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Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Gun... Really????

This talk of a charter school in Evansville just blows my mind.
What a waste of tax payer money.. A grant would not pay for
all of it ,, and eventually not at all and then the tax payers will
be left holding the bag,, or the empty wallets..

But it reminds me of a talk with the guy who normally works
the front register at Walgreens in Oregon.. He is older and
funny. He always has a story..

I was in line at this Walgreens one day and he was checking
out a lady... and this lady must have been a teacher from
what I heard of their conversation. She asked him ' Why
don't you come back and sub? We miss seeing you.' His
response was " Not without a gun." WELL that got
my attention and I made eye contact with him.

He looked at us both and kind of laughed. " It's not what it
it used to be, and there is no way I would go back."

I have a cousin who subs in the Evansville School District
and she was telling me one day about sub-ing at the
high school and how she would never do it again. She
was sticking to T.R.I.S. school and younger.

She was upset with the the administration at the high school
because she had unruly students who she sent to the office
and the office sent the kids back to class.

She could not believe it. But my question to her was
where should they go? I am sure they got a detention
or something out of it.

The kids belong in class, not sitting in the office.

So as far as the charter school.. there are some kids who
would embrace a smaller class structure.

The general population of the high school should not
have to tolerate their class being interrupted by a few.

How ever if these kids who they are targeting can behave
them selves in class they have every right to be there.

They should not and can not be provoked by staff either.
Which does happen.

I am talking as a parent whose kid racked up quite a few tickets
in high school, and since then not ONE>>.

Has no trouble taking orders at work and has
held the same job for months.,, not quite to a year yet.

I have had several people bring up that fact..

But I think we can all agree that any ' sub' who thinks
they need a gun with them.. probably should not 'sub'


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