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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is Cutting Funding For Special Needs Kids, The Way Gov. Doyle Balances A Budget??????

****UPDATE.... I have talked with the D.P.I. and he is not
cutting funding, just not increasing it..... plus special education
with get stimulus money. Maybe that is why he is not increasing
it this year.

I am waiting for a call back from the D.P.I.
Because there has been significant talk that
Gov. Doyle
would like to cut funding at the state level
for special education leaving the schools with
only federal funding for special education?

How does he think this would be o.k.?
Why of all the places to make cuts why
would you start some where that effects

IF you click on the post it will take
you to the Gov's webpage.. Call him
tell him... That by making the cuts
there it will do more damage than good.

However to parents out there. IF your
child qualifies for special services the
school has to provide them. MONEY
or not...

Don't let them try to tell you they don't
have the money.. that is not your problem
they have to provide services.

IF your child is tested and they try
to tell you they don't qualify..

Challenge them on that. They are
looking to make cut backs don't let
them make your child a victim of
cut backs.

We have friends who moved to
Cross Plains.

Funny thing is the same services
Evansville said their son did not
qualify for,, Cross Plains said
hell yes he qualifies...

There should be NO difference
between districts..

Some at the school district are
very good at double talk.

I would encourage you to give
the schools new Director of Student Services
Theresa Daane a call. She is a lot different
than the last one.

She is like a breathe of fresh air after
the last one.

Which is good since they put her office
right next to the john.

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