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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Smart Girl..

Drew Peterson is just creepy.

Friday, January 30, 2009

'Whatever is below those crosses is crying out'

Most of us grew up never knowing evil. Never
even knew such things could happen in our
world.. This is very disturbing and sad.

Could Have, Should Have, Meant To,, Does Not Matter..

They already had this guy on the ground, with a
a knee in his back. There
was no need for a taser or gun.. Excessive force
is what he was engaging in. He is guilty.. and
abusive at the very least.. Lock him up and lets
see how he likes excessive force.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This Is So Sad.

It's time for people to step up and help their neighbors,
friends. Maybe they showed no outwards signs of
distress, maybe they did.. sad regardless.

Unfortunately we may see more of this with job
loss and people losing their homes.

Very sad.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

'Caylee Sunshine' doll sparks outrage

Thats just sick that some company thought this was good

What could they have been thinking?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Freeze the teachers? Hard times raise hard question

I don't think its a hard question at all. Hell yes. Freeze their pay. BUT
start with pay of administration.. FREEZE there pay first as they are
the ones making the big bucks.. seriously. You freeze the administrations
pay and the teacher's . But the teacher's get a raise FIRST before any

Times of are very tough. We the tax payers are paying their salary's
many of whom are currently unemployed.

IT had nothing to do with if they deserve a raise or not. It's called
tough times and everyone suck it up..

Where Does It End?

This bail out had turned into the biggest joke. First there is no
accountability. The banks don't want have to say if they received
help or not. . They should have to .. That is our tax money, we are
paying for this..

Banks never should have been given any money, they got them
selves into this, let them like the rest of learn to sink or swim.

Now they want more.

Wall Street is a joke.

Home Owners as sad as it is the situation for some,
there are worse in life
than losing your home.
They will recover and maybe some where all the
way learn what not to do again.
But they will be o.k... If they get bailed
out what is to stop them from repeating the same ..???

My mom out right owns her home in
Florida and just recently bought
a rental home. She stayed away from foreclosures..
For many reasons.
The biggest is she thinks as do I
the banks got them selves into this mess.

She is going to rent this home out for a while.
But eventually we will move
down there and buy this from her.
She has sent us picture after picture
of numerous houses knowing eventually we will live there..

I like the idea of warmer weather, and of seeing more of my mom.

I have heard nasty rumors that that car
dealerships are thinking of
asking for a bail out,, bullshit..

There is no way they deserve or should be given a bail out.

The big 3 was bad enough.

I have car dealerships down on my list
with the porn industry in terms
of if they should get a bail out or not.

Credit Card companys

Soon it will be the dept stores.

Where does it end?? Will it ever end...

There should be a web site of shame listing
who got part of this bail out
and how much.

This entire thing has just gotten out of hand.

Monroe Virtual High School

Virtual High School In Wisconsin

Wisconsin Online School

This is just one of the virtual schools in Wis. click on post

Wisconsin School Open Enrollment Starts Soon

Feb2-Feb20th is open enrollment time. IF you don't
like your school its a good time to get out because NO
one should have to tolerate a bad school. THIS is also
the time to sign up for virtual schools, where your child
can stay right at home and be taught by accredited teacher's
right in their own living room.

This is a excellent option.. Children who use virtual
schools receive a diploma just as they would from a
brick and mortar school. Virtual schools are
considered public schools.

I will be putting more information up later on
different virtual schools in Wis.. They cover k-12th grade.

There also is a group that gets together a couple times
a month for social activities to keep kids involved with
kids their own age. We go to museums, movies, bowling,
out to lunch , parks, and the zoos .

The Milwaukee Museum has turned into one of the
favorites of this group, as well as the Milwaukee Zoo,
and the Madison Zoo. They are always looking
and planning new things. It keeps the kids involved
with their peers.

You must sign up by the 20th to get into the virtual
schools in the fall of next year.

More info coming ..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

How Do You Explain It To Your Kids..

If you were a family that was at the Monster Truck Show
as were our friends. How do you explain the accident and
death to your kids. It effected everyone there who
witnessed it.. Even though people were asked to leave
some lingered and took video. Sick. My friend and
their kids got out as asked. I think most people with
kids there tried to protect their kids from what they
might see.. Our friends kids are 13, so old enough to
understand what was going on.. But what about the
little kids??

