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Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Little Bit Of A Rant, It's Not Funny and It's Not a Game

This issue with this lady and the eight tiny babies and her
'desire' to have children has got me going.

It's great to want to have children, but people need to be

In this day and age with so many types of birth control their
is no excuse for a 'accidental' pregnancy.

I think the failure rate of birth control when used properly is
only like 2%.

What really concerns me is these teens who think nothing
of sleeping with whom ever comes around or some in more
serious relation ships that do.

But they treat it so casually. How did they get this attitude.

Parents who also know there kids are sexually active , which
some do and who don't make sure there kids are using some
kind of birth control is crazy.

Some parents do know there kids are,,, and make no
attempt to discourage it, is irresponsible.

There are parents out there like that.

The attitude of ' They will do it no matter what I say.." Does
not wash.. Stop being lazy. Start talking.

At the very least make sure your kids know what all is
available in birth control..

Parents have to set the example though with talking, and
their own behavior.

I actually heard a young lady one day say. " I am going to
have a baby by the time I am 21 so it keeps me out of bars."

I was speechless.

Guess who will be paying for that baby?
You betcha , taxpayers.

I admit I am old fashioned, marriage then the baby's.

I have made it clear to our son, he does not want kids
at his age..

We came right out and told him he is way to immature
as is any kid that age, he needs to get his education or
at the very least have a good job, and wait a while.

Do what you want to do, travel..

But these teeny boppers who think having a kid
is such a game, it is not..

As for this lady of eight newborns... why did she not wait.
She made a decision to have these kids it was not a accident.

She could have waited.

She had no job, and the only reason she had a place
to live was by the goodness of her mom.

Any one else think she was betting on a reality show?

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