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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Does Evansville NEED A Charter School???

NO>> and if this is their attempt to get certain students out of
the middle or high school and more separated from the rest
of the M.S. or H.S. they should expect a lawsuit..

Now if these kids went their voluntarily it is different.
But as Janesville has found, their charter schools did not
hold water when it came to the W.K.C.E. testing, and they
still had the same truancy issues.

Rule No. 1 of I.E.P.'s is you can not NOT let them in the main
stream classrooms.. To do so is considered discrimination.

The high school level , they need more help in the E.B.D. room
they should be looking at higher another E.B.D. teacher not
wasting money they don't have on a charter school.

Grant's do run out eventually.

The high school E.B.D. room is way over crowed one teacher
and over 40 students..

They tried to give this teacher help last year, as I.E.P.'s were
being violated often and she was running in circles but
she refused the help. Made up lies get rid of the aide.
This teacher is a control freak in all aspects. Not to any
one's benefit.

Hiring of another E.B.D. teacher would be cheaper
in the long run.

What is the average amount of students in anyone E.B.D.
room in neighboring schools??? 20... if that.. 20 students ..

I called and asked over 6 different districts.

This is not hear say, I saw it for my self.

I would want them to show proof and studies that having charter
school will guarantee better graduation rates. Highly unlikely.

No more so than if they added another E.B.D. teacher at the high school.

What a waste of every one's time and eventually money..

Money they don't have.

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