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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Ignorance Of Arrogance

We got together this last weekend with some
of my husband's classmates. He really enjoyed
seeing a couple of them, it had been almost 10
years for a couple of them since they saw each

My husband and I both graduated from small
schools, graduating class of around 33that tells
you how small our schools were.

My husband and a couple of his friends got
to talking about other people from the area
and where they are and what they are doing.

One of those people was a former Evansville
police officer who had graduated with them.

He was also the one who resigned instead of
being fired for mixing cocktails in his kitchen.

They talked about even in high school he was
a bully, and thought he could do what he
wanted. My husband's comment was ' I never
had any problem with him. Even as a officer
in Evansville.' Well my husband is to damn
nice. He does not like everyone he runs into
but by the time he's done , they think he does.

He is very easy going.

We talked about how he brought trouble to Evansville
with allegations involving young girls/young women
I guess its all how you look at it.

The thing about it is, and everyone seemed to
remember the same thing for the most part, this
officer used to work in the town my husband graduated
from and a neighboring town, as a police officer
before he was asked to resign for the same type of
of allegations.

So since he resigned there was really no record of what
he was accused of, nothing anything could speak
of because he quit before it could be investigated.

So who gets him, but Evansville..

But the point being he always had that type of attitude.

When you read about reports of abuse by police officers
to suspects, and there seems to be more and more
lately, you have to wonder what kind of person they
were from the beginning.

There are many, many excellent officers who far
out numbered the bad ones. But unfortunately it
out takes one bad apple to make everyone question
them all.

They don't go into this job for the glory.
I do think some go into it on a power trip.

But those few usually burn out or get thrown out.

The ones who do not go into it for the right reasons
burn out very quickly or get thrown out very quickly.

Unfortunately there is no true way to know before
hand if someone will be a good officer or not.

They deserve our respect, but they also have to
give it. There is no room of arrogance/ attitude
as it will eventually bite them is the ass.

Maybe its because I grew up with police officers,
lawyers, Judges, teachers, in the family I hear
so many story's ,, that I have a no tolerance
for arrogance or ignorance by anyone in these

If you can't keep your temper in tact, you don't
belong in any of the above positions.

You hear people say quite often that police think
they are above the law and that is why they end
up in the trouble that some of them get into.

I think that is a true statement in many cases
they just never thought they would get caught.

O.K. I have to throw this in here,,, Like doggie
drew peterson.. He is a arrogant son of a xxxxx

Perfect example of someone who never should
have been a cop.

Point of the story, when a cop deserves to be fired,
fire their ass don't let them resign because it is just
easier.. Because then they just go to the next
un expecting town.

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