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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bank that got bailout $ throws lavish parties?

This is not the first bank to spend millions on
foolish things since the bail out..

I would hope this next round of hand outs this
bank gets 00.00

Cops: Mom runs over son

I don't understand how anyone can kill
their child. It goes against nature.
Something seriously wrong.

College student went for a run, never came back

Poll: Viewers feel positive about Obama speech

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So What Do You Think Of Obama So Far???

Well you know what I think... He is HOT and he ROCKS....

No seriously.. I am very impressed. He has been very busy
and getting a lot done in his first 30 days...

About that stimulus.. It needs to help the people. Not the
banks , not Wall Street, not anymore credit card company's
or insurance companies.. mortgage companies.. These idiots
got them selves into this. NO more money for them. NO more
mind blowing bonuses. How does one rake in a bonus in the
millions and then ask the government for a hand out?

I wish it all could have gone for creating jobs.
Is that not really what this country needs?

If people have jobs or are confident in the jobs
they have they will spend.

But as things stand now,, it is going to be a long
haul.. I do realize its not as simple as people
just having jobs but it is a huge part of it.

A couple of the things in the stimulus shocked me.

I was talking with a teacher the other day and she
was telling me they are going to put a extra tax on
cloth diapers???

I also read they had cut out money for the nutrition
programs in the schools??

I was invited to a online chat from Education Weekly
and I missed it,, I really would have liked to hear the
take of educators from around the country on the
stimulus package.

I am going to try, and I repeat try to post some
things in PDF form so you can see how they
plan to deal with the stimulus money, and where
they think it should go.

I am curious if Evansville ends up with any at all...
Where will it go? It had better not be a secret..

After all our grandkids, grandkids, grandkids .. will
be paying for this.

It Felt Like Favre Had Thrown A Interception

Comparing feeling of football to bball here but when the
Badgers blew that game on Sunday.. It was just sickening.

I followed faithfully this year and last, and the year before........
It's been a hard year for them..

But that game on Sunday against a ranked team
and they had the lead for more than half the game
then to lose like they did...

That one was hard to shake..

He Is The Man....

WOW>> I am one of the biggest Devin Harris fans ever...
I watched him through college and ever since he went pro..
He is a neat kid.. very humble.. very talented..

Maybe He Is Not What He Says He Is...

My sister called me last night to say that she had shown the
emails to Steve and being he is a detective it was his
' professional opinion' that more than likely this guy
who sent me the emails is NOT a cop..

Steve said he could not believe a cop of any rank
would be that stupid to write things like that in
a email..

In the same breathe he said you have to turn
them into the sheriff's dept he said he works
for and let them sort it out.

Because either this guy is truly a cop and is
off his rocker and pretty full of himself.. Pretty
confident that he can do as he pleases...

Or it's some saying they are a cop to try to
intimidate and they are stating they are a
cop and making threats?? Steve said
the Sheriff's dept in Grant County either
way needs to be informed ...

My sister is going to contact them today
and see what steps we need to take..

Police: Man Sold Drugs From Restaurant Drive-Through

Ex-cops apologize for deadly drug raid ahead of sentencing

Weird how they did not say they were sorry until faced with jail.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Does HE Really Think HE Is All That?

I had a situation that I have not decided what to do
with yet. I replied to a ad on craigs list this last week
I have been looking for a bigger ferret cage for our ferrets.

No hurry, just looking.. they are fine in the one they
are in.. But with ferrets bigger is better..

So I replied to this ad,, for a multiple level cage
and the poster responded to my questions.

First of all he wanted 105.00 for this cage.. O.K..
it looked o.k. in the picture.. but as I soon discovered
they were ones he had copied and pasted from some
where else not his.

But any way he told me this cage was BROKEN....
that he held it together with zip ties.. ZIP TIES and
105.00 dollars that does not work for me.

I had been cruising the Internet and found one at
petco that was very similar to his for 109.00 brand
new and no shipping as it qualified for free shipping.

So I let this guy know I was no longer interested
and I felt 105.00 was to much for a broken used cage and
that we had ordered one from petco and I named the price
and ...trying to let him know people might not jump at his
being its broken and priced high..

If it had been in good shape we would have considered it.

