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Monday, March 2, 2009

IF You Don't Have The Balls...

As I said before I have created a Pacer account through the
Federal Court systems.. I have been following the lawsuit
against the Evansville School District and the discrimination/
injury case.

IN January the Wi. Court ruled that a school district was not
liable for damages that a cheerleader suffered as cheer leading
is a contact sport..

You can read that at the link below..

However that is not all what the suit against the Evansville
School district is about..

A huge part of their case is discrimination. They allege that coach
grovesteen treated her differently and unfairly than the boys on
the team.. On numerous occasions this happened.

Since this case has been filed and before many people have
come forward and stated that this coach had a habit of making
sexist comments ( search the Janesville Gazette) . Evidently
it was not big secret. Some of have even said he was very open
about the fact he did not think girls belonged playing boys sports.

Times have changed.

Her mother took the proper steps in trying to get the school
to make some changes and was denied at every turn , leaving
her no choice but to take the steps to file a lawsuit..

It also should be mentioned that her mother is a very
respected school teacher.

I have been one of several people who has always said that one
day Brian Cashore would get the district sued..

HE in part did.. As this girls mother went to him with her
concerns and he refused to do anything..

He did not have the balls to rock the ' good old boys club.'

He did not have the balls or the guts to stand up to this
coach and say 'hey you have to allow her the same
accommodations as you do the boys.'

Some have said he is ball- less? He cared to much about
staying in good terms with the coach, than he did about
doing his job.

There have been several complaints over the last
few years taken to him and he has done nothing.

He has always had a excuse.

But if at all possible I will be posting information
from the pacer , case information on here either
today or tomorrow...

Anyone can sign up for a pacer account, all this case
information is public information.

Just to think it all could have been avoided.
IF someone had some balls.

** After thinking about that term ' good old boys club.'
One realizes there is nothing 'good' about that club.
Not when it leads to discrimination and injury and
favors being done.

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