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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Customer Is Always Right, But That Does Not Mean They Get To Be A xxxxx.....

My husband and I were eating at the Olive Garden
this last week for lunch.

We had a back corner table, and not long after we
got their two ladies came in and sat right across from

We both had the same waiter.

This lady challenged this waiter from minute 1.

She was rude and condescending, and mentioned
several times how she comes there often.

So she thinks since she comes there regular she
could be a pain in the ass. ????

Well the manager came around and we could
hear her complaining about her waiter.

And of course she threw in how often she comes in.

It was about this time we ready to go .. But before
we left I tracked down that manager and explained
that we had heard how she talked to that waiter and
never once heard him say a thing out of line.. that she
was quite difficult..

I thought it was only fair ... maybe its because I
I worked retail for years and had to put up with
people like this... No one should have to put
up with a xxxxx like that.

She was loud enough anyone in our section
could hear her.

The manager was surprised that I had taken
time to talk with her about this and thanked us.

I am someone who is picky about service as well.
But I remain polite .. and I just don't tip..if
service is bad.. That sends a very clear message
very quickly..

On this day we left a little more than 20% which
for us is a lot.. We don't usually go over the
15%,, but this waiter did a very nice job and was
very pleasant.

So be kind to the wait staff in restaurants. It's not
a job to many of us would want to do or could do.

They work hard.

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