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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Have A Great New Year!!!!!!!!!

I wish you all a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!
I wish for you peace and happiness for 2009.

Have Fun & Be Safe.

Authorities: Plow Driver Beaten After Asking Man To Move Truck

Next time he won't ask. He will just run the
vehicles in the way over.

Hudson's brother-in-law indicted on 3 counts of murder

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Girl, 11, dies walking 10 miles in snow

This 'dad' is just stupid.

Missing mom's body found by railroad tracks

County wants fewer inmates held on municipal charges

It makes no sense to lock someone up on a
municipal ticket when it costs more to keep them
than the ticket it self.. That is not common sense
being used.

Take their tax return, suspend their license , let
them do community service, take away their right
to get a hunting license. But don't make tax
payers pay for lockin them up when it over crowds
the county jail and costs what it does to keep them.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Are We Viking Fans????

I am glad I watched the Packer game from home today.
I was embarrassed by not the play of the Packers but
the behavior of some of the fans. Who the hell booos
there own team?? No class.

The chanting of 0-16 was truly classless. We are damn
lucky we were not the ones 0-16..

Very poor sportsmanship by some Packer fans..

You would have thought we were at the metro dome in
Minnesota by the way some of the fans acted.

That's the kind of behavior you see there.


Go Giants kick some viking butt....

Did not get to watch this game.. The Giants must
have sat some players huh??????

Go Packers PLEASE...

I am asking nice. I feel bad for Detroit but
not bad enough to be the joke of the NFL..

The one team the Lions could beat this year.

Go Pack...

It Is Fun..

Over this last year it has been fun to see just
where visitors to this site are coming from.

The daily and weekly numbers have really
grown over the last year.

We have quite a base from right in this area,
but I always amazed when we get visitors
from all over the world, not just the U.S.A.
and not just from the Evansville area.

We are at almost 16,000.00 for the year.
Wow , I never thought much of numbers when
I first started this,, did not even have a stat
counter when I first started.

But it interesting to see what posts people are
going to the most and the least.

The most popular post was about the kitten who
was kicked like a football.. I thought the stat
counter was broke that day,, as we ended up
the day at 990 visits for that one day, and
that is where people for the most part were
going to that post.

It has been fun and I sure it will continue to be.

Standard3417 1,355 17,152

The total visits so far is actually 17.152 but some of those are return
visits on the same day by the same ISP... So I did not count the return
visits.. The 1,355 is total this month..

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Don't Ever Talk At The Movies Again...

I don't know if anger mgmt would have helped this guy
or not. .. Wow..

Congrats To The Badgers.

Not a good game, but a good year.
We have become spoiled just expecting to have
great year after great year.

Congrats to the Badgers on a good year.

Packer's Have Opportunity To Play Spoiler..

The Packer's have the chance to play spoiler against the
Lions and ruin the Lions chance to make history.

I don't think a team has ever had a record of 0-16..

0-12, yes 0-14 may be?? but 0-16??

Leave it to the Packers they just may try to play spoiler.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Excellent Choice..Congratulations To Mary Beaver.

Congrats to Mary Beaver as she seems to be on
her way to being the newest Rock County Board


Obama Is Hot... Get Used To It...

Yes he is ..

After looking at bush for the last 8 years what
a welcome change...
Click on post...

Good News For Dog Set To Die.

I was very glad to read this. This dog is a a victim
of the owners ignorance. I feel bad for the little dog
that died.. But this lies at the feet of the owner more
than anything or anyone else.
The owner should be jailed.
He was under a court order at the time this happened.

We wish the dog well.

Shop Liftin Dog.. He Is Cute

Click On Post.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays...

Is it not sad that we go out side tonight and
think its really warm out?? After the last few
days it does feel like a heat wave.

What ever you do , where ever you go
for the holidays have fun and be safe as
this weather is not really giving us a break.

Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Thank You...

From the post the other day on local heros I was going to
include the Observer.. and thought no there is a better
place to say thank you to him.

He deserves a big thank you from everyone for the
job he does in covering city events and meetings.

