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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So What Do You Think Of Obama So Far???

Well you know what I think... He is HOT and he ROCKS....

No seriously.. I am very impressed. He has been very busy
and getting a lot done in his first 30 days...

About that stimulus.. It needs to help the people. Not the
banks , not Wall Street, not anymore credit card company's
or insurance companies.. mortgage companies.. These idiots
got them selves into this. NO more money for them. NO more
mind blowing bonuses. How does one rake in a bonus in the
millions and then ask the government for a hand out?

I wish it all could have gone for creating jobs.
Is that not really what this country needs?

If people have jobs or are confident in the jobs
they have they will spend.

But as things stand now,, it is going to be a long
haul.. I do realize its not as simple as people
just having jobs but it is a huge part of it.

A couple of the things in the stimulus shocked me.

I was talking with a teacher the other day and she
was telling me they are going to put a extra tax on
cloth diapers???

I also read they had cut out money for the nutrition
programs in the schools??

I was invited to a online chat from Education Weekly
and I missed it,, I really would have liked to hear the
take of educators from around the country on the
stimulus package.

I am going to try, and I repeat try to post some
things in PDF form so you can see how they
plan to deal with the stimulus money, and where
they think it should go.

I am curious if Evansville ends up with any at all...
Where will it go? It had better not be a secret..

After all our grandkids, grandkids, grandkids .. will
be paying for this.

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