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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Taming inflated home appraisals

This plays a big part in the housing market
and it can happen no more.

I know of a couple people who have had
their homes listed , and listed high in
the last year.

When asked about it their comment was
well it appraises for this amount....

I often wondered who did you pay, or who
did your appraisal that it appraised so
high. Because I never thought either
of these houses were worth what they
listed at... and neither sold either.

I think some it is inflated ego's as much
as it is inflated appraisals.

A real estate agent is not a appraiser
they have a good idea sometimes what
you may get for your home, that does
not mean thats what it is worth.

The more you sell it for the more they
get.. so they are not unbiased.

Hopefully changes are coming.

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