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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Has Any Thing Really Changed,, Do You Shop In Town..

With the economy as it is.. Do you shop in town?

Gas really is not the issue anymore.. Prices are
much better.

Many times you hear people say ' shop locally.'
But with the economy in the dumpster everyone
watches what they spend.

We do shop at some places in town where the
customer service is outstanding.

Even if we pay a little more.

Radio Shack,, is excellent.. Ben & Crew are all very
knowledgeable about what they are selling and
can help with phone issues, computer issues..

Their price's are very reasonable, well worth shopping
in town and not making that trip to Madison or Janesville.

I apologize to Ben & Crew as they have added more
staff lately and I do not know every one's name.

The Hardware store always have excellent service.
They can talk you through most any project....or tell
you where to find the information.. Excellent service.

Napa Auto parts.. a while back we had to get some parts
and I thought for sure Auto Zone or some place in Janesville
would be cheaper .. and nope they were not .. Napa was
a little cheaper and they helped put the one part in..

Can not beat them.. Excellent Service..

Piggly Wiggly??? Well I shop the sales.. and I try to
get in and out.. I still make the trip for our weekly
groceries to Janesville or Madison as we go there
at least once a week any way.

Big Sweeties??? No way.. I did when they first opened.
But I can do better price wise in Janesville at Mounds.

I was looking for a certain harness for our dog, and they
did not have it but were willing to order it.. WHY?? When
I go to Madison or Janesville weekly anyway and got
it at Mounds.

Also just their prices and quality of food they
makes it worth going to Mounds. Mounds
has great prices and great quality foods.

Surf for Ink.. Yep.. I think they have been a huge
addition to the down town and I hope they make it.

I would like to think the city would get their supplies
from them , the school as well.. But the last time I
asked I was told no they do not. Maybe that has
changed I hope it has.. Talk about shopping locally
they should lead by example.

The Movie Store,, some times... it is taking them
a long time to work out the kinks.

They don't have enough new releases.. hopefully
in time their collection will grow.

I have to say that we have had to make the effort
to shop in town. A matter of when the printers
run out of ink , instead of putting it on our shopping
list going to the Ink store or Radio Shack..

The hardware store won us over with their customer

It would be just as easy to go to Madison or Janesville
and save a buck or two .. but GREAT customer service is not
something that one can really put a price tag on.

Dare I say its priceless?

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