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Monday, March 30, 2009

Michigan State Headed To Final Four???

I can not stand Mr.Izzy Izzy OOOO .....

I hope they get stomped.

Obama aides flunk GM and Chrysler

Everyday I think it gets clearer the risk is too high
to keep giving them money.

It makes me sad to say that. It makes me sad
to things go this way for G.M.

But we need to quit bailing them out as their
are no guarantees and its clear they gave a
half assed proposal to the White House explaining
how they would fix things.

We need to quit dumping money into the banks
as well.. this was all about greed ..

As for G.M. a big part of it was waiting to
long to keep up with modern day, and make
changes.. Waiting thinking things were going
to get better.

How many times have we heard that lately.

It will get better????

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Girl, 14, charged for posting own nude pics

I think this girl needs to be not just
arrested but court ordered counseling.

Maybe locked in her house until she is....

But she is not alone...Way to many
girls her age doing the same or worse.

Very sad.

Lawyer stabbed 38 times; husband held

Friday, March 27, 2009

DPD officer in Moats incident suspended

I think saying this cop did not use common
sense is a under statement.

Charter Plans To File For Bankruptcy

I think that writing has been on the wall for a long
time.. We have Charter.. Other than the price, they
are expensive.. we love them.. Great Service.

We recently went to just the basic package because
it does seem as though the prices go up often.

A.T.T. now has some sort of cable package .. Our
friends thought they would try it and hated it.

The programming was crappy..and it was expensive.
Not to mention the lack of good service.

I know we have Charter but I still swear by Direct t.v.
If Charter's prices keep going up.. we will switch back to them.

April Is A Hard Month..

As April quickly comes up on us..I think about it
a lot.. April is a hard month for me.

It will be 10 years on the 27th since my dad
died.. It still feels like yesterday in so many ways.

Maybe part of it is I never believed he was going
to die. Not at that age. Not from cancer.

He was suppose to get to retire, and go and do
those things he had been putting off.

He thought he had more time. So did I.

For someone who never smoked a day in his life.
Even though there are different types of lung cancer.
You don't have to smoke to get lung cancer.

The doctor's statement will stay with me always.
" It acts like cancer we see in smokers'.

I am angry about it, because .. I strongly
believe it was caused by second hand smoke.

All those years working at G.M. where
smoking was in all areas..

I find smoker's to be very inconsiderate people.

It is more their attitude that many have
that they should be allowed to smoke where
ever they want.

Not all are like that.

Maybe its the fact that he diagnosed in late
February and died almost two months to
the day.

My dad was a big , strong man, had always been
healthy. Until this...

I watched him die, this cancer take his life.

He died two days before my birthday.

The other thing that makes April a sad month
for us .. is Dane..

It will be two years this April.
I think of him all the time.

His class graduates this year.
He should have been graduating.
He should have been planning on what
he was going to do with the rest of life.

Nothing has been changed in this community.
With the exception of Judge Alisankus in how
he deals with the drunk drivers and under age
drinkers. We appreciate his efforts.

But its the parents who ignore the problem.
It's the adults who buy the alcohol for minors.
It's the parents who allow party's at their homes
It's the community members who think it's not
their problem and look the other way.

They are the problem..

I wish we could skip April.. I wish I could turn
back the hand of time..

Would that not be neat if in life there were re-do's?
That could be very cool,, but unfortunately we have
those that would screw it up for everyone.

I guess in a way there are re-do's in life,, when
someone avoids a tragedy. I would only hope
that if that happens to you, you take full advantage
of it..

Juneau County Authorities Reopen 1987 Slaying Investigation

I remember this very well.. We lived only a mile
from where her body was found at the time. There
were a lot of rumors at the time.. How it had to be
some one from the area, as where the body was
found was on private property, and not a location
where to many people would know about.

It would be nice if they could solve this and close
this for the family.

Did guard free accused killer?

I don't think its a question. They know the answer.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who's paying Casey Anthony's legal fees?

What is the prosecutor afraid of?? He seems as though
he is very nervous about something.

Is the defense putting together a tough case them selves?

I honestly don't know how she could be found not guilty.
But we will have to wait and see.