Any way...

You should see the nasty emails he sent me . Swearing , calling me
names etc.... I was like yeah what ever...

I told him that I would let craigs list know about his threatening

Which of course got me another email from him..

Guess what... This guy had the nerve to tell me that he is
a deputy with the Grant County Sheriff's Dept...

What a freakin joke... HE picked the wrong person to mess
with, or to try to intimidate..

I forwarded the emails to my sister she, wants to
forward them to his supervisor..

IT just made us wonder does this attitude of his carry over
on to the street??? I bet it does...

It was clear from his emails he thought he was god.

I did email him back to tell him WHOOPEE DOOOO...

I then blocked him from being able to email me any

Just because someone is a cop does not mean they can
threaten people, call them names and do there best
to intimidate them while they are off duty. or on

This guy was selling junk, and I called him on it.

I just thought he would want to know that you can
buy a new cage for what he was asking for a
used, broken one...

Most would have lowered the price... not mr. egomaniac..

My sister is pushing for these to be turned over to
his supervisor .. she thinks he sounds just a little
unbalanced. I agree.

Teacher dies after being punched

How very sad. It's hard to explain when the person
doing the right thing dies. He did not have to intervene
and he did, tried to do the right thing.

I hope they catch these guys and
charge them with manslaughter.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Place To Eat....

I was out walking the dogs the other afternoon
and a car with Michigan plates pulled along side
us. They rolled down the window and asked about
a good place to eat in Evansville...

Well right away Mc Donalds was out.

They just wanted a nice sit down place to
eat or they said if they had no other
choice take out. But it would mean
eating it in the car on the road.

After talking with them a few minutes
I strongly suggested the Night Owl..

They do have good food. They have a
good choice of food..

But we are still where we have always been
in this town.. We don't have a really nice
sit down restaurant. That serves good
food everyday,, not just when you go in
on a good day.

But my husband brought up the fact that
Evansville does not seem to support a lot
of different things.. History shows us that.

They were checking out Evansville and
neighboring towns as he was being
transferred to Madison.

Vikings, Niners may pursue Vick

I said a while back there is no way
he would sit for long. Right or wrong.

Does anyone remember when Ray Lewis
was on trial for murder, even though he
walked. Many at the time said he would
never play again.

Its all about business.

Arrest believed imminent in Chandra Levy case

Wow this surprised me. I did not know as though
they would ever solve it.. I would be curious to
know what led them to this man? Because he
has a record and was not in prison at the time?

Some times I worry about how they resolve
these cold cases just so they can say its closed.

When they also try to see how many crimes
they can link someone to , just to close the

Wis. soldier says he won’t return to Iraq

conscientious objector status

I don't blame him. He and thousands of other military personal
were lied to about this war.

Thousands have died because of a lie.

IF bushie had not been prez. he would be in
prison for contributing to the death of so many.

He is not the first one to do this.

I would rather see military do it this way , than
running and hiding.

But to flip on this a little.

How many of us like everything about
our jobs?

My sister and my cousin went and
served and they never would have
done it any other way.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dredged Leota adds 'lake' to its name

Milwaukee Man Is Among 1st 3 'American Idol' Finalists

I don't care for American Idol. But I love
inspirational stories.

Wisconsin Reaches Settlement With Mortgage Giant

It's good to see Wisconsin join in the settlement. I don't
know why any state would not. Make these companies

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Amid the grieving, a rare act of sportsmanship

This one should make you cry.

Principal Fights Student

This principal must have been out of his mind.
This kid looks like he could beat the crap of
this principal..

What would make this principal do this.
When I first saw this on the news.. I
thought fire this guy. What the hell.

It was clear he was not defending him
self, he was going after the kid.

But what set him off? I believe
on the news that said he is on
administrative leave.

People in this position have to keep
their cool.

But the video fails to show how it
all started.

He must have been having a very
bad day.. because this kid looks big.

In all fairness to the principal some kids
especially in bigger schools. Some of
these kids are scary.. They are very

But you can't attack them. You need
to call the police.

Get them expelled instead of yourself.

Parents seek second opinions in death rulings

Suicide is devastating for those left behind. Especially for
parents.. There is massive guilt , and pointing of blame.

