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Friday, February 13, 2009

How Not To Throw A Suprise Party

We had a surprise party for my sister two weeks ago in Iowa
celebrating her being appointed as a Judge. Did I say that
right, probably not but that's o.k..

Things were going so well..
we had rented a banquet room at
a local hotel in Iowa, it was my mom
who took charge of finding and dealing with the caters
. I was in charge of decorations
and my brother and her
husband invites for everyone she had
kept in contact with since law school..

We would have been doing really well if we
had remembered to
tell everyone in the office it was a surprise...
We told the
few who were helping with the party and
thought they would
spread the news that it was a surprise...

Not have someone from her office ask
her if she was excited or
not about the party.

She played along,, and acted pretty
surprised as much as
she could and it was still a great afternoon.

But it was a lesson learned to not just assume that
everyone is on the same page.. and tell each person
not leave it up to one person to tell everyone.

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