She did not act like a concerned parent at all..
She changed her story how many times??
She has lied and stolen..

The theft is a different issue.

Three missing cases connected?

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Special Place In Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the shootings of the police officers last week.
It makes you really think of all the evil in this world.

There is a hell... and I have no doubt that is where
this gunman is.

If I can use the word 'fortunate' is that this gunman
was not pulled over in a public place, because who
knows what he would have done, he I believe would
have tried to take as many with him as possible.

Three police officers died by this man's hands. I heard
this a.m. the fourth is legally brain dead, and will more
than likely removed from life support within the
next day or two.

Our thoughts and prays are with their families, , and community.

There is a hell..

I would like to think that is where he is ..

I know we are suppose to forgive. But when someone
like this guy who cared for no one.. He took four lives
of people just trying to do their job.

I don't think he deserves our forgiveness.

Doing It For ME????

I was watching the morning news today..
I immediately started looking
for my bucket when there was a
segment on WHY we have to bail out
the banks..

This lady and I missed her name
stated we need to took at it as though
we are doing it for ourselves???

Trying to make a argument for doing this.

If they were 'doing it' for me..
I would be sitting very pretty.

We all would.

They can double talk and make all the excuses they like..

It's all for wall street and the banks..

It's having to clean up after bushie and chenie.

I am surprised there was not a mad rush in
bucket sales during all of this...

or Pepto.

7 kids, 7 adults die in Montana plane crash, FAA says

So very sad. There is some question as to how
many this plane was meant to carry.

But once again it does not good
to second guess . They are gone.

Their family's need our support.

Marquette Almost Pulls It Out...

That was also a excellent game.. Wes Matthews looked like
a man among boys..

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Congrats to the Badgers they ALWAYS make us proud...

Gunman kills 3 officers, wounds 4th in Oakland

This is horrible. It sounds like he decided long ago
he was never going back, and did not care what he
had to do to stay out.

Our thoughts and prays are with these family's.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Student saves choking teacher

Wisconsin shocks Florida St. with OT win

Check it out...

Way To Go Badgers!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!@!@!@!@!!!!

WOW what a game.. We are very proud..
They fought, and fought.. and never gave up.

They won in over time....


Hell of a game..

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cutest Bow Tie I Have Ever Seen....

Bow TieMy name is Bow Tie. That is because I have a little white mark on my chest that looks just like a formal bow tie. I have sort of a sad story. I don’t like to dwell on it, but I need to tell you about myself. I came to the shelter on December 12. This is kind of a scary place and they say I’m a little bit shy. I like to check out my people first, but then I really, really like to get petted in a quiet sort of way. Now for the sad part.

The shelter decided to start testing all their cats for a couple of diseases, Feline Leukemia and Feline FIV. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I have FIV. Don’t know how I caught it. I don’t feel sick. Well anyway, my friends here have done some studying on it and I asked them to tell me what they found out about this disease. They said that is catchy from cat to cat so I should only live in a house without other cats or with cats who have FIV as well. It isn’t catchy like a cold can be and is transmitted by biting when fighting so if you pet me and then go home and pet your own cats, they won’t catch it. People or dogs won’t catch it from me. The disease affects immune functions so I might be more susceptible to diseases. More than 50% of positive cats will remain asymptomatic (that means not sick) from four and a half to six years after the estimated time of infection. I guess that means that I’m not sure about how long I will live; just like all of us never really know what the future holds for us. Right now, I know that I am interested in finding a home for myself to have to call my own. If you want to find out more about me, you can call the shelter and ask some questions. You might try looking at the internet and look for articles about adopting an FIV cat and getting some information. I have been tested for Feline leukemia as well, but I only have FIV. Perhaps someone out there will find it in their heart to give me another chance. I will love you, love you forever.

Please contact the Rock County Humane Society For More Information.

Address: 222 S. Arch Street

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 186 Janesville, WI 53547

(608) 752-5622

Fax: (608) 752-420

Thursday, March 19, 2009

First-Grade Teacher Charged With '88 Murder

Four Fannie Mae execs to get big bonuses

Anyone else feel sick??? This bonus b.s. has
got out of hand.. I will ask once again how
do they qualify for bonus's when their company
is in the crapper?

