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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Principal Fights Student

This principal must have been out of his mind.
This kid looks like he could beat the crap of
this principal..

What would make this principal do this.
When I first saw this on the news.. I
thought fire this guy. What the hell.

It was clear he was not defending him
self, he was going after the kid.

But what set him off? I believe
on the news that said he is on
administrative leave.

People in this position have to keep
their cool.

But the video fails to show how it
all started.

He must have been having a very
bad day.. because this kid looks big.

In all fairness to the principal some kids
especially in bigger schools. Some of
these kids are scary.. They are very

But you can't attack them. You need
to call the police.

Get them expelled instead of yourself.

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