Teen, Tuttle Couple Charged With Manslaughter

They should be. Anyone who supplies alcohol or drugs to
someone who then dies from them, should be held accountable.

Does everyone remember the Len Bias law?? There is no
reason this should not apply to alcohol related deaths.

I don't understand these parents who supply alcohol to
minors , ignorant.

Some parents never grow up and want to continue
living their high school days.

Well there trying to go back in time, will cost
them time.

Announcer Dies After Monster Nationals Show Incident

Our thoughts and prays go out to his friends and family.
Our thoughts and prays go out to the driver of the truck
who was devastated afterwords. I don't think any of us
can imagine living with something like this..

This Should Not Be Legal

There have been many, many , .. discussions about the bailout
and if it should have or should have not happened.

I say NO.. Wallstreet, these banks they got them selves
into this mess, let them either learn to float, or sink all
on their own.

Would it be the end of America as we know it?? NO>>
We would have and will recover.

Wall street and these banks that gave all these
loans, it was all about greed, and deception and
at times corruption.

Some of these bankers and wall street ceo's belong
in jail. Not just jail but prison.

By there abusive practices and deceptions.

Took us all for a ride they did.

I saw a news segment a while back that I can't get
out of my mind.

It was about a guy who had a great job making great
money, and he bought a very nice house.

After buying this house he and his wife wanted to
make it ' the' house on the block that every one
would envy.

They took out a loan for remodeling, including
a INDOOR POOL... and many other extras.

After they were done, they house was valued at
over 3 million...

Not long after the remodel,, and taking out this
loan,, he lost his job..

One would think he would sell the house and get
into something they could afford.

They could not sell it for what they owed.

SO what did they do???? They went and bought
a house more in line with their budget -- his job..

ANOTHER HOUSE. They let the one that they
had mortgaged to the hills go into foreclosure
and here they are with a house that most all of
us would find more than comfortable.. and
another house in foreclosure.

HOW does that happen.. How is that allowed?
I don't understand that at all.

But in most cases it was greed by the banks
I do not feel sorry for them. NO one made
them give those loans. But they just thought
about all the profit on these sub prime loans.

Let them sink.. they did not deserve a bail out.
At tax payer expense.

Doyle calls for tougher drunken driving laws

J.B. Van Hollen Is The Biggest Idiot... He Needs To Go...

I think this guy has made it clear in the last several months
for the right amount of money or spot light he can be bought.

Now he does not think first time drunk driving offenses should
be criminal?? He needs to get his head out of his ass. I know
thats where he keeps it , as its warm there but come on.

That is giving people the thought its a free pass to leave a bar
drunk and drive because they have never been caught before.

Drunk drivers can kill someone the first time they drive drunk
just as easily as their 10th time driving drunk. ..

He is a true Moran and bad for Wisconsin.

He admits in this article that his friends are drunks
and have first time offenses and he thinks that is wrong.

Time for him to go...

'It's cool to be sober,' teen group urges

5 Family Members Mourned In Green Bay

Five people taken out by 1 drunk driver. It's long over due to
have more serious prison sentences for people who kill when
driving drunk. No different than if this guy took a gun and
killed them.

Announcer Hurt At Monster Nationals Show

****** Our friends were at this last night and said it looked like it was
a very bad accident. That it did not seem to be the truck driver's fault it looked
to them like this guy backed up into the path of the truck, he was trying to get
something into the pit, and just backed up to far. . Our thoughts and prays
are with him and hopefully for a speedy and full recovery.

The timing is weird as they were just on the news
last night saying what precautions they took.

Only 8 days after the 6 yr old day. How ever that
was a different organization that happened in.

Unlike when the six year old died, this company did
stop and cancel the show for the night. Thank goodness.

We took our kids to this a couple years ago and it was
easily the biggest waste of money we have ever spent.

Our son who was so excited did not even like it.

Hopefully we will hear more today how this guy is doing
it sounds as though it was quite serious.

Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Coach charged in tragedy

As he should be.

It Is Pretty

If you have the chance drive out on Water St. and
take a look at the new fire station. It is a nice
looking building.