If they want to leave let them. They
are part of the problem.

They were just given millions more tax dollars this month.

How Many Are Ready??

How many of us are ready if the truly unfortunate

How many of us have adequate life insurance?
How many of us have a living will?
How many of us have a power of attorney???

We have always been set with the life insurance.
But when I was in the hospital this last fall they
asked when questions when I was admitted.

Like do you have a living will?
Do you have a power of attorney?

I looked right at them and asked them what
they were trying to tell me.. laughing at the time.

Which she reassured me they ask everyone those
questions for any reason when they are admitted.

But they are something everyone should have.

It is something none of us like to think about,
but we should.

Tributes pour in for actress

I as many am very saddened by this. I am just
shocked that she could have been seemingly fine
right after words and decline very quickly within
in the hour.

Everyone understood when Sonny Bono died.
Tragic yes, but he hit a tree while skiing going
over 10 mph on ski's. The outcome most likely
would not be good for anyone that happened to.

A average of 35 people die a year in skiing or
snowboarding accidents.

Just last week a young man in Wisconsin was
taken off of life support after a snow boarding

There is no reason to second guess if this
could have been prevented or not.

She is gone. A beautiful lady, a beautiful
person who dedicated her self to A.I.D.S.
fund raising.

Our thoughts and prays are with her family.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Ship Is Not Sinking... Word From The D.P.I...

I got my call from the D.P.I.,, and the ship is not sinking.
By law the Governor can not reduce state funding for
special education.. He does not have to increase , but
he can not decrease.

Also the State of Wisconsin should be getting
2.8 million of stimulus money for special education
which would be divided up among the schools.

The lady from the D.P.I. said there is a lot of
confusion right now about the state of the budget
and the stimulus money.

So things are not quite as dire as I was lead to believe.
I am sure the school was hoping for increased funding
but we all would like more money it is just not happening
right now.

The other thing the lady from the D.P.I. pointed out
is Gov. Doyle has different areas of money, and in the
one area he had so much money that he could have
divided between the University's and the schools in
the state.. He did not he gave it all to the schools..

Gov. Doyle has always been a big supporter of the
public schools so this talk I heard was very confusing
but after talking with the D.P.I. I have a much better

So I am glad I called them..

So as I mentioned in my last post,, call the Gov. office
but thank him for what he had done for education in

Is Cutting Funding For Special Needs Kids, The Way Gov. Doyle Balances A Budget??????

****UPDATE.... I have talked with the D.P.I. and he is not
cutting funding, just not increasing it..... plus special education
with get stimulus money. Maybe that is why he is not increasing
it this year.

I am waiting for a call back from the D.P.I.
Because there has been significant talk that
Gov. Doyle
would like to cut funding at the state level
for special education leaving the schools with
only federal funding for special education?

How does he think this would be o.k.?
Why of all the places to make cuts why
would you start some where that effects

IF you click on the post it will take
you to the Gov's webpage.. Call him
tell him... That by making the cuts
there it will do more damage than good.

However to parents out there. IF your
child qualifies for special services the
school has to provide them. MONEY
or not...

Don't let them try to tell you they don't
have the money.. that is not your problem
they have to provide services.

IF your child is tested and they try
to tell you they don't qualify..

Challenge them on that. They are
looking to make cut backs don't let
them make your child a victim of
cut backs.

We have friends who moved to
Cross Plains.

Funny thing is the same services
Evansville said their son did not
qualify for,, Cross Plains said
hell yes he qualifies...

There should be NO difference
between districts..

Some at the school district are
very good at double talk.

I would encourage you to give
the schools new Director of Student Services
Theresa Daane a call. She is a lot different
than the last one.

She is like a breathe of fresh air after
the last one.

Which is good since they put her office
right next to the john.

The Bucks .. Playoffs???

I think they would be one and done. It's been a sad
year for them.. They finally were getting something
going after Michael Redd came back from being

They were looking half way decent.

Then Michael Redd got hurt again, out for the year.
Then Andrew Bogut went out with a injury 6-8 weeks
Then to put the nail in their coffin,, Bango inured out for the year.

We have gone to 3 games this year and they won 2/3.
So we considered our selves lucky.

