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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Make No Mistake.

We have empathy for the Kerns family who will be featured on
Super Nanny tomorrow night. I would just never go on national

No one is ever truly prepared to be parents and some times
life throws you curve balls.

One of the bigger curve balls life can throw is when your kids
don't behave exactly like you dreamed they would.

There have been times I have thought out loud ,
" I did not sign up for this."

But it gets easier .. I have to say I never
had pre school kids flippin me
the bird or cursing like a sailor.

It's clear that was learned from someone in their lives.

Or maybe something on t.v. .

But as we make jokes. or form opinions remember until you have
walked in there shoes, or lived with them between those walls
no one has the right to judge.

Seriously though I would recommend a real, licensed counselor
one you can see long term over super duper nanny.


But I am sure it was a learning experience.

No I will not watch.

I still laugh at my sister who before she had kids swore
her kids would never 'do ' that. Now she walks around
going " I can't believe my kid did that."

She is someone who always thought she had
things figured out until she had kids.

Its not always easy or simple.

Best of luck to them.

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