It feels strange to not have them right down town.
I grew up in this area and its always been in the
city hall.

Friday, January 23, 2009

First Press Briefing Packed: "New Press Secretary Trumps The Old President"

Sarah Palin Looking For A Book Deal?

I am sorry I thought she 'hated' the media.

I also did not realize she could read or write.

She is a joke.

Cheney: Bush should have pardoned Libby

cheney and bush are such corrupt people. They truly believe
they could not be held accountable for anything they did in
office. cheney should have gone down with libby.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Investigator: Soldier's electrocution 'negligent homicide

About Time..

Fugitive murder suspect calls reporter

Court: Parents can sue school district over harassment claim

Well of course they can, and should.
Schools need to be held MORE accountable for
what happens between there walls.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Clinton confirmed as secretary of state by 94-2 vote


# Story Highlights
# NEW: Senate votes 94-2 to confirm Hillary Clinton to head State
# NEW: Vitter and DeMint are only two to oppose the nomination
# Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, objected Tuesday to Clinton's confirmation
# He said he wanted more time to talk about former President Clinton's foundation

Houston officer saves a woman's life while in Washington

Can you imagine watching this happen?
Fast thinking by this officer saved her

Man Pleads No Contest to Hitting Dog with Golf Club

Lock him up and do not let him out. Speaking of anger
mgmt. Growing up I had a rat terrier. Best little dog.

I don't care what he thought or what happened.
Lock him up and do not let him out.

Police Probe Wal-Mart Line-Cutting Arrests

So this was a off duty cop sticking his nose
in where it did not belong?

I have returned things at Walmart where
they do motion you to the front if you are
just exchanging something. You already
have been in line once when you first bring it

This OFF duty, of course it does not matter if he
was on duty. Stuck his big nose in where it did not
belong. He did not know what was going on.
Some one might want to tell him he is not god.
Even my brother and law would not have done this and
he tends to get a attitude to him once in a while.

Thats there call not this OFF duty cop.

The OFF DUTY cop should be charged with
disorderly conduct.. All it takes is
making a scene.

He needs to keep his nose out of the way.

ON duty,, off duty they need to behave
them selves. He sounds like he has a
anger mgmt issues,, he continued to follow
them could not let a simple thing go.

Officer Hit: Boston Heights Police Officer Killed On Duty

What this article did not say, which I wish it would have
is if he had his lights on, you know the red&blue ones.

Because I don't understand how anyone can miss them, and
not slow down, or get into another lane when possible.

I have noticed more and more on highways or interstates
quite a few will go to the passengers side window and they
should , that is just the smart thing to do. The safe thing
to do.

Very sad.

What A Week..

Starting it off with Martin Luther King Day and Barack Obama's
swearing in.. WOW.. All those party's last night, and they were
televised that has never happened not like last night. He can
boogie!!!!!!!!!! Michelle and Barack Obamas little girls are
adorable I hope the press leaves them alone.

They believe there was 2 million there yesterday watching him
being sworn in, and 2.2 million people watched on t.v. here
in America alone.

This is a very exciting time for all..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sen. Ted Kennedy collapses at inaugural lunch

Our thoughts and prays are with him and his family.
He is truly one of the good ones. I was so
glad to see he was able to be there today. He looked
good I thought. Strong even.

Incredible History,, And We Get To Watch..

I have been watching the news this morning and I
am just amazed by the size of the crowd. Huge. No
one has ever seen anything like it. It's being
compared to the Kennedy years, yet far beyond it.

The Obama's and Biden's arrived at the White House
and give you a idea of how gracious Michelle Obama
is, she had a gift for Mrs.Bush.

Michelle Obama just carries herself with
incredible grace.

This is a exciting time for this country.

Try to watch it today, I will record it
such a huge day..

We will keep the Obama's and the Biden's
in our prays as they start this incredible

Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Staff At The Observer


In the coming days please send Jabba a warm welcome.
He is the cutest critter I have seen in a long time.

Maybe his first post should be on how he is handling this
nasty winter.

He is so cute how he posed.
If you were not certain he is smiling.

Good Luck to him.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Deer torture suspect may be tied to fatality

This is not surprising. I as well as many others
have always known killing or torturing a animal
is a fine line away from doing the same to a
human being.