He does it in such a way to inform people by
video and audio..

He does this with his own time and equipment
and we all owe him a big thank you.

He has brought attention to the many issues
this city has and is facing and gives the facts
and lets you decide. You can hear our council
or school officials for your self.. That is the
best way to decide is by audio and video.

Some one recently brought up the idea of
starting a second paper in town again, or a
online paper..

This is exactly what he does. No need to
look any further.

So Thank You to the Observer for all the
time and work you put in..

Thank you and Merry Christmas..

What Is The Big Deal

There is not one. Oh my gosh, the man had his shirt off.
At least he had his pants on. So what. He is on vacation
and is allowed to relax. The man won the election people
in a land slide no less.. You can keep finding things to pick
at but he is not going away...

Now if bush had his shirt off that would just be gross.

Madoff investor found dead in apparent suicide, police say

It would be nice to be able to hold this maddog
guy responsible for all the harm he did not just
financially but other wise.

Yes the slip with the name was intentional.

Reporters From Around The Country In Janesville Covering G.M. Closing

Very sad day..

Click on post.

A Very Sad Day In Janesville

I did not think this day would effect me the way it has.
It is a very sad , sad day.

G.M. has been a part of this state for many years.

Its to bad it had to end like this.

Many memories and story's from my dad working there.
Many good people who work there. Our thoughts are with

It is a big loss..

Monday, December 22, 2008

Thank You Bears?????

Well when it came down to it I could not cheer for the Bears
it just felt wrong for as much as I wanted them to win.

I cheered for the Packers and once again had my nerves shot.
Our season was over. We had nothing to gain by winning that
counted for anything. By the Bears winning it makes life harder
vikings and I love that.

I am very glad the Bears won, I can not stand Minnesota.

This makes Minnesota's road more difficult and I am very
excited we could help to do that.

The football guys who sit around and chat during the game
said the Packers should want to win for two reasons.

A division rival to sweep them.. Why? I would not call them a
rival, not like the Vikings. To keep the Bears out of the
playoffs.. I would rather see the Bears in the play offs than
the Vikings on any given day. I would cheer for the Bears in
a play off situation.

The Bears are like the Vikings though if they see play offs
they are not going any where either. I think we all
know the Packers of this year would not have gone any
where either, it is a weak, weak, division.

Lets all pray that we don't get beat by Detroit ,, now that
would be a nightmare.

But with how the Packers have played , especially in the
fourth quarter it could happen. As sad as that is to say.

Take that you nasty vikings.

Go Pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent Decision!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the right choice.. NO once else needs to hear

This is so cool.. I wish I had known about this site
in time for my Christmas list.

What Is Going ON?

Come on Brett tell us what is going on? You should have kicked
Seattle's butt...

You could barely get down the field.

But you still get the last laugh.. better record, better year..

Go Jetts...

Take That...

We cheered very hard yesterday for the Atlanta Falcons.
We were very excited to see them beat the lowly Vikings.

They looked like they are... it was very telling.

IT was a win and in situation.. and they blew it choked
as they always do..

On the vikings website there is a actual poll who will win
tonight's game,, The Bears or The Packers??

The Packers are winning in this poll..

HUH??? Come On... They really don't want the
Packers to win.. they are praying they will...

Because they screwed things up yesterday..

Even if the vikings were go to the playoffs it will
be one and done , I have no doubt.

Remember that year they were in the play offs
and got shut out ??? In 2001 against the Giants.

The vikings are lucky to be where they are.

Take that you nasty vikings..

Who Is Your Hero??

C.N.N. is one of my favorite sites. The last few weeks
they had been taking votes for 'hero of the year'.

It ended up being the founder of the St.Bernard Project.
Imagine I thought it would be about dogs, but it was not.

It was about helping those who were effected by hurricane
Katrina. It is nice that CNN recognizes different people for
their efforts.

I get some what irritated when media make a big deal of
what amount of money or time celebrity's give. It is all
appreciated what they do, but they should give back. They
would not be where they are without the 'little' people.