I am not saying this is suicide. The authority's and
medical examiner that is for them to decide.

But it is usually very hard to accept.

It haunts friends and family's forever.

Suicide is just so different than someone dying
in a car accident or cancer, or another illness.

There is nothing like it.
We will pray for this family that regardless of
the outcome they can find some peace.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Man Arrested For Cutting Off Puppy's Ears

Suspected KKK Leader Indicted On Murder Charge

Palin told to pay back taxes

She is a true crook. This is just one of her misdeeds since
taking office..

Using her office to try to get her brother in law fired.

Lets not forget also the charges she billed
the state for her family traveling with her to functions
when they were not invited.. It should have been just her.

How she and her daughter stayed four days longer
than the conference lasted in New York, billing the
state for her high end hotel room.

She is very shady...

Mahnomen sheriff's deputy shot, critically wounded

Chimp attack 911 call: 'He's ripping her apart'

Our thoughts and prays are with the owner of this
chimp and her very injured friend.

But I am still sick about what happened to that

They are not pets. They are wild animals.

This is one chimp also seemed to like tea and xanax.

I have to wonder if this chimp was kept on xanax.

That alone would tell you there were issues with trying
to keep this chimp as a pet.

The chimp had let him self outside with a key.. She knew
he could do this, he had done it before.

Why was this key any where he could get a hold of it.

I feel bad for her its obvious she lost a dear family member
she loved him.

I just don't think it was right to have kept him that

They may look and act a lot like human, but they
are not. Most of the time he was probably better
behaved than a lot of humans.. I mean come on
look what humans do to each other. They are
suppose to know better.

Rest In Peace Travis

We are so sorry this happened to you.

Time For Burris To Go...

How did he think he was going to pull this off? He
had to have known his lies would be found out.

Is there any one that Rod Blagojevich did not

Burris has embarrassed himself and anyone
who supported him. Who believed him.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crazy People And The Two Hour Wait...

We really had some questions about going out on Valentine's
night. We knew it would be crazy.

The couple we went with 3 out of 4 of us wanted to go
to Red Lobster.. I was the odd person out I can not
stand sea food but I figured there would be something
I could eat and figured why not.

Well someone was watching out for me that night.
As Red Lobster does not take call a head seating
or reservations.. We got their early and found
a two hour wait , waiting for us..

Crazy people... we did not even have to discuss
it , we all turned and walked back out.

Who waits for two hours?? The hostess's comment
was it was only going to get worse.

Well not with us there..

Realizing we were going to have the same problem
most any where we headed to the Chili's we
had to wait about 10 minutes. This was not our
first choice but the only place in the area with less
than a hour waiting time...

It was still fun though...

The Customer Is Always Right, But That Does Not Mean They Get To Be A xxxxx.....

My husband and I were eating at the Olive Garden
this last week for lunch.

We had a back corner table, and not long after we
got their two ladies came in and sat right across from

We both had the same waiter.

This lady challenged this waiter from minute 1.

She was rude and condescending, and mentioned
several times how she comes there often.

So she thinks since she comes there regular she
could be a pain in the ass. ????

Well the manager came around and we could
hear her complaining about her waiter.

And of course she threw in how often she comes in.

It was about this time we ready to go .. But before
we left I tracked down that manager and explained
that we had heard how she talked to that waiter and
never once heard him say a thing out of line.. that she
was quite difficult..

I thought it was only fair ... maybe its because I
I worked retail for years and had to put up with
people like this... No one should have to put
up with a xxxxx like that.

She was loud enough anyone in our section
could hear her.

The manager was surprised that I had taken
time to talk with her about this and thanked us.

I am someone who is picky about service as well.
But I remain polite .. and I just don't tip..if
service is bad.. That sends a very clear message
very quickly..

On this day we left a little more than 20% which
for us is a lot.. We don't usually go over the
15%,, but this waiter did a very nice job and was
very pleasant.

So be kind to the wait staff in restaurants. It's not
a job to many of us would want to do or could do.

They work hard.

What Would You Be Willing To Give Up

We have several friends who work for the state.
There has been plenty of talk of them having to start
taking two days a month off without taking personal
time, so no pay.