Obama whistle-stop trip: Going along for the ride

What A Week It Will Be

The excitement really started two years ago on January
16th, 2007 when Barack Obama announced he was running for
President. I don't think anyone really understood the full
impact this would have on the United States. Some never
thought he would make it out of round 1.

He has shown and proven he is a man of integrity, honesty,
and just brilliant.

We have been invited to two different Inauguration Parties
that did not even happen when Bill Clinton took office.
It most certainly did not happen when prez bush took office.

People are very excited and rightfully so.

It will be a history making very exciting week.

What Role Do You Think Michelle Obama Will Have??

I think she is just a incredible role model. She will not be like past
First Ladies, she I believe will bring more change to this role than
any one ever thought.

I love Hillary Clinton, she had very good intentions when Bill got
into office, but she came up against a lot of resistance.

I don't think you will see Michelle Obama tolerating a whole lot
of crap from anyone, but of course in a polite manner.

She has said she intends to work with the veterans and their
family's thank goodness. I do believe she will have a big say
in the changes that are made concerning the care of our vets..

I am almost as impressed with her as I am with Obama himself.
She is a very strong, intelligent woman who knows how to
get things done.

We are very excited about what both Mr.&Mrs Obama will bring
to the White House and the Nation..

Great Positive Changes.

Justice For The Deer

Friday, January 16, 2009

Madison Police Officer Drunk at Work

First thoughts were wow,
second was how very sad.

Thieves steal woman's entire home

This is too sad and hard to believe.
No one questioned them when they were
hauling this away.

For Sale: The Janesville Gazette's Soul.

It amazes me the things they will print
all for the numbers. It not even like
they print news worthy stories just
ones that will bring in the numbers.

Co-Pilot Of Downed Plane, Oregon , Wis. Resident.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rogue FBI agent sentenced to 40 years in mob hit

US Airways plane goes down in Hudson River

Our thoughts and prays go out to
everyone involved . It is believed
at this time a bird 'strike.' brought
down this plane.

Vigil held for slain Echo Park boy

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ex-officer charged with murder in BART shooting

As he should be.


I think we all knew this was going to happen. IT is going
to be very COLD>>> I know this is Wis. but come on..

But Friday is suppose to be just as bad until noon
so its fair to assume there will be no school on

My husband has a ton of vacation time and has
taken tomorrow off as well because who if they
don't have to would go outside.

Stay warm and safe everyone..

Co-ed's virginity selling for over $3.7M

What happened to paying for school in a honest
decent way? If she can sell herself for this
she can sell herself for anything.

Where is her mother.

Cat Alerts Family To Fire Started By Goat

Student-teacher sex ruled OK

This Is So Wrong. I am sorry but teachers male or female
are in a position of authority and the rule has to be hands
off. I think most teachers would never cross that line.
Date some one your own damn age.

What is wrong with people.

Who Does That?

A friend called me this a.m. and was
reading me a editorial in the Evansville
Review, she found it very funny.

The short of it is, someone called
them on their grammar and spelling
errors, even going as far as saving
all the errors they found over several
issues and sending it to them.

I do realize unemployment is high,
and maybe someone is bored, but
seriously who does that?

Unfortunately Kelly felt the need
to reply to this person, as she
has in the past.

Why do that? Throw it away.
Ignore it as hard as that may
be. Throw it away its trash.

They were looking for a response
from you and they got it. So
my guess is you will get more
mail from them.

I am sorry but there are much
more important things in this
world to worry about, like the
war, the economy, and just how
damn HOT Barack Obama is..

I think its pretty pathetic
that someone would do this.

But maybe Kelly enjoys it other
wise she would not reply..

Get a life people.

The Review can thank me later
for increased sales this week
as people rush out to get this
paper to see what its all about.

Yeah right.


I would hope the USPS would suspend
all mail delivery until the temps
are not at the dangerous level that
they are.

WHO the hell needs their mail that
badly?? No One.

Maybe they could make it available
at the post office counter if someone
wants to go in and claim their mail.

It seems very irresponsible to put
them in danger just to deliver the
damn mail.

Same for the newspaper boys or person.
It is to dangerously cold to have them
out there in this for what?? A paper?

