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Monday, January 26, 2009

Where Does It End?

This bail out had turned into the biggest joke. First there is no
accountability. The banks don't want have to say if they received
help or not. . They should have to .. That is our tax money, we are
paying for this..

Banks never should have been given any money, they got them
selves into this, let them like the rest of learn to sink or swim.

Now they want more.

Wall Street is a joke.

Home Owners as sad as it is the situation for some,
there are worse in life
than losing your home.
They will recover and maybe some where all the
way learn what not to do again.
But they will be o.k... If they get bailed
out what is to stop them from repeating the same ..???

My mom out right owns her home in
Florida and just recently bought
a rental home. She stayed away from foreclosures..
For many reasons.
The biggest is she thinks as do I
the banks got them selves into this mess.

She is going to rent this home out for a while.
But eventually we will move
down there and buy this from her.
She has sent us picture after picture
of numerous houses knowing eventually we will live there..

I like the idea of warmer weather, and of seeing more of my mom.

I have heard nasty rumors that that car
dealerships are thinking of
asking for a bail out,, bullshit..

There is no way they deserve or should be given a bail out.

The big 3 was bad enough.

I have car dealerships down on my list
with the porn industry in terms
of if they should get a bail out or not.

Credit Card companys

Soon it will be the dept stores.

Where does it end?? Will it ever end...

There should be a web site of shame listing
who got part of this bail out
and how much.

This entire thing has just gotten out of hand.

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