I don't think it would be such a big deal. But many
in the departments they work in are not happy.

But its all in the name of trying to help the budget.

They could see job layoffs with out this. They may
any way.

Some have decided if that's what it comes to they
just will not add as much to their 401k for a while.

At least they would still have their jobs. If it
means two days unpaid , at least they are still

What would you be willing to give up to keep
your job.. Better yet have you already..

Like I tell my son often, very often.

Be grateful for the job you have, there is a long
line of people who would love to have it.

Officer Hit During Police Chase

This is just ridiculous.. I talk on here enough about
corrupt cops.. But here is one trying to save lives
as they do daily..

I don't understand some people's attitude
regarding the police. People who have not
even really had any contact with them.

They seem to have a attitude.

The police are not the ones who make
people go out and break the laws.

But it seems like some people take such
a attitude when the laws are enforced.

It really is to bad the media does not
report on all the good things they do
on a regular basis ,, instead of the just
the cops who are the bad apples ..

We wish him a speedy recovery.

Accused cat abusers will face charges Tuesday

Lets see... what would be a fitting sentence
for these two.

Open enrollment

Anyone interested only has until the 20th of this week
to apply for open enrollment. For more information
go to the D.P.I. website.

Bristol Palin Speaks Out On Being Teen Mom..

It's funny that this family hates being criticized yet
they keep putting them selves out there.

These ' public' figures like Bristol , and Jamie Lynn
Spears are not role models of any kind.

Both of these young ladies are very fortunate
as they or their family's have the money to
support them.

They don't have to worry where they will live,
how they will eat, how they will take care of
their child.

Most pregnant teen girls do not have that.
It is a much tougher road for most.

Have You Checked Out the New Fire House?

I still have not gotten use to them being out there. They
were so long in the bottom of city hall, it seems so odd.

They deserved a nice new , shiny building. This will
serve them well for years.

If you have not taken a look drive by it, maybe even
stop in I am sure someone will show you around IF
they are not busy. Please do be respectful, if they are
busy and arrange to take a look at a later time.

Teenage girl found dead in barracks, Army says

Founder of Islamic TV station accused of beheading wife

That Poor Chimp

I am sorry but these animals were never meant
to be kept as pets. This should not be allowed.

We will never know why he did what he did.
We never would have known had he lived.

They need to be kept in wild life preserves
not even zoos.

That poor animal did not understand, he
was a animal.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dad: Police Could Have Saved Slain Daughter

This is very sad. Restraining orders quite often do
no good.

They could have picked him up. Maybe they should

But then what. What happens when he gets out.

This guy clearly had no regard for the law or
this young lady's life.

A piece of paper meant nothing to him.

Desperate enough to sing

She is a brave woman.

The Ignorance Of Arrogance

We got together this last weekend with some
of my husband's classmates. He really enjoyed
seeing a couple of them, it had been almost 10
years for a couple of them since they saw each

My husband and I both graduated from small
schools, graduating class of around 33that tells
you how small our schools were.

My husband and a couple of his friends got
to talking about other people from the area
and where they are and what they are doing.

One of those people was a former Evansville
police officer who had graduated with them.

He was also the one who resigned instead of
being fired for mixing cocktails in his kitchen.

They talked about even in high school he was
a bully, and thought he could do what he
wanted. My husband's comment was ' I never
had any problem with him. Even as a officer
in Evansville.' Well my husband is to damn
nice. He does not like everyone he runs into
but by the time he's done , they think he does.

He is very easy going.

We talked about how he brought trouble to Evansville
with allegations involving young girls/young women
I guess its all how you look at it.

The thing about it is, and everyone seemed to
remember the same thing for the most part, this
officer used to work in the town my husband graduated
from and a neighboring town, as a police officer
before he was asked to resign for the same type of
of allegations.

So since he resigned there was really no record of what
he was accused of, nothing anything could speak
of because he quit before it could be investigated.

So who gets him, but Evansville..

But the point being he always had that type of attitude.

When you read about reports of abuse by police officers
to suspects, and there seems to be more and more
lately, you have to wonder what kind of person they
were from the beginning.

There are many, many excellent officers who far
out numbered the bad ones. But unfortunately it
out takes one bad apple to make everyone question
them all.