One person has lost their life this
year from being out their delivering
a paper..

Taming inflated home appraisals

This plays a big part in the housing market
and it can happen no more.

I know of a couple people who have had
their homes listed , and listed high in
the last year.

When asked about it their comment was
well it appraises for this amount....

I often wondered who did you pay, or who
did your appraisal that it appraised so
high. Because I never thought either
of these houses were worth what they
listed at... and neither sold either.

I think some it is inflated ego's as much
as it is inflated appraisals.

A real estate agent is not a appraiser
they have a good idea sometimes what
you may get for your home, that does
not mean thats what it is worth.

The more you sell it for the more they
get.. so they are not unbiased.

Hopefully changes are coming.

Ex-officer arrested in BART shooting

He was arrested on a fugitive warrant. That sounds
to me like he was running, on the run.

There is no way he can not be charged with
this man's death. The video says it all.

It will be interesting to see and hear his

The video is damning.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Police: Man sold teen daughter into marriage for cash, beer, meat

This is someone who should have been
neutered along time ago.

Clerk stabbed to death by beer thieves

How sad is this. I hope they catch these guys quickly.
Its not worth your life, just give them what they want.

It is true there is no guarantee they will
not kill you anyway.

I hope those guys choked on their beer.

When Is School Closed Due To Weather?

A short 2 page note from the district.
That being said. It's going to be colder
than heck on friday. People are being told
to keep animals in side the rest of this
week. But by all means let your kids walk
or bus kids to school and take the chance of
something going very wrong.

If something happens with one of those
buses they would not be able to get a back up bus
out there fast enough to pick up those kids
with out someone needing medical care.

Not to mention our bus pick up time is 7:25-7:30
and anymore the bus does not come until 7:40 or later
and there those kids wait. I am not certain if this
bus's route was added to or if it is weather related.

It will be curious to see what they do
later this week..

click on post on note from school.

Reward Almost 10,000

WMTV was once again reporting on the deer torture case
and said the reward was already at almost 10,000..

Incredible.. Lets keep it going up.....

The persons responsible for this will face not
just criminal but civil charges as well.

I read on a blog yesterday someone saying it must be
' stupid kids, as they are the only ones dumb enough to do that.'

BALONEY.. there are many adults who are stupid
enough to do something like that.

Lets not be blaming kids before we know.

Missing tot's trail goes cold after three months

Teacher slept with boy 300 times, cops say

What is it with these woman who can not find
men there own age?

If this had been a guy teacher doing this
there would be a cry for certain body parts
to be cut off..

These woman need to get a life,
and get out of teaching.

Bernanke: More bank bailouts needed

They banks who were so irresponsible in the
first place need to be told, too bad, so sad.

Credit Unions are the way to go at least
they are responsible.

About Time

I have posted on here before about Craigs list
and about the ninny's who post in the pet section
trying to tell everyone else what to do.

Evidently Craig's list plans on pulling that
section due to these people on 02/01/09 who
continuously hold discussions in that section
instead of taking it to the forums.

It's about time. They pull this section.
Because quite frankly these posters did
nothing but make a problem. There are
many places people can post their pets
they don't allow editorials by people
who don't like what they are posting
and for how much.

What I find funny is when you have
former breeders who post on their against
breeding, when they them selves used to
do it. . I know a person who does that.

She is def. a do as I say, not as I do person.

Point being these posters did nothing.
I wonder what they will do with their
days now, maybe get a life.

Thank You Craigs List.. for finally getting it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

If You Would Like To Donate

If You Would Like To Donate To The REWARD information
and arrest of those who tortured and killed the deer in
Waupeca County please contact the sheriff's dept for
more information. 715-258-4466

Bob Springer (WCSA)
P.O. Box 312
Marion Wi, 54950

If you would like to contact him his cell number is 715-853-7579 or office 715-754-5923

Keep All Inside

Not that anyone should have to be
told, but keep your animals inside
this week.

IF you see any animals being kept
outside call the police immediately.

You will be saving their lives.

