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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Super Nanny? Would You Do It?

Super Nanny airs this Friday with the family from Evansville.
Would you go on this show and basically tell millions of people
I can't control my kids?

I would think differently about this if I thought it would 'fix'
the situation. But it won't.. If it did counselors and psych
would be out of business.

I have only recently watched this show, and wished I could
get that time back. I am not one for reality shows though.

As I tell people I have enough reality with out those shows.

My daughter watches that show and loves it. She even
said to me once ' at least we don't act like that.'

Every one's kids are out of control and brats from time to time
but why put it on national television.

I would be embarrassed.

I wonder what they got for doing this?

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