They also have the money and time to give back.

But I think its important that we recognize people in our
own area. People who are ' regular Joe's' Or 'Jan's' .

People who work full time or more, and make a
modest income but give of their time and or money.

I cringed yesterday when I heard fire trucks coming down the
street.. What a awful nasty day to have to go out and assist
at a accident or battle a fire.. But yet they go, no matter what.

They are hero's..

Our local E.M.T.S are hero's.

Our Police Officers are hero's. One benefit to living in a
smaller town is they from what I have noticed try to
get to know the kids, not just when someone is in' trouble'
but stopping to talk with them, just because. You do not
see a lot of that is bigger community's. Kids need to know
that first and foremost the Officer's are here to help. That
they are a safe person to go to , if there is a problem or danger.
They are hero's.

Our teachers.. are hero's. They go above and beyond
on a regular basis..

Judge Alisankus,, I have watched him in action. He truly
does try to get through to the youth in this town. He has
made a difference.. He is a hero.

Julie Hermanson-- Her effort with the Aware agency have
brought great services to this community. She truly does
work for the people. She is a hero.

Our School Bus Drivers.. Oh my gosh I don't know how they
do it when its your job to drive those big buses keep them
between the ditches, and everyone safe.. PLUS be a
babysitter as well for issues that come up on the bus.
Its like they are driving around a mini zoo on wheels at
TIMES.. Those kids are wound and silly. A big thank
you to them for doing their jobs so well and keeping everyone

They are heros.

These are our hero's . Who are yours?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Three Brothers Among Four Teens Killed During Police Chase

Brett and Sea Hawks Play Today...

Go Brett!!!!!!!!!!

They Are Going To Hurt Us..

We have to play the bears tomorrow night in Chicago.
Based on how we have played the last few games
they are going to hurt us..

They will want pay back for the spanking we gave
them in GreenBay...

What's Gray And White And Huge??

We got woken up at 3 A.M. this morning by my daughter
screaming at the top of her lungs. It was terrifying. I
jumped out of bed and ran into the kitchen to see her
standing there with a broom holding off our dogs, as
there was a gray and white cat in our kitchen that was
not ours.

Our dogs were bound and determined they were going
to get this cat and they probably would have killed it
as they had it cornered before my daughter intervened.

Since we bought this house cats every once in a while
find their way into our basement, and then come up
under the sink into the house.

That's how we got one of our cats, he was a stray.
Wonderful cat.

This last summer we went into the basement and
crawl space once again trying to figure out where
they get in.. I have always been afraid we will end
up with a raccoon in our basement.

We found a area that looked like it was meant to vent
the dryer out, as it was small area that it was clear
someone had done. But the dryer vents out further
down in the crawl space so some one must have changed
their mind when doing this. We thought we had it
covered well enough to keep the critters out..

Guess not.. But this poor kitty it is below zero he was
just trying to find some place warm..

He is welcome to stay down stairs and I put food down there
for him and a litter box. He is huge he is as big as our two cats.

I imagine he is a victim of someone just tired of having
to care for him. If he sticks around we will find him
a home. He seems like a very nice kitty. Poor baby.

In case you wondering why my daughter was up at
that time of night,,, she had got up to get a drink and
could hear growling in the kitchen just to get out there
and find the one dog having a stare down with this cat
and it brought the others running.

She was holding that broom like a weapon, she was not
going to let our dogs hurt this stray kitty, who just
wanted to be warm.

I must say usually the only thing that wakes us
up at 3 a.m. is Citgo's burglar alarms going off.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

How Is This Different?

Does everyone remember how those cops got
away with killing a UNARMED man on his
wedding day???

Those cops should be in prison as well
but they are not.

Killing someone is never o.k... But why is not
o.k. for the jury to find this man, NOT GUILTY.

IF people want to be angry, be angry at the
prosecutor and state for not proving their

My brother in law loves me..

He Did Not Compromise His Soul..

Can you imagine if he did.. he is a nightmare
as a prez..

A Road No One Would CHOOSE To Go Down..

