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Friday, March 27, 2009

April Is A Hard Month..

As April quickly comes up on us..I think about it
a lot.. April is a hard month for me.

It will be 10 years on the 27th since my dad
died.. It still feels like yesterday in so many ways.

Maybe part of it is I never believed he was going
to die. Not at that age. Not from cancer.

He was suppose to get to retire, and go and do
those things he had been putting off.

He thought he had more time. So did I.

For someone who never smoked a day in his life.
Even though there are different types of lung cancer.
You don't have to smoke to get lung cancer.

The doctor's statement will stay with me always.
" It acts like cancer we see in smokers'.

I am angry about it, because .. I strongly
believe it was caused by second hand smoke.

All those years working at G.M. where
smoking was in all areas..

I find smoker's to be very inconsiderate people.

It is more their attitude that many have
that they should be allowed to smoke where
ever they want.

Not all are like that.

Maybe its the fact that he diagnosed in late
February and died almost two months to
the day.

My dad was a big , strong man, had always been
healthy. Until this...

I watched him die, this cancer take his life.

He died two days before my birthday.

The other thing that makes April a sad month
for us .. is Dane..

It will be two years this April.
I think of him all the time.

His class graduates this year.
He should have been graduating.
He should have been planning on what
he was going to do with the rest of life.

Nothing has been changed in this community.
With the exception of Judge Alisankus in how
he deals with the drunk drivers and under age
drinkers. We appreciate his efforts.

But its the parents who ignore the problem.
It's the adults who buy the alcohol for minors.
It's the parents who allow party's at their homes
It's the community members who think it's not
their problem and look the other way.

They are the problem..

I wish we could skip April.. I wish I could turn
back the hand of time..

Would that not be neat if in life there were re-do's?
That could be very cool,, but unfortunately we have
those that would screw it up for everyone.

I guess in a way there are re-do's in life,, when
someone avoids a tragedy. I would only hope
that if that happens to you, you take full advantage
of it..

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