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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crazy People And The Two Hour Wait...

We really had some questions about going out on Valentine's
night. We knew it would be crazy.

The couple we went with 3 out of 4 of us wanted to go
to Red Lobster.. I was the odd person out I can not
stand sea food but I figured there would be something
I could eat and figured why not.

Well someone was watching out for me that night.
As Red Lobster does not take call a head seating
or reservations.. We got their early and found
a two hour wait , waiting for us..

Crazy people... we did not even have to discuss
it , we all turned and walked back out.

Who waits for two hours?? The hostess's comment
was it was only going to get worse.

Well not with us there..

Realizing we were going to have the same problem
most any where we headed to the Chili's we
had to wait about 10 minutes. This was not our
first choice but the only place in the area with less
than a hour waiting time...

It was still fun though...

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