The family of Jennifer Vordemann has filed noticed that
they intend to sue the city of Edgerton and Rock County Crisis.

Jennifer Vordemann was killed by her husband Shawn in

In the days before she was killed Shawn had police
contact several times and was taken to R.C.C. a couple of times.

This is some of what the claim says

"Jenni Vordermann's family filed a notice of claim Tuesday that blames her death on the Edgerton Police Department and Rock County Crisis Intervention.

Police should have arrested Jenni's husband, Shaun, before he shot Jenni and then shot himself, according to the claim.

Crisis workers or police should have warned Jenni when Shaun was released from custody, according to the claim.

Madison attorney Brian Brophy filed the notice of claim on behalf of Jenni's family. He spoke to The Janesville Gazette before filing the claim.

"It looks like the officers were negligent," Brophy said. "They were negligent as a result of their lack of domestic violence training."

Jenni, 24, and, Shaun, 25, were found dead in their bedroom at 39 Mildred Ave., Edgerton, the morning of Aug. 18.

According to Rock County Coroner Jenifer Keach, Shaun shot his wife and himself late the previous night or early that morning.

Shaun and Jenni had contact with Edgerton police and with crisis intervention in the weeks and days before their deaths, according to the claim."

The entire thing is just tragic.. But once again the gazette allows unmoderated comments so you have alot of ignorant comments from people who if they ruled the world we would all be in trouble. People who have no clue what it means to live with someone who is mentally ill.. Jennifer just died in August this is all very fresh to her family and they are grieving and they are angry.. they have the right to be angry.. There were so serious screw ups all around in this case.

I agree with them completely sueing the county, because of the lack of action by R.C.C. . R.C.C. is just a flippin joke. They watch the bottom line , MONEY, more than the well being of human beings .

I know how dysfunctional R.C.C. is.. IF someone is hauled into R.C.C. its not because they flipped some one off, its because of very dangerous actions or comments by this person.

You can be arrested for just threatening to kill someone,, yet people get hauled into R.C.C. tell the case worker what they want to hear and the case worker tells them to be a good boy or girl and sends them on their way.

I have heard complaint after complaint about the R.C.C. they do not do their job.
They should be sued, maybe not for money though but CHANGE>>>

The Edgerton police dept??? They should have taken the gun. What a difference
it could have made. Even maybe just for a day or two so Jennifer could clear out.

She was also not advised he was released?? How come, she should have been
that could have made a huge difference as well.

This is though a lot about what ifs.....

Its very sad.

Mentally ill people do not choose to have a mental disorder anymore than someone with cancer. However that does not make it o.k. for them to harm anyone.

Point is they don't choose this. Who would?? Nobody CHOOSES to be mentally ill or have a family member that is mentally ill..

I can not even begin to explain what it does to the family..
You can take someone to a psych,, put them on all sorts of drug it does not mean it will work, it does not fix them.. Psych drugs are very tricky, do not always work, can take weeks to work and they don't' ' fix' anyone.. It takes the edge off..

Mental health is so much different than physical health... Most people do not have a clue about mental illness as it has been so taboo for so many years.. Now we have commercials about drugs for mental illness.. Things are changing. People's attitudes how ever are much harder to change and its mostly due to ignorance and their own fear.

Changes need to be made.

Nothing will bring Jennifer back, money or changes..
But if this suit helps to bring changes , that would be worth more than any amount of money.

Rock County Crisis is a joke and tax payers are paying for it. But also laws regarding the mentally ill have to be changed.. They are very well protected.. But the problem with that is mentally ill people don't always know what is best.. They are not capable of making decisions for them selves and their care.. So the laws need to change as well.. The mentally ill need to have rights, I am not saying take away their right.. I am saying re-write the laws so there are not so many walls in getting the mentally ill help.. It will protect everyone .

AS for those people who want to blame the victim . How ignorant. She was abused person both physically and mentally. When you are the victim of abuse, you yourself do not think clearly. You your self are all over the place with your own thoughts, and need help in making decisions. Maybe that is something Edgerton police did not understand.. More training will not hurt a thing. You don't blame the victim.