Lets Tie Them Up and Run Them Over

WMTV is reporting this morning, that a group of deer
has been found dead and tortured on a snow mobile
trail. The DNR believesA group of snow mobiler's
rounded them up and did this. All but one deer were
dead, and the one deer had to be put down. One
deer was found tied to a tree. It was clear they had
been run over with the snow mobile's. The lady
who owns the land where this happened, has closed
the trail on her land until the people responsible have
been found and their is a reward.

I hope these people are found quickly , and
do a fair amount of jail time..


But yes I know we are suppose to be better behaved
than that.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Houston Police Want Investigation of Driver's Dad

Well being the police dept investigated itself and
decided they are all good.

It is kind of odd, he was arrested at his outside
his mother's house.

But by the time he got to the jail he
needed a ambulance?

My question would be , if he was fine when
they picked him up, what happened on
the way to jail.

It would seem like if it was just a medical
condition he had, Dr.'s would have been
very quick to point that out.

This entire thing is a strange story.

IF he lied then he should be

Friday, January 9, 2009

Pierce County Man Accused Of Stealing From Fiancée, Fleeing

Couple has garage sale, but it wasn't their stuff!

Hundreds demand answers, action in subway shooting

Wow, tensions are sky high. I don't blame
any of them. But rioting and damaging
property won't change what happened.

This ex-cop killed this guy. You can
see it in the video. He belongs in jail
just like anyone else who kills someone.

He killed a unarmed man, while the
man was on the ground.

They had him on the ground, with a knee
on him, even tasering him would have
been excessive.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Make No Mistake.

We have empathy for the Kerns family who will be featured on
Super Nanny tomorrow night. I would just never go on national

No one is ever truly prepared to be parents and some times
life throws you curve balls.

One of the bigger curve balls life can throw is when your kids
don't behave exactly like you dreamed they would.

There have been times I have thought out loud ,
" I did not sign up for this."

But it gets easier .. I have to say I never
had pre school kids flippin me
the bird or cursing like a sailor.

It's clear that was learned from someone in their lives.

Or maybe something on t.v. .

But as we make jokes. or form opinions remember until you have
walked in there shoes, or lived with them between those walls
no one has the right to judge.

Seriously though I would recommend a real, licensed counselor
one you can see long term over super duper nanny.


But I am sure it was a learning experience.

No I will not watch.

I still laugh at my sister who before she had kids swore
her kids would never 'do ' that. Now she walks around
going " I can't believe my kid did that."

She is someone who always thought she had
things figured out until she had kids.

Its not always easy or simple.

Best of luck to them.

Super Nanny? Would You Do It?

Super Nanny airs this Friday with the family from Evansville.
Would you go on this show and basically tell millions of people
I can't control my kids?

I would think differently about this if I thought it would 'fix'
the situation. But it won't.. If it did counselors and psych
would be out of business.

I have only recently watched this show, and wished I could
get that time back. I am not one for reality shows though.

As I tell people I have enough reality with out those shows.

My daughter watches that show and loves it. She even
said to me once ' at least we don't act like that.'

Every one's kids are out of control and brats from time to time
but why put it on national television.

I would be embarrassed.

I wonder what they got for doing this?

Its Cold Outside.. Would You Sleep Outside?

"A dog's death is under investigation as a possible case of neglect. The dog was found dead -- frozen to the ground -- on Monday afternoon "

It makes me sick. Why would you do that to your dog? Leave them tied
outside in the winter. Food , yes. But frozen water.

IT is winter in Wisconsin and too cold to be leaving dogs outside with
out adequate shelter. This dog died a horrible death.

I grew up on a dairy farm and our 'cow' dog Shep always slept in
the barn at night. We would lock him in there..

But in the winter.. we locked Shep in our back hallway in the
house.. IT was to cold for him to be outside even in the barn.
He hated being in the house though. He would lay there and
shake, probably thinking I am not suppose to be in here.

We kept him the back hall way as he was usually dirty, he
was a cow dog. But a very good dog.

But at least we knew he was safe and warm.

Why do people treat animals less than human? They are
truly human beings just with fur and four legs.

They are far more loyal than most people you will meet.

Yet many get treated like this poor dog.

I wish they would do more than just giving these
people a ticket.

Why Do They Snap...

How would you handle a high stress job? Would you want a
job like that?

I was reading on line another story about a officer accused of
excessive force/abuse.

