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Sunday, January 25, 2009

This Should Not Be Legal

There have been many, many , .. discussions about the bailout
and if it should have or should have not happened.

I say NO.. Wallstreet, these banks they got them selves
into this mess, let them either learn to float, or sink all
on their own.

Would it be the end of America as we know it?? NO>>
We would have and will recover.

Wall street and these banks that gave all these
loans, it was all about greed, and deception and
at times corruption.

Some of these bankers and wall street ceo's belong
in jail. Not just jail but prison.

By there abusive practices and deceptions.

Took us all for a ride they did.

I saw a news segment a while back that I can't get
out of my mind.

It was about a guy who had a great job making great
money, and he bought a very nice house.

After buying this house he and his wife wanted to
make it ' the' house on the block that every one
would envy.

They took out a loan for remodeling, including
a INDOOR POOL... and many other extras.

After they were done, they house was valued at
over 3 million...

Not long after the remodel,, and taking out this
loan,, he lost his job..

One would think he would sell the house and get
into something they could afford.

They could not sell it for what they owed.

SO what did they do???? They went and bought
a house more in line with their budget -- his job..

ANOTHER HOUSE. They let the one that they
had mortgaged to the hills go into foreclosure
and here they are with a house that most all of
us would find more than comfortable.. and
another house in foreclosure.

HOW does that happen.. How is that allowed?
I don't understand that at all.

But in most cases it was greed by the banks
I do not feel sorry for them. NO one made
them give those loans. But they just thought
about all the profit on these sub prime loans.

Let them sink.. they did not deserve a bail out.
At tax payer expense.

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