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Monday, February 9, 2009

We Need To Have Zero Tolerence

Have you ever come out of the Night Owl OR
other bar or restaurant....
noticed a Police car sitting there, maybe at
bar time. Maybe you noticed them just
noticeably in the area.

Good they are doing there job.. I have heard
through the years people complain about how
they are being ' entrapped' because the
police are just 'waiting' for them.

Entrapped? PLEASE..

If you leave a bar legally drunk and then
think you are going to get into your
car and drive you are not being 'entrapped'
or 'setup' you are being stupid and deserve
what ever you get.

People who get pulled over and arrested
for D.U. I. you should be thanking the officer
who pulled you over for saving your life
or the life of some other innocent person.

I am so tired of stupid people who drink
and then go out and drive.

It's not brain surgery. If you drink have
a d.d. . I am not against drinking, I enjoy
having a couple every once in a while as
well.. But I have NEVER in my 40+
years drank and drove. Never..

Read this article on this man who is on his
8th d.u.i...

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