Why can some officers can go a life time with never
crossing the line.

While others like the one in California on the job
only two years, kills a man. It sounds as though
it was very intentional. By witness accounts and video.
He had no reason to shoot a unarmed man who they
had on the ground already. He killed him.


I have stated on here several times that my brother in law is
wound a bit to tight.

We spent a few days with them at the Chula Vista in the Dells
over the New Year. After we got home I was talking with
my mom and she said ' I just talked with Dave, and he said he
had a great time.' I never would have known he had a great
time by the way he acted. I guess that was him having fun.

When we were there the fire alarms went off, as there are mini
kitchens in the rooms we got, and some one in the building had
burnt their supper.

So we all went out side and waited for the all clear,, not Dave
he went and checked out what was going on with security.

We were all like just stand outside with the rest of us, and leave
security alone. O.K..

He is a bit of a control freak.

But at the same time he sees a lot of bad things. Its not like
small town Evansville. He is a homicide cop and they seem to
have more than their share out there. I remember three weeks
before their first child was due, he had to attend a autopsy of
a baby.. A four month old little baby, it was a suspicious death.

He deals with people who have no respect for themselves much
less anyone else. No respect for human life.

He has had to deal with people who don't care if they live or die
and don't care if you do either.

People who would kill him, and think nothing of it.

We live in a pretty quite community, a pretty safe community.
It's hard to believe there are very violent people out there.

I am really not certain why he stays with this job.. He likes
working the cases the ins and outs. He is very good at what
he does.. But how much can some one take..

Do I ever see him snapping?? I could never see him doing that.
He is very disciplined. He has very high standards and expects
that of those he works with.

Anyone can snap though. We are all human. But we expect
better from people in law enforcement, to have some control
over themselves. That is a requirement of the job, and those
who can't do it need to get out before we have any more sad
situations like the one in California.

Bar Gets Liquor License Suspended Due To Fatal Crash---In Wis.

Hopefully this is the start of a new trend. Many bars of
guilty of letting patrons drink way to much. It is to bad
they did not revoke it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Officer in transit shooting resigns, agency says

He had been receiving death threats. Which
I am sure will not stop just because he resigned.

I would hope these threats are just talk.
It will be best to just let the police and lawyers
investigate .

Porn industry seeks federal bailout

They are kidding right? I just laughed when I read this.
That is just crazy.

I am sorry those who enjoy this type of thing will just
have to watch re-runs.

NO hand out.

Pilots N Paws

This is a wonderful group of people . It is made up of
of pilots who volunteer their time and resources to
fly animals from states where they are on death row
to states where they are put into no kill shelters or
foster homes.

My uncle has a plane and it is not cheap.
It is a wonderful thing they are doing please go
to their website and check them out.

Man Admits To Impregnating 10-Year-Old Girl

What a sick, sick man. They should never let him out.
She was a little , little girl.

Former trooper pleads guilty to using excessive force

  • Story Highlights
  • Ex-trooper John Sawyer pleads guilty to repeatedly kicking arrested man
  • Authorities say Sergio Caridi led troopers on lengthy chase in a dump truck
  • Caridi dragged out of cab and kicked; 2006 incident captured on videotape
  • Other excessive-force incidents in South Carolina led to formation of task force

Group Protests UW Plan to Perform Abortions

When are these groups going to get it. They don't
have the right to tell anyone what they can or
can't do with their bodies.

Every woman has the right to decide things
regarding her health and body for themselves.

It must be a horrible decision for the women
who have had to make this choice.

If Roe vs Wade were to ever be over turned what
would be next, turning back time and not
allowing woman to vote.

Fed predicts economy will get worse

It is a very scary time. It makes you appreciate having
a job, when so many don't. With the crappy weather we
have had this winter it makes one know well if I call in
because of the weather, there are many who would want
my job.

Where my husband works I can always gage how they are
doing by their temps, if they have temps things are good.

When they start letting the temps go,,you know things
are slow.

Right now temps are there in full force. But it could change
at any time, as they have lost a couple contracts due to the

No one's job is safe, no one's.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Daughter raises reward in hopes of finding killer

Video of California police shooting spurs investigation

A unarmed man, they already have him on the ground.