Do We Really Need To Hear OR Know?

Why would anyone OTHER than law enforcement need
to hear the 911 call where someone died or was killed.

Why do newspapers and other news media think that is
their right? It should not be. There are some things
that the public, people who never have met the victim
or the family members should never hear or read.

It is none of our business.. By hearing this is it going to
change the fact of what happened?? NO>

Brittany Zimmermans family has been through

Dane's family has been through enough.. The Janesville
Gazette took the low road when they published those
911 tapes, I NEVER listened to it.. IT was junk journalism
on their part, if one could call it journalism. IT was all
about numbers.. to them. They traded their souls just to
get people to their site and buy their paper.

When you release tapes of 911 calls you then open it up
to people leaving ignorant comments, people who have
no idea what these family's have been through what they
did or did not try. But yet they leave ignorant comments
because they think they know it all.. They don't.

I don't ,, and since I don't know it all I stay away from
leaving insensitive ignorant comments about different
things I have read.. Regardless of how people die,
drunk , mentally unbalanced, car accident, innocent
victim of homicide, first and foremost this person was
a human being and it is not up to us to judge. They
will be judged by someone much greater than any of
down here, and God is much more forgiving than any
one person .

Some of these people who leave ignorant comments
do so under the cover of anon. or a handle. I think
if they had to leave their REAL name they would be
much less likely to leave some of the comments they
do as they know they are not so perfect either.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Give Them A Break..

After reading some comments on the gazette and one of
t.v. station blogs out of Madison, I was just amazed that
people have nothing to do but bitch about the snow plow
drivers.. Mostly about their street not being plowed,
mail boxes being taken out, being plowed back in..etc...

Most people know and understand back streets and
roads get done after the major highways, sometimes
it is late in the day before they get done after a storm
like we just had.

We are friends with a Rock County driver and I am
always giving him crap about him plowing us in
after we have dug out.. He knows I am just giving
him a hard time.. If it was not for them we would
not get any where.

This a.m. as we were digging out, before my
neighbor so kindly said they would get it with
their snow blower- - the snow plow driver we
know came around the corner and slowed down
as he knew he was going to be throwing stuff
back in where we had just dug out.. We just
laughed.. Because honestly where is he going
to with this snow.. I am just grateful they
keep the roads clear.

So to all of those who like to complain
about the job the snow plow drivers do
or don't do,, think twice the next time
where we would be without them.

They do a great job..

I am also thankful to my neighbor for
snow blowing us out,, as it gave us more
time to play in the snow!!!!!!!!!!!

So thank you to all the snow plow drivers
you put in some long days and do a
great job!!!!!!!!!!

Remember Levi Johnston?

Bristol Palin's baby's daddy??? His Mom has been
busted in a drug raid in Alaska..

Remains Confirmed To Be Caylee

This was expected and no less sad. They said today on the
news that the utility worker who found the bag had called in
tips several times about that area??

I would be curious to know what his concern was
if that area was searched at the time.. I am sure
its all questions that are being answered.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Charge dismissed in fatal fire

For My Dad.....

I see the countless Christmas trees
Around the world below,
With tiny lights like heaven's stars
Reflecting in the snow.

The sight is so spectacular

please wipe away that tear
for I am spending CHRISTMAS


I hear the many Christmas songs

that people hold so dear
but the sound of music can't compare

with the CHRISTMAS CHOIR up here.

I have no words to tell you

of the JOY their voices bring
for it is beyond description


know how much you miss me,
I see the pain inside your heart

for I am spending CHRISTMAS


I can't tell you of the SPLENDOR

or the PEACE here in this place
Can you just imagine CHRISTMAS

WITH OUR SAVIOR face to face

I'll ask him to lift your spirit

as I tell him of your love

as you lift your eyes above.

Please let your hearts be joyful

and let your spirit sing
for I am spending CHRISTMAS IN HEAVEN

and I’m walking WITH THE KING.

School Gives Students Early Christmas Present.

No school in Evansville tomorrow. friday the 19th....

