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Monday, February 23, 2009

Does HE Really Think HE Is All That?

I had a situation that I have not decided what to do
with yet. I replied to a ad on craigs list this last week
I have been looking for a bigger ferret cage for our ferrets.

No hurry, just looking.. they are fine in the one they
are in.. But with ferrets bigger is better..

So I replied to this ad,, for a multiple level cage
and the poster responded to my questions.

First of all he wanted 105.00 for this cage.. O.K..
it looked o.k. in the picture.. but as I soon discovered
they were ones he had copied and pasted from some
where else not his.

But any way he told me this cage was BROKEN....
that he held it together with zip ties.. ZIP TIES and
105.00 dollars that does not work for me.

I had been cruising the Internet and found one at
petco that was very similar to his for 109.00 brand
new and no shipping as it qualified for free shipping.

So I let this guy know I was no longer interested
and I felt 105.00 was to much for a broken used cage and
that we had ordered one from petco and I named the price
and ...trying to let him know people might not jump at his
being its broken and priced high..

If it had been in good shape we would have considered it.

Any way...

You should see the nasty emails he sent me . Swearing , calling me
names etc.... I was like yeah what ever...

I told him that I would let craigs list know about his threatening

Which of course got me another email from him..

Guess what... This guy had the nerve to tell me that he is
a deputy with the Grant County Sheriff's Dept...

What a freakin joke... HE picked the wrong person to mess
with, or to try to intimidate..

I forwarded the emails to my sister she, wants to
forward them to his supervisor..

IT just made us wonder does this attitude of his carry over
on to the street??? I bet it does...

It was clear from his emails he thought he was god.

I did email him back to tell him WHOOPEE DOOOO...

I then blocked him from being able to email me any

Just because someone is a cop does not mean they can
threaten people, call them names and do there best
to intimidate them while they are off duty. or on

This guy was selling junk, and I called him on it.

I just thought he would want to know that you can
buy a new cage for what he was asking for a
used, broken one...

Most would have lowered the price... not mr. egomaniac..

My sister is pushing for these to be turned over to
his supervisor .. she thinks he sounds just a little
unbalanced. I agree.

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