But as much as Charlie Bell insists they will make the
playoffs ,, it would not be pretty.

But maybe they will surprise us... they are fun
to watch. That is what it is about... fun.

Marcus Landry... NBA bound...

I really hope so. But time will tell.
He is very talented.
I think of all on this year's team he
has the best shot at a NBA career..

I wonder what he thinks of the Bucks??
They could use some help..

Sex, Lies, But No Video Tape....But A Conviction...

I was talking with my sister last night, and she was telling
me about this case.. As my brother in law was one of the
detectives that worked the case. He works for the State of
Iowa, so he works cases all over the state ..

Two police officers from a small town in Iowa
have been convicted of sexual assault.

What was different about this case was
they were convicted on her statement

No D.N.A.,, No physical evidence to speak of.

Just the statement of this woman...

Why , how one might wonder could they be
convicted on so little???

They LIED>>>

They TALKED without a lawyer.

They as police officer's should know better.

They changed their story several times.

They lost any creditability they might have had.

All because they talked with out a lawyer..

And because they did it..

They just thought they were going to get
away with it..

Because they were cops,, who would believe
her over them???

A jury that's who... who took very little time to

One has to think they talked without a lawyer
because they really did think they would get
away with it..

Then to change their story..

Arrogance and Ignorance.

They belong where they are going.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Senator suggests AIG execs should kill themselves

That is just a irresponsible statement he made. It's hard
to believe that someone in his position would not think
before speaking..

How ever I do think jail time would be
a great idea... It seems like it should be
illegal... Using bail out money to pay bonus's???

Bonus's for what??? There company is in the
crapper. How do you still qualify for bonus
for that..

Another Consignment Shop????

Well it looks as though Evansville is about to
get another consignment shop... Its called
De Ja Vue...

Anyone remember the last consignment shop??
It did not last long..

Some one said to me well maybe it will be high end

Even if it is I doubt it would survive in this town..

Lets not forget the care closet... can't really compete
with them..

It would be nice if it took off for them.. but I think
the timing is bad.

They are right next to the movie store and are opening
this spring..

Good Luck To Them....

A True FreeBEE,,, Why Rent ,, When Its Free..

We love NETFLIX... I would never have thought I would say
this but I am starting to have greater appreciation for our
kids XBOX 360...

Because as long as you have DSL or better you can get
free movies from Netflix right to your living room T.V.

Netflix allows you to stream their movies to your XBOX 360
and watch free movies..

Go to the NetFlix site,, and hit watch instantly and it brings
up all the movies you can watch instantly.. NO renting...
No mailing... No late fees.....

This does require a subscription to NETFLIX.. but you can
choose which one... PLUS>>> All these movies you can
watch instantly... do not count AGAINST your monthly
mailing rentals from them... Watch as many as you like.

Why rent some of the older movies when you can watch
them on your t.v. for free???

NO downloading to computer and sitting around trying to watch
it on the computer screen... Its on your t.v....

There are also some t.v. shows you can watch that they
have instantly as well..

Netflix ... the way to go.

Netflix movies usually do not take more than a day to
receive and if you have never signed up before a free trial !!!!!!!!!!


**** NO this is not a paid endorsement... I just like telling
people about great deals...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Should Lisa Stone Be Shown The Door???

I am very disappointed with the job she has done.
I do realize that not all in under her control. But
I do think she has had enough time to show us what
she can do . She has had some very talented young
ladies , talented teams several years where I thought
she would have , could have done better than what they
did .

They laid it all out in the paper this last week, what it
would cost to buy out her remaining contract, and
start a search... big bucks..

But whats will be the cost to the U.W. if they wait out
her contract over the next two years??

Unfortunately I don't think she is what they need.
She has done better than the last Woman's coach
Jane Albright?
but not good enough for what she is paid...

I do think it is time for her to go...

Badgers No. 12

Wow.. they did it.. Unlike other years past. I think this
seeding in right.. With the season they had.

After the knock out in the first round this weekend
I really don't expect much.. I will take each win they get.

Go Badgers.......

Something We Should All Remember

'To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.' When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. Concentrate on this sentence... 'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This Has A Odd Feel To It...