And This Does What?

Well after receiving my Christmas present from the county
I was comparing to last year.

When we first moved here and got our first tax bill
I was certain that is where the gray hair came from.

From the numbers on my tax bill.

But then after talking with the nice lady who goes around
(or did I am not certain if the city is still using the same
person/business to do this.)

assesses property she pointed out that they had been
unable to get into our house for the last 10 years so
we were taxed at the higher rate. I immediately told
her to come on down and come on in you are welcome
at any time.

So the next time they came around she came on in and
it was painless.

I know of someone who has never let them in their
house, yet complains about there tax bill every year.


I have also suggested if they are so offended by their
tax bill go fight it out at the open book sessions they
have.. They never have.

I don't care for my tax bill either. Who does??
IT seems to go up every year, or maybe that is
just my blood pressure. Not to mention the
gray hairs..

But if people are not going to do all they can do to
lower their property tax bill.. open book, let them in
don't complain about it.

IF you are going to make improvements to your house
you should be taxed more, as you can, or should be able
to sell if for more.. That is fair..

Unless you are the unfortunate folks in Evansville's flood
zone on the west side.. Your taxes should be slashed
dramatically. If they are going to charge you like everyone
else I know who you should send your tax bills to and
let them pay them.... guess who...

Some people just don't know when to quit.

We can however help to lower our tax bill be whom
we put in office.

Keep in mind what we will be paying for in up coming

That STUPID BRICK ROAD, I wonder whose idea that was??
(like I don't know.)

The Lake,, fair enough it went to referendum.
The fire station.
The expansion to the library.
The water treatment plant. -- Sorry folks got to have it.

It is only the beginning of our taxes going up.. So this next
election lets make some real changes, and elect people
who can balance a checkbook.

Did Ever One Receive Their Christmas Gift From The County??

Ba Hum Bug To Them ..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Little Girl Asks Santa To Stop Her Abuse..

There Is No Place For These In Schools

  • Story Highlights
  • Mentally disabled, autistic kids injured, traumatized in school seclusion rooms
  • 13-year-old Georgia boy hanged himself in room with cord teacher gave him
  • Autistic Iowa girl confined in school storage closet where she pulled out her hair

Evansville used to have one of these at the T.R.I.S.
It used to have a lock on the outside of the door and
they would lock kids in there.

My friend has pictures of this room, and the lock.
She also has pictures of the inside of the room.

Highlighting the fact, there is no exit in case of
a emergency.

Its funny once my friend asked to go in and
take pictures ,, the lock was removed.

She caught them by surprise with her request
or they would have thought of some reason
why she could not.

But the pictures say it all.

Very Sad story.. I hope that school is made to pay, and pay, and pay..

Drew Peterson's Next Victim...

I am going to be sick.. What is wrong with this
YOUNG lady???

Commentary: Law lets a little boy down

This is just wrong.

Brett Is Going Back To The Pro Bowl... As A Jett..


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

Chains of Love?


Don't Forget To Say Thank You..

I do think its so easy to take people and things for
granted, we all do it.

As the Holiday Season is upon us let us not forget to
say thank you to our local E.M.T.'S and Fire Dept.
members and our police dept.

So thank you for all that you do. Rain, Snow, Hot Or Cold.

Also thank you to our postman, who always greets us with
a smile, even on a day like today when I think he has got
to be just frozen to the bone.

I think we can all do without mail, when it gets to be this
cold... IT'S just crazy to be outside.

Fire hits Palin's church in Alaska

Are they sure she is not a suspect. The things this
woman does for attention, it would not surprise me.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Milwaukee officers dragged by motorist

It would be nice if they could lock this guy up and never
let him out.

He did not care who he hurt or killed.

Thank goodness they will be o.k..

That Packer Game..

Maybe I have a drink or two before the games.

Do You Think bush Went To Iraq Because No One Was Paying Attention To Him In The U.S.A.????

Shoes Thrown At bush.

It was funny. He is lucky it was only shoes.

Brett Plays At Noon...So Does The Pack...

