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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Maybe He Is Not What He Says He Is...

My sister called me last night to say that she had shown the
emails to Steve and being he is a detective it was his
' professional opinion' that more than likely this guy
who sent me the emails is NOT a cop..

Steve said he could not believe a cop of any rank
would be that stupid to write things like that in
a email..

In the same breathe he said you have to turn
them into the sheriff's dept he said he works
for and let them sort it out.

Because either this guy is truly a cop and is
off his rocker and pretty full of himself.. Pretty
confident that he can do as he pleases...

Or it's some saying they are a cop to try to
intimidate and they are stating they are a
cop and making threats?? Steve said
the Sheriff's dept in Grant County either
way needs to be informed ...

My sister is going to contact them today
and see what steps we need to take..

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