They don't go into this job for the glory.
I do think some go into it on a power trip.

But those few usually burn out or get thrown out.

The ones who do not go into it for the right reasons
burn out very quickly or get thrown out very quickly.

Unfortunately there is no true way to know before
hand if someone will be a good officer or not.

They deserve our respect, but they also have to
give it. There is no room of arrogance/ attitude
as it will eventually bite them is the ass.

Maybe its because I grew up with police officers,
lawyers, Judges, teachers, in the family I hear
so many story's ,, that I have a no tolerance
for arrogance or ignorance by anyone in these

If you can't keep your temper in tact, you don't
belong in any of the above positions.

You hear people say quite often that police think
they are above the law and that is why they end
up in the trouble that some of them get into.

I think that is a true statement in many cases
they just never thought they would get caught.

O.K. I have to throw this in here,,, Like doggie
drew peterson.. He is a arrogant son of a xxxxx

Perfect example of someone who never should
have been a cop.

Point of the story, when a cop deserves to be fired,
fire their ass don't let them resign because it is just
easier.. Because then they just go to the next
un expecting town.

'Friday the 13th' slashes records

There def. was body count in this movie. We saw it on Friday the 13th,
I did not like it as much as ' my bloody Valentine.' but the couple we
went with and my husband really liked it.

Chris Brown says he's sorry 'for what transpired'

So am I .. He had been one of my daughter's favorites
I enjoyed some of the stuff he did.

Neither she or I have listened to him since.
I am very grateful that she understands
that regardless of how 'cute' he is or how
much money he makes, or how 'cool' his
songs are. It is absolutely not o.k. what he

It's funny how those who seem to have it 'all'
can screw it up so quickly.

Obama off to bad start, GOP senators say

OH PLEEEZZZZ These are the same fools that
along with bushie ran this country into the ground.

8 years of a disaster is what they gave us..
bushie was a walking/talking disaster.

They look and sound like fools.

Obama rocks and is doing GREAT....

Friday, February 13, 2009

"She had allegedly sold a couple of kids"

NYC Police Officer Charged After Brutally Beating Suspec

So tell me, how does he go about pleading "innocent"
when its all on video..

Good luck to him with that one.

How Not To Throw A Suprise Party

We had a surprise party for my sister two weeks ago in Iowa
celebrating her being appointed as a Judge. Did I say that
right, probably not but that's o.k..

Things were going so well..
we had rented a banquet room at
a local hotel in Iowa, it was my mom
who took charge of finding and dealing with the caters
. I was in charge of decorations
and my brother and her
husband invites for everyone she had
kept in contact with since law school..

We would have been doing really well if we
had remembered to
tell everyone in the office it was a surprise...
We told the
few who were helping with the party and
thought they would
spread the news that it was a surprise...

Not have someone from her office ask
her if she was excited or
not about the party.

She played along,, and acted pretty
surprised as much as
she could and it was still a great afternoon.

But it was a lesson learned to not just assume that
everyone is on the same page.. and tell each person
not leave it up to one person to tell everyone.

49 killed after plane slams into New York home

Our thoughts and prays are with all involved , the people
on the plane their family's , the person's family who was
on the ground who lost their life, and the rescue crews.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Officials crack down on booze-serving parents

Good.. I am sure this practice will grow..

Bank CEOs flogged in Washington

Were they really flogged?? They should have been.

A Little Bit Of A Rant, It's Not Funny and It's Not a Game

This issue with this lady and the eight tiny babies and her
'desire' to have children has got me going.

It's great to want to have children, but people need to be

In this day and age with so many types of birth control their
is no excuse for a 'accidental' pregnancy.

I think the failure rate of birth control when used properly is
only like 2%.

What really concerns me is these teens who think nothing
of sleeping with whom ever comes around or some in more
serious relation ships that do.

But they treat it so casually. How did they get this attitude.

Parents who also know there kids are sexually active , which
some do and who don't make sure there kids are using some
kind of birth control is crazy.

Some parents do know there kids are,,, and make no
attempt to discourage it, is irresponsible.

There are parents out there like that.

The attitude of ' They will do it no matter what I say.." Does
not wash.. Stop being lazy. Start talking.

