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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Its Cold Outside.. Would You Sleep Outside?

"A dog's death is under investigation as a possible case of neglect. The dog was found dead -- frozen to the ground -- on Monday afternoon "

It makes me sick. Why would you do that to your dog? Leave them tied
outside in the winter. Food , yes. But frozen water.

IT is winter in Wisconsin and too cold to be leaving dogs outside with
out adequate shelter. This dog died a horrible death.

I grew up on a dairy farm and our 'cow' dog Shep always slept in
the barn at night. We would lock him in there..

But in the winter.. we locked Shep in our back hallway in the
house.. IT was to cold for him to be outside even in the barn.
He hated being in the house though. He would lay there and
shake, probably thinking I am not suppose to be in here.

We kept him the back hall way as he was usually dirty, he
was a cow dog. But a very good dog.

But at least we knew he was safe and warm.

Why do people treat animals less than human? They are
truly human beings just with fur and four legs.

They are far more loyal than most people you will meet.

Yet many get treated like this poor dog.

I wish they would do more than just giving these
people a ticket.

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