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Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Am All For Choice

I am all for a woman's choice when it comes
to having a abortion or not. They have to
have a choice, its there body.

However I am very opposed to late
term abortions .

It is different if its life threatening to
the mother. But that is not what
they are talking about.

There are babies at this age who
are born premature and survive.

This is wrong.

Look at all the hundreds of thousands
of people who would love to
have a child and can't.

People who have tried for years.
People who have been on waiting
lists for years.

If someone does not want a child
they need to think adoption not

I think it would be much easier to live
with your self knowing you gave a child
up for adoption than knowing you
killed your child in a late term abortion.

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