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Thursday, March 5, 2009

It Is A Privilege, Not A Right....

How many kids do you think know that
it is a privilege not a right to ride the
school bus..

I can not believe the way the bus's have
become more like mini zoo's on wheels
than school bus's.

It is scary to think the bus driver is
suppose to drive the bus and babysit
kids who can't keep their hands to them
selves.. or kids who think the bus is a
the one place they can swear all they like,
destroy another students art projects.

The list could go on and on.

They need bus monitors on these bus's
for the safety of all.

We have a bus stop right in front of
our house and the kids at the bus stop
think its o.k. for them to be in our yard
on our porch... playing with our kids

Riding their bikes.

Then they started going into the neighbors

Until I started going out there. It's like
kids these days, not just the one's at
our bus stop lack series boundaries.
A respect for other people's things and

The saddest thing was right before
Christmas was this little boy got off
the bus just crying his eyes out, because
a older kid had taken his gift he had
made for his dad, and broke it..

The older kid thought it was just to
funny to torture this little kid.

I talked to him, and we tried to tape it
the best we could at our house, and then
I walked him home to make sure his
dad knew what had happened to him.

It was very sad.

It is a privilege to ride the school bus
not a right.. Parents need to be more
active in reminding their kids of that.

They would not act that way at school
why on the bus??

O.K... maybe some of them do act
that way at school... Yikes...

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