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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who Does That?

A friend called me this a.m. and was
reading me a editorial in the Evansville
Review, she found it very funny.

The short of it is, someone called
them on their grammar and spelling
errors, even going as far as saving
all the errors they found over several
issues and sending it to them.

I do realize unemployment is high,
and maybe someone is bored, but
seriously who does that?

Unfortunately Kelly felt the need
to reply to this person, as she
has in the past.

Why do that? Throw it away.
Ignore it as hard as that may
be. Throw it away its trash.

They were looking for a response
from you and they got it. So
my guess is you will get more
mail from them.

I am sorry but there are much
more important things in this
world to worry about, like the
war, the economy, and just how
damn HOT Barack Obama is..

I think its pretty pathetic
that someone would do this.

But maybe Kelly enjoys it other
wise she would not reply..

Get a life people.

The Review can thank me later
for increased sales this week
as people rush out to get this
paper to see what its all about.

Yeah right.

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