At the very least make sure your kids know what all is
available in birth control..

Parents have to set the example though with talking, and
their own behavior.

I actually heard a young lady one day say. " I am going to
have a baby by the time I am 21 so it keeps me out of bars."

I was speechless.

Guess who will be paying for that baby?
You betcha , taxpayers.

I admit I am old fashioned, marriage then the baby's.

I have made it clear to our son, he does not want kids
at his age..

We came right out and told him he is way to immature
as is any kid that age, he needs to get his education or
at the very least have a good job, and wait a while.

Do what you want to do, travel..

But these teeny boppers who think having a kid
is such a game, it is not..

As for this lady of eight newborns... why did she not wait.
She made a decision to have these kids it was not a accident.

She could have waited.

She had no job, and the only reason she had a place
to live was by the goodness of her mom.

Any one else think she was betting on a reality show?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Octuplet Mom Accepting Online Donations of Cash & Credit Card

This is ridiculous. You don't intentionally go and
and have more babies when you are unemployed,
unmarried, and already have 6 kids, and then
ask for donations.

I read today that she has been diagnosis ed with
paranoia, depression, post traumatic , I think she
already had a full plate.

Why would you not wait until maybe you are married?
Or in a stable relationship.. Can pay for them your selves.
How did she pay for this to begin with?

Was Miss. football player's death a suicide?

It does sound very odd.

Brett Favre Retiring , Has Regrets

Brett Favre's agent says he is indeed retiring, that
he regrets not retiring with the Packer's.

He will always be the greatest regardless whom
he retires with.

Should it have been the Packer's ?? YES..

Ted Thompson is a idiot and should be fired.

Mike McCarthy is not far behind him.

We miss you Brett..

Janesville Dumps Superintendent

That sounds harsh, but that's what they did.
He would not have retired now until they pushed him.

When you have a position like this public opinion
is huge. Because we as taxpayers are paying their
salary. They tend to forget that.

If you are in a position such as this you have to
be able to communicate with the public as well as
the school board.

This applies to all school administration not just
this one.

If you can not communicate with the community
then you are doing your district a disservice .

You will not get the support of the community if
you are not a good communicator.

When I say communicate I am not saying tell
people what they want to hear. Tell them the
truth.. and that at times is lacking.

Something our school board needs to remember.

So The Schools Have Their Hand Out As Well...

Of course they do. But you know what they should.
They have been on the short end of things for quite a

However.. there has to be ACCOUNTABILITY.
WE as taxpayers have to know where this money
is going.

This money needs to be used to survive.. NOT
to build, to add new programs..

It needs to be used to preserve the programs they
already have ..

To stop any teacher lay offs.

To keep all classes intact.

Now if Evansville does get a piece of the 'pie'
and they spend foolishly you will see me
and others flip...


This is tax payer money.. NOT money they
managed to save ...

There has been enough foolish spending and it
needs to stop.

This includes the schools.

Deadly tornadoes rip through parts of Oklahoma

So very sad. I don't see anything in this article about sirens.
About how much warning they had. This warmer weather
is nice but comes with risks. Our thoughts and prays are
with them.

History Of Valentine's Day

A friend and I were talking about our Valentine Day
plans. She claimed they ( she&her hubby) don't
exchange cards or anything and she really feels
its a 'Hallmark' day, just another retailer promo.

I told her talk about baa humbug .. Wow..
She then said they might go out for a dinner
but they don't see it as a Valentine dinner.

That they try to treat every day as Valentine
day.. Gag.... No seriously is that not just
sickening sweet.. But they have been married
a year less than we have and we are going
on twenty five years. Gosh that make me
feel old.

But Valentine's day does actually have history
to it and you can click on the link for more history.

But in the end she and I decided that we would
take our husband's out for supper on Saturday
for a Valentine's Supper even if it is just a
' hallmark' day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Peterson family loses Savio estate control

Could he be any creepier.

Senate passes minimum wage bill

It took them longer than it should have. It is not
enough but its a start.

To these business's that cry they will have to
close, well then you were not doing so well
to begin with then are you..

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

I don't need to mention names...

If you like I can come and sing this for you...

