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Saturday, January 17, 2009

What Role Do You Think Michelle Obama Will Have??

I think she is just a incredible role model. She will not be like past
First Ladies, she I believe will bring more change to this role than
any one ever thought.

I love Hillary Clinton, she had very good intentions when Bill got
into office, but she came up against a lot of resistance.

I don't think you will see Michelle Obama tolerating a whole lot
of crap from anyone, but of course in a polite manner.

She has said she intends to work with the veterans and their
family's thank goodness. I do believe she will have a big say
in the changes that are made concerning the care of our vets..

I am almost as impressed with her as I am with Obama himself.
She is a very strong, intelligent woman who knows how to
get things done.

We are very excited about what both Mr.&Mrs Obama will bring
to the White House and the Nation..

Great Positive Changes.

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