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Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Place To Eat....

I was out walking the dogs the other afternoon
and a car with Michigan plates pulled along side
us. They rolled down the window and asked about
a good place to eat in Evansville...

Well right away Mc Donalds was out.

They just wanted a nice sit down place to
eat or they said if they had no other
choice take out. But it would mean
eating it in the car on the road.

After talking with them a few minutes
I strongly suggested the Night Owl..

They do have good food. They have a
good choice of food..

But we are still where we have always been
in this town.. We don't have a really nice
sit down restaurant. That serves good
food everyday,, not just when you go in
on a good day.

But my husband brought up the fact that
Evansville does not seem to support a lot
of different things.. History shows us that.

They were checking out Evansville and
neighboring towns as he was being
transferred to Madison.

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