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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why Do They Snap...

How would you handle a high stress job? Would you want a
job like that?

I was reading on line another story about a officer accused of
excessive force/abuse.

Why can some officers can go a life time with never
crossing the line.

While others like the one in California on the job
only two years, kills a man. It sounds as though
it was very intentional. By witness accounts and video.
He had no reason to shoot a unarmed man who they
had on the ground already. He killed him.


I have stated on here several times that my brother in law is
wound a bit to tight.

We spent a few days with them at the Chula Vista in the Dells
over the New Year. After we got home I was talking with
my mom and she said ' I just talked with Dave, and he said he
had a great time.' I never would have known he had a great
time by the way he acted. I guess that was him having fun.

When we were there the fire alarms went off, as there are mini
kitchens in the rooms we got, and some one in the building had
burnt their supper.

So we all went out side and waited for the all clear,, not Dave
he went and checked out what was going on with security.

We were all like just stand outside with the rest of us, and leave
security alone. O.K..

He is a bit of a control freak.

But at the same time he sees a lot of bad things. Its not like
small town Evansville. He is a homicide cop and they seem to
have more than their share out there. I remember three weeks
before their first child was due, he had to attend a autopsy of
a baby.. A four month old little baby, it was a suspicious death.

He deals with people who have no respect for themselves much
less anyone else. No respect for human life.

He has had to deal with people who don't care if they live or die
and don't care if you do either.

People who would kill him, and think nothing of it.

We live in a pretty quite community, a pretty safe community.
It's hard to believe there are very violent people out there.

I am really not certain why he stays with this job.. He likes
working the cases the ins and outs. He is very good at what
he does.. But how much can some one take..

Do I ever see him snapping?? I could never see him doing that.
He is very disciplined. He has very high standards and expects
that of those he works with.

Anyone can snap though. We are all human. But we expect
better from people in law enforcement, to have some control
over themselves. That is a requirement of the job, and those
who can't do it need to get out before we have any more sad
situations like the one in California.

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