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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

History Of Valentine's Day

A friend and I were talking about our Valentine Day
plans. She claimed they ( she&her hubby) don't
exchange cards or anything and she really feels
its a 'Hallmark' day, just another retailer promo.

I told her talk about baa humbug .. Wow..
She then said they might go out for a dinner
but they don't see it as a Valentine dinner.

That they try to treat every day as Valentine
day.. Gag.... No seriously is that not just
sickening sweet.. But they have been married
a year less than we have and we are going
on twenty five years. Gosh that make me
feel old.

But Valentine's day does actually have history
to it and you can click on the link for more history.

But in the end she and I decided that we would
take our husband's out for supper on Saturday
for a Valentine's Supper even if it is just a
' hallmark' day.

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