But once I start I must sing the entire song..with a little dance

as well..

Congratulations to both of you....

This is the Hanna Barbera version..

Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Haaappy Anniversary

Pour a cheerful toast and fill it
Happy Anniversary
But be careful you don't spill it
Happy Anniversary

Ooooo Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Haaappy Anniversary

(Fred and Wilma Talking)

Ooooo Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Haaappy Anniversary

(Fred Talking)

Happy she and happy he
They're both as happy as can be
Celebrating merrily
their happy anniversary

(Fred and Wilma Talking)

Ooooo Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Haaappy Anniversary

(Fred Talking)

Ooooo Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Haaappy Anniversary

We now state emphatically
its happy anniversary
Not another day could be
a happy anniversary

Ooooo Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Happy (slow)
Happy (slow)
Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy (fast)

Flintstones Homepage

Fort Atkinson Man Charged In Crash That Killed Father, Son

Monday, February 9, 2009

We Need To Have Zero Tolerence

Have you ever come out of the Night Owl OR
other bar or restaurant....
noticed a Police car sitting there, maybe at
bar time. Maybe you noticed them just
noticeably in the area.

Good they are doing there job.. I have heard
through the years people complain about how
they are being ' entrapped' because the
police are just 'waiting' for them.

Entrapped? PLEASE..

If you leave a bar legally drunk and then
think you are going to get into your
car and drive you are not being 'entrapped'
or 'setup' you are being stupid and deserve
what ever you get.

People who get pulled over and arrested
for D.U. I. you should be thanking the officer
who pulled you over for saving your life
or the life of some other innocent person.

I am so tired of stupid people who drink
and then go out and drive.

It's not brain surgery. If you drink have
a d.d. . I am not against drinking, I enjoy
having a couple every once in a while as
well.. But I have NEVER in my 40+
years drank and drove. Never..

Read this article on this man who is on his
8th d.u.i...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

No President Needs This Kind of Exposure

Texan who died in prison cleared of rape conviction

I know this man's family has worked hard to clear
his name, but I do hope they eventually get justice.

When Silence Is Golden

I was out and about this a.m. I ran into one of my
daughter's friends parent.. One of the first things they
said to me was , ' so and so sure is a busy, nosy body
are they not.'

This person brought this up to me
because they know I know the person.

I just smiled and said nothing as this person told
me what had happened. I just smiled. They already
have their own opinion of this person they did not
need to hear mine. I think my silence and smile
said a lot.

But it just kind of reminded me that if you are
going to talk and gossip about someone ,be careful
who you are talking about and to whom.

Because you never know if this person knows the
person you are gossiping about or not.

This person was just irritated that this person
even told them what they did. They had not
asked to hear the latest gossip.

Silence can be very golden.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Am All For Choice

I am all for a woman's choice when it comes
to having a abortion or not. They have to
have a choice, its there body.

However I am very opposed to late
term abortions .

It is different if its life threatening to
the mother. But that is not what
they are talking about.

There are babies at this age who
are born premature and survive.

This is wrong.

Look at all the hundreds of thousands
of people who would love to
have a child and can't.

People who have tried for years.
People who have been on waiting
lists for years.

If someone does not want a child
they need to think adoption not

I think it would be much easier to live
with your self knowing you gave a child
up for adoption than knowing you
killed your child in a late term abortion.

Judge says man charged in deer killing safer in jail than out

This guy should be grateful to be in jail. What kind of person does
this. Let him sit and think.. Be grateful people don't do to him
what he did to these innocent deer.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What A Sad Waste

These two young men had a great future ahead
of them. Now its gone.. They killed this woman
for what? A few dollars? It is very sad that this
woman lost her life because these two young men
have no respect for life.

Woman calls her engagement to Drew Peterson a media stunt

Of course it was. She may have not have known it
from day one, but he did.

He is creepy, and sickening..

A predator.

Lock The Nuts Up.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Brighton Teacher Gets Jail In Student Sex Case

My Apologies To The Arizona Cardinals.

My apologies because I really did think the Steelers would
wipe the field with the Cardinals. But they really
made a game out of it.. One of the more
exciting ones in years.

I am still happy that the Steelers won but
give a lot of credit to Arizona.