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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When Is School Closed Due To Weather?

A short 2 page note from the district.
That being said. It's going to be colder
than heck on friday. People are being told
to keep animals in side the rest of this
week. But by all means let your kids walk
or bus kids to school and take the chance of
something going very wrong.

If something happens with one of those
buses they would not be able to get a back up bus
out there fast enough to pick up those kids
with out someone needing medical care.

Not to mention our bus pick up time is 7:25-7:30
and anymore the bus does not come until 7:40 or later
and there those kids wait. I am not certain if this
bus's route was added to or if it is weather related.

It will be curious to see what they do
later this week..

click on post on note from school.

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