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Saturday, February 7, 2009

When Silence Is Golden

I was out and about this a.m. I ran into one of my
daughter's friends parent.. One of the first things they
said to me was , ' so and so sure is a busy, nosy body
are they not.'

This person brought this up to me
because they know I know the person.

I just smiled and said nothing as this person told
me what had happened. I just smiled. They already
have their own opinion of this person they did not
need to hear mine. I think my silence and smile
said a lot.

But it just kind of reminded me that if you are
going to talk and gossip about someone ,be careful
who you are talking about and to whom.

Because you never know if this person knows the
person you are gossiping about or not.

This person was just irritated that this person
even told them what they did. They had not
asked to hear the latest gossip.

Silence can be very golden.

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