.C.H.S. is
a NON-KILL shelter..

They are a shelter that has struggled to remain NON-KILL
and with effort they are doing just that.

Older dogs make wonderful pets, done with the puppy phase
of chewing and peeing on the floor.. It's like adopting a teenager
but with out the attitude and lip.

A little about Waldo:

Waldo 2309- A very energetic boy who has been with us going on 2 years now. Waldo is attending obedience classes, to socialize with people and learn to focus his attention. He is doing very well, but is still fearful with new people. Waldo would do great with someone wanting to do agility or obedience as he is eager to learn. He will do well with dogs and cats, but no children. Fast movement of children tends to frighten Waldo.
Iowa County Humane Society
3207Bennett Road
Dodgeville, WI 53533

Phone: 608-935-1381
Fax: 608-935-2884

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