If this is what Hailey wanted. Why would you not wait
until she could be there. Would that just not be the ultimate
celebration? How could you be worried about getting
married when your child is missing.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Gun... Really????

This talk of a charter school in Evansville just blows my mind.
What a waste of tax payer money.. A grant would not pay for
all of it ,, and eventually not at all and then the tax payers will
be left holding the bag,, or the empty wallets..

But it reminds me of a talk with the guy who normally works
the front register at Walgreens in Oregon.. He is older and
funny. He always has a story..

I was in line at this Walgreens one day and he was checking
out a lady... and this lady must have been a teacher from
what I heard of their conversation. She asked him ' Why
don't you come back and sub? We miss seeing you.' His
response was " Not without a gun." WELL that got
my attention and I made eye contact with him.

He looked at us both and kind of laughed. " It's not what it
it used to be, and there is no way I would go back."

I have a cousin who subs in the Evansville School District
and she was telling me one day about sub-ing at the
high school and how she would never do it again. She
was sticking to T.R.I.S. school and younger.

She was upset with the the administration at the high school
because she had unruly students who she sent to the office
and the office sent the kids back to class.

She could not believe it. But my question to her was
where should they go? I am sure they got a detention
or something out of it.

The kids belong in class, not sitting in the office.

So as far as the charter school.. there are some kids who
would embrace a smaller class structure.

The general population of the high school should not
have to tolerate their class being interrupted by a few.

How ever if these kids who they are targeting can behave
them selves in class they have every right to be there.

They should not and can not be provoked by staff either.
Which does happen.

I am talking as a parent whose kid racked up quite a few tickets
in high school, and since then not ONE>>.

Has no trouble taking orders at work and has
held the same job for months.,, not quite to a year yet.

I have had several people bring up that fact..

But I think we can all agree that any ' sub' who thinks
they need a gun with them.. probably should not 'sub'


8-Year-Old Dead, Police Officer Hurt In Palatka Stabbings

Police: Man Brought Stolen SUV, Stolen Jewelry To Court

Too funny.

Here Is Waldo...

This poor baby has been at the Iowa County Humane Society for
TWO YEARS.. We really appreciate the fact that the I.C.H.S. is
a NON-KILL shelter..

They are a shelter that has struggled to remain NON-KILL
and with effort they are doing just that.

Older dogs make wonderful pets, done with the puppy phase
of chewing and peeing on the floor.. It's like adopting a teenager
but with out the attitude and lip.

A little about Waldo:

Waldo 2309- A very energetic boy who has been with us going on 2 years now. Waldo is attending obedience classes, to socialize with people and learn to focus his attention. He is doing very well, but is still fearful with new people. Waldo would do great with someone wanting to do agility or obedience as he is eager to learn. He will do well with dogs and cats, but no children. Fast movement of children tends to frighten Waldo.
Iowa County Humane Society
3207Bennett Road
Dodgeville, WI 53533

Phone: 608-935-1381
Fax: 608-935-2884

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kelly Drew & Tim Hack... Remember Them???

Obama: 'We've Let Our Grades Slip'

So very true.

Could Flea Market Montgomery Have Helped Surf4Ink???

I love this guy.

Does Evansville NEED A Charter School???

NO>> and if this is their attempt to get certain students out of
the middle or high school and more separated from the rest
of the M.S. or H.S. they should expect a lawsuit..

Now if these kids went their voluntarily it is different.
But as Janesville has found, their charter schools did not
hold water when it came to the W.K.C.E. testing, and they
still had the same truancy issues.

Rule No. 1 of I.E.P.'s is you can not NOT let them in the main
stream classrooms.. To do so is considered discrimination.

The high school level , they need more help in the E.B.D. room
they should be looking at higher another E.B.D. teacher not
wasting money they don't have on a charter school.

Grant's do run out eventually.

The high school E.B.D. room is way over crowed one teacher
and over 40 students..

They tried to give this teacher help last year, as I.E.P.'s were
being violated often and she was running in circles but
she refused the help. Made up lies get rid of the aide.
This teacher is a control freak in all aspects. Not to any
one's benefit.

Hiring of another E.B.D. teacher would be cheaper
in the long run.