When are police going to get it? That there are people with
video and cell phone cameras all over...

That there word or accounting of events, is no longer gospel.

It's because of police officers like this, that puts into question what
other decent, law abiding officers do.

Net Flix Is Still The Way To Go..

Netflix, Blockbuster.. both are offering great deals right now.

1. No late fees
2. No 2.00 fee for 'scratches' even though some 'movie' stores
rent damaged movies and games all the time.
3. Keep it for as long as you like.
4. No worry s about not getting the new releases.

5. NOT being charged for movies that have not been new
in almost a year , yet some movie stores still have them
on there ' still new' wall and are charging people as though
they are new.

6. Reserve the new releases before they come out, so you know
you will have it.

7. NOT going to the store to find they are closed, even though
there sign of hours operation says they should be opened.

Is Ain't A Word

I know that is the last several years that so called word
ain't has made it into some dictionary's.

I for one do not acknowledge it as a word. When we were
in high school it was never allowed in discussions in the

Even the dictionary's classify it as - non standard.

It sounds sloppy, it sounds like you don't know how to talk.

When my kids have used it I even tell them , ain't , ain't a
word. Find another.

What do you think is ain't a word?

Do You Like Spell Check?

The question is do you trust spell check? I received a email
from some one the other day asking if I use spell check?

Well of course I use spell check, it just does not always
catch what it should.. But who cares, this blog is for fun.

It's not like some news papers who you would swear don't
use it either. There's is a business mine is for fun.

But this person who sent me a email, was thinking
about going out to purchase a word program as she sends
work emails from home and when is a hurry rely s to much
on the computer version of spell check and lately some one
pointed a couple things out to her, spell check should have

I have received emails and letters with misspelled words or
improper grammar and I don't flip out about it. Life is short.
IF that is the only thing you have to do, get a life.

I was more concerned when talking with someone the other
day who had been trying to get some information
from the city and was getting the run around. I think
the word this office used to describe this city office was
incompetent.. INCOMPETENT..

I did whip out my handy dandy dictionary for that
one, would not want to get it wrong.

But this person was not one to put up with their
incompetence and went above their heads.

I have even had notes come home from school that
had misspellings.

Quite simply people get in a hurry , and so what.

So the next time you find a misspelling some where maybe
YOU should right that word until your pencil or pen breaks,
or you realize it is not such a big deal.

There are far more important things in life.

What Is The Fascination

What is the fascination do you think with how Jett Travolta died?

He died , he is gone. His family is heart broken.

Why were people so quick to start questioning
where his parents were?

Why did we see all these docs on morning t.v.
shows trying to 'guess' as to what happened.

Leave this family alone. Leave any family who
suffers a loss alone, second guessing what they
should have/could have done serves no purpose.

He was sixteen years old.

No family regardless of whom they are should ever have to
go through something like this.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Do You Remember These Commercials.

Do you remember these 'leon' commercials..
We loved these, I don't know why they still do
not go with these. Leon was great!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009

Jett Travolta, son of actors, dies at 16

Muslim family grounded after 'safest' seat remarks

I don't think we can be to safe, cautious. Not after 9/11.
Not ever again. Its to bad that it does tend to be people
of other cultures that we look at twice. Because it just
as easily could be a person who is white and clean Shaved , with
a college degree. I am afraid someday there could be
another major attack because we have failed to look
at everyone.

I feel bad for this family's inconvenience, but safety has to
come first.

Obamas checking in to hotel steeped in D.C. history

Guardian Angels Lending Financial Hand To Marquette County Needy

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Troubled Economy Takes Toll On Local Bars

poor things.....

Ticker: Bristol, Levi 'not dropouts,' says Palin

But Levi himself said he had left school. He was still in
high school at the time. Palin says she hopes Levi gets
his G.E.D.,, which says he does not have a h.s. diploma.

So her statement is not true...

Five Dead In New Year's Day Crash

All Ways To Travel

We have been using the same travel agency for years and
thought its time to show them some appreciation.

They have very skilled, very well educated agents who
have always gotten us great deals and great information
about where ever we have gone, so we don't miss a
thing while on vacation.

We have been pricing cruises and so far they have done better
than anything we have found on line. They are very
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