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Monday, January 26, 2009

Wisconsin School Open Enrollment Starts Soon

Feb2-Feb20th is open enrollment time. IF you don't
like your school its a good time to get out because NO
one should have to tolerate a bad school. THIS is also
the time to sign up for virtual schools, where your child
can stay right at home and be taught by accredited teacher's
right in their own living room.

This is a excellent option.. Children who use virtual
schools receive a diploma just as they would from a
brick and mortar school. Virtual schools are
considered public schools.

I will be putting more information up later on
different virtual schools in Wis.. They cover k-12th grade.

There also is a group that gets together a couple times
a month for social activities to keep kids involved with
kids their own age. We go to museums, movies, bowling,
out to lunch , parks, and the zoos .

The Milwaukee Museum has turned into one of the
favorites of this group, as well as the Milwaukee Zoo,
and the Madison Zoo. They are always looking
and planning new things. It keeps the kids involved
with their peers.

You must sign up by the 20th to get into the virtual
schools in the fall of next year.

More info coming ..

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