What is the average amount of students in anyone E.B.D.
room in neighboring schools??? 20... if that.. 20 students ..

I called and asked over 6 different districts.

This is not hear say, I saw it for my self.

I would want them to show proof and studies that having charter
school will guarantee better graduation rates. Highly unlikely.

No more so than if they added another E.B.D. teacher at the high school.

What a waste of every one's time and eventually money..

Money they don't have.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Cleaning..

I love this time of year.. not the mud but
most every thing else. A time for cleaning up
and picking up..sorting , filing, ..

The garbage man has got to wonder
where we kept all we put out for him.

My husband is the pack rat. Just last
week we replaced something and he
wanted to keep the old thinking maybe
someday we would have the time to fix
it. I threw it out with the garbage
this week . Reminding him why we bought
the new,, we had no clue how to fix the old
or if it could be fixed.

I did have some people stop
and take things they can use ..

Oh come on.. everyone has done
that before.

Can They??

Can a school district be sued for failing to provide
a safe and secure learning environment. If it is shown
they were aware of harassment and bullying issues
and failed to address/fix the issue??

The answer would be yes. We just came about that
today after talking with a family here in town. They
found out after having several issues this year of the
above at the school their kids go to. They found out
by consulting a attorney... imagine that.

Sad To See Them Go.....

I learned this weekend that Surf4ink will
be closing their doors at the end of the
month. They will maintain there online

Please stop in and wish them well in
their new endeavors..

Obama leads birthday salute to Ted Kennedy

A big congrats to Mr.Kennedy.

He Is Only Cleaning Up After bush.

My friend won't admit it but she is republican.
She sent me a email the other day about how much
this stimulus package is costing, comparing it to
other 'natural disasters ' from through out history.

I very quickly reminded her, that Obama did not
create this financial disaster, bushie and his cronies
did.. Obama is just trying to clean up. Unfortunately
that will take money. Tax payer money.

I do think my friend voted for Obama in November
as she did not like McCain. But is a die hard
republican and has a hard time admitting they
the republican really screwed things up.

Some democrats but mostly the republicans.

Obama overturns Bush policy on stem cells

Very Cool.. I think is this day and age and what
is and could be available all needs to be considered.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Morning Fire Claims Life In Evansville

Our thoughts and prays are with his
kids, family and friends.

A big thank you goes out to all E.M.S.
and fire depts that responded to this.

It Is A Privilege, Not A Right....

How many kids do you think know that
it is a privilege not a right to ride the
school bus..

I can not believe the way the bus's have
become more like mini zoo's on wheels
than school bus's.

It is scary to think the bus driver is
suppose to drive the bus and babysit
kids who can't keep their hands to them
selves.. or kids who think the bus is a
the one place they can swear all they like,
destroy another students art projects.

The list could go on and on.

They need bus monitors on these bus's
for the safety of all.

We have a bus stop right in front of
our house and the kids at the bus stop
think its o.k. for them to be in our yard
on our porch... playing with our kids

Riding their bikes.

Then they started going into the neighbors

Until I started going out there. It's like
kids these days, not just the one's at
our bus stop lack series boundaries.
A respect for other people's things and

The saddest thing was right before
Christmas was this little boy got off
the bus just crying his eyes out, because
a older kid had taken his gift he had
made for his dad, and broke it..

The older kid thought it was just to
funny to torture this little kid.

I talked to him, and we tried to tape it
the best we could at our house, and then
I walked him home to make sure his
dad knew what had happened to him.

It was very sad.

It is a privilege to ride the school bus
not a right.. Parents need to be more
active in reminding their kids of that.

They would not act that way at school
why on the bus??

O.K... maybe some of them do act
that way at school... Yikes...

The Commerical That Was Pulled The First Day It Aired...

It is very funny.... I love it .. very funny.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

UPDATE: Soldier from Wisconsin Killed in Afghanistan

Our thoughts and prays are with his
family and friends. So very sad.

No More Money For Fannie Mae and Freddie...

Enough already.. I can not believe they are getting
more money..

They did this to them selves.

This plan of Obama's is better than anything
bush did. Or ever thought of doing.

But seriously its sad for any family to lose their
home.. It really is.

People are losing their homes for different reasons
no story is the same..

Some people have taken their lives or their families
lives over the thought of losing their home and many
times they have already lost their jobs.

It's not worth it.. things will get better.

As for the government bailing them out..

I am a firm believer that everything happens for
a reason. That sometimes bad things happen but
there is a reason for it.

I think everyone has to walk a path in life all the way

It's like when you kid goes through their allowance
and then wants more. What are they learning if someone
is always bailing them out.

In the same respect,, quit bailing out the banks, the insurance
company's , credit cards, mortgage company's...

This has turned into one big night mare.

498 Water Street.

This is just funny. Who the heck would build condo's
in this area?

It would seem to be a huge risk..

Icky area for housing.. funny..

With the housing market as it is in Evansville.

But then again who cares. As long as it does not
bother the neighbors.

Good luck finding tenants who want to live
next to the yard waste center, and waste
water treatment plant..

More Info On Lawsuit..

The case no is 08cv447 and the next in court pow wow
is Oct, 26, 2009 for a jury trial unless its settled by then.

I am putting money on it, it will be.

The Pacer system was down this a.m. or I would have
posted more info.. I will try later.

But as I stated ,, any one can go on and view the
activity on this case. Just click on the post link
and register for a pacer account.. easy...

All Ways To Travel Travel Agency

I have mentioned before that we have had the
best luck with All Ways To Travel travel agency.

We have booked our last 3 trips through them
most recently booking a cruise for my mom..

They have the best prices on cruises around and
will do their best to match any prices you bring

Click on the post to check out their website.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I originally read this on CNN..
The video shows they were in her
apartment when they came back the
second time for more than a half hour.

What could they have been doing?
With out calling for a ambulance?

I mean come on,, if she is in that bad of
shape you don't baby sit her,, you call
a ambulance , or take her to the hospital

Video will get them every time.

Has Any Thing Really Changed,, Do You Shop In Town..

With the economy as it is.. Do you shop in town?

Gas really is not the issue anymore.. Prices are
much better.

Many times you hear people say ' shop locally.'
But with the economy in the dumpster everyone
watches what they spend.

We do shop at some places in town where the
customer service is outstanding.

Even if we pay a little more.

Radio Shack,, is excellent.. Ben & Crew are all very
knowledgeable about what they are selling and
can help with phone issues, computer issues..

Their price's are very reasonable, well worth shopping
in town and not making that trip to Madison or Janesville.

I apologize to Ben & Crew as they have added more
staff lately and I do not know every one's name.

The Hardware store always have excellent service.
They can talk you through most any project....or tell
you where to find the information.. Excellent service.

Napa Auto parts.. a while back we had to get some parts
and I thought for sure Auto Zone or some place in Janesville
would be cheaper .. and nope they were not .. Napa was
a little cheaper and they helped put the one part in..

Can not beat them.. Excellent Service..

Piggly Wiggly??? Well I shop the sales.. and I try to
get in and out.. I still make the trip for our weekly
groceries to Janesville or Madison as we go there
at least once a week any way.

Big Sweeties??? No way.. I did when they first opened.
But I can do better price wise in Janesville at Mounds.

I was looking for a certain harness for our dog, and they
did not have it but were willing to order it.. WHY?? When
I go to Madison or Janesville weekly anyway and got
it at Mounds.

Also just their prices and quality of food they
makes it worth going to Mounds. Mounds
has great prices and great quality foods.

Surf for Ink.. Yep.. I think they have been a huge
addition to the down town and I hope they make it.

I would like to think the city would get their supplies
from them , the school as well.. But the last time I
asked I was told no they do not. Maybe that has
changed I hope it has.. Talk about shopping locally
they should lead by example.

The Movie Store,, some times... it is taking them
a long time to work out the kinks.

They don't have enough new releases.. hopefully
in time their collection will grow.

I have to say that we have had to make the effort
to shop in town. A matter of when the printers
run out of ink , instead of putting it on our shopping
list going to the Ink store or Radio Shack..

The hardware store won us over with their customer

It would be just as easy to go to Madison or Janesville
and save a buck or two .. but GREAT customer service is not
something that one can really put a price tag on.

Dare I say its priceless?

Alarm Company: Um, Sir? Your House Is On Fire

Oh my gosh, even if you are listening to your tunes,
does that mean your nose no longer works??

He could not smell smoke?

Thank goodness for alarm company's.

48 hours pass as search continues for 3 missing boaters

Very sad.. It would take the grace of God to find
these men alive.

Our thoughts and prays are with their family's.

Lawyer: Soldier to be discharged after reporting for duty with kids

Good for her. Smart Woman..
It was ridiculous that she had to do this at all.
She had already been honorably discharged once
they recalled her she did not ask to go back.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A New Blog..

I found this blog while cruisin the internet.


The movies I like the most are horror.
Most drama's.
Some comedy's but not many. I can not
stand Jim Carey. But I recently watched
a movie , Fire Proof with Kirk Cameron.

Remember Growing Pains..

It is along the religious line but everyone
can use a little religion now and then.

But its about a couple who are going
through a very rough patch in their
marriage and with the encouragement
of his dad , and after pretty much
giving up on saving his marriage he
turns to God and strives for a different
goal each day for forty days.

It was quite refreshing.

In this day and age when people think
marriage is disposable it was a excellent

We have been married for over twenty years
which when we got married no one thought
we would make it to five years.. they can all...

I look at our oldest and think ' I was not a lot older
than him when I got married.' There is no way
I would want to see him or my daughter get married
at that age.

But we did. We have stuck with it..
I can't imagine doing it any other way.

But we have four sets of couples who got married
after we did who have divorced.

In both situations one or both could not keep
their pants on when they were around people
other than their spouse.

I just don't get it.

If people spent as much time working on their
marriage as they did screwing around on their
spouse they might be surprised.

I am not saying there are not times when people
should walk.

Domestic abuse
Drug/ Alcohol issues..
Chronic cheating..

But if you have the time and don't mind a very
religious tone this is a excellent movie.

Octomom reality bombshell

Do Not Give This Woman A Reality Show..

IF You Don't Have The Balls...

As I said before I have created a Pacer account through the
Federal Court systems.. I have been following the lawsuit
against the Evansville School District and the discrimination/
injury case.

IN January the Wi. Court ruled that a school district was not
liable for damages that a cheerleader suffered as cheer leading
is a contact sport..

You can read that at the link below..

However that is not all what the suit against the Evansville
School district is about..

A huge part of their case is discrimination. They allege that coach
grovesteen treated her differently and unfairly than the boys on
the team.. On numerous occasions this happened.

Since this case has been filed and before many people have
come forward and stated that this coach had a habit of making
sexist comments ( search the Janesville Gazette) . Evidently
it was not big secret. Some of have even said he was very open
about the fact he did not think girls belonged playing boys sports.

Times have changed.

Her mother took the proper steps in trying to get the school
to make some changes and was denied at every turn , leaving
her no choice but to take the steps to file a lawsuit..

It also should be mentioned that her mother is a very
respected school teacher.

I have been one of several people who has always said that one
day Brian Cashore would get the district sued..

HE in part did.. As this girls mother went to him with her
concerns and he refused to do anything..

He did not have the balls to rock the ' good old boys club.'

He did not have the balls or the guts to stand up to this
coach and say 'hey you have to allow her the same
accommodations as you do the boys.'

Some have said he is ball- less? He cared to much about
staying in good terms with the coach, than he did about
doing his job.

There have been several complaints over the last
few years taken to him and he has done nothing.

He has always had a excuse.

But if at all possible I will be posting information
from the pacer , case information on here either
today or tomorrow...

Anyone can sign up for a pacer account, all this case
information is public information.

Just to think it all could have been avoided.
IF someone had some balls.

** After thinking about that term ' good old boys club.'
One realizes there is nothing 'good' about that club.
Not when it leads to discrimination and injury and
favors being done.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

2 NFL players among boaters missing in Florida

Gas N Go Cited

Any clerk who does not card for tobacco or alcohol is lazy.

Oh My Gosh.. the lady at Citgo carded me a couple
months ago when I was buying alcohol and I do
not look any where near under 21 anymore.

But I also saw this same clerk card someone who
looked 80 and I thought now that is going to far.

If they look under 30 card them.