Baby St Bernards,, so Cute...

We walked up to the movie store last night, left with
no movies or games, but I got to hold and pet the
cutest puppies.. Baby St.Bernard puppies..Mom was
there as well and she is beautiful. VERY sweet dog.

Now these are BIG, BIG dogs full grown so they will
not be for everyone. But they do make nice family dogs
in terms of temperament.

The puppies do not fit into jacket pockets as I tried.

But seriously, they will be to big for us when they are
full grown , but if you are looking just give them a
call at 608-882-9992..

Get ready to bring your piggy bank as they are
500-800 dollars each..

It will be interesting to see if they end up getting that
much in this economy..

They were so cute...

So Well Said... And The Observer Has It.

I always enjoy Matt Gaboda's posts. He has such a great way
of explaining things, and making his point.
He is so right on about the issues with flooding, home
assessments, and the city having created this mess.
I wish Matt would run for city council. I think if we
could get both him and Mark S. to run for city council
we would see much wiser choices being made by our council.

Check it out. Click on post.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jury spares Nichols a death sentence

I was surprised to find out that it is not a automatic
death sentence when you kill law enforcement or Officer's
of the court.

Life in prison with no parole is better, death for
him would have been the easy way out.

Officer killed, police chief injured in Oregon bank explosion

Very sad, our thoughts and prays are with all

Innocent Until Proven Guilty.. or Just Guilty???

Some one asked me after my posts about Caylee Anthony and
the Gov. of Illinois. Asking is it not Innocent until proven guilty?

Well I am sorry they have the Gov. on tape, kind of hard to deny
charges when you are recorded saying something, or plotting

As for Caylee's mom. She has lied from day one . To the police
to her parents, to anyone who would listen.

She also did not report her missing for a month, and then she
was not the one who reported her missing. That is not normal.

She has changed her story so many times I doubt she even knows
who she told what.

When my daughter was three we were at a department store
looking at items on a rack, and I turned around and she was gone.

My heart was in my throat, and I panicked walking back and forth right
in that area calling for her.

She had just been right at my side..

I found her underneath one of those circle clothing racks,hiding.
She thought she was playing and I thought I was having a heart

For a long time after that I would not let her out of the stroller.

So how could you not report your child immediately missing. Her
behavior is not that of a concerned , grieving mother.

The lies are just incredible.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Lawyer: Corpse's hair color matches Caylee's

The Sheriff has asked that people behave like 'human beings'
and not to cause trouble at the Anthony home.

It is sad that people would think they have the right to
harass these grandparents and other family members.

They have said they have found some things with the
remains that are linked to the Anthony home.

It is sad that the grandparents have been in such denial.

At some point they should have put two and two together
and realized more than likely their daughter had done this.

They did at first. Then they kind of backed off the idea that
she very well may have done this.

It is very sad the grandparents have lost a grand child and

Bail Out Fails.... For Now..

As it should?? Maybe.. I mean come on my dad's pension is
safe, that is what is really important right?

No seriously.. I wish they would have put as much thought
into bailing out Wall Street.

I don't think anyone should just be given money. Standing
there with their hands out.

I do think things are definitely going to get worse and it
will be along time before we see things getting better.

Report: Terrell Owens is unhappy with yet another quarterback

I wonder if Terrell Owens has ever questioned if he is
not part of the problem with all his drama.

Was it not just last season when Dallas was eliminated
from the playoffs that Terrell was cryin

" That's my quarterback man.."

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Child's Body Found Near Anthony Home

If it is or if it is not the remains of young Caylee , how
very sad.

'White House Boys' win inquiry of reform school graves

How absolutely awful. I hope they can get some
answers. Its awful to think this happened to these

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Teen sues former principal over 'Facebook' suspension

This will be one to track and see how it turns out.
I hope this principal has a nice sized piggy bank she
will need it.

Evansville Schools might want to pay attention.

Man In Diabetic Shock Gets Tasered. Nice.

I know a taser is a police officer's favorite toy ,
but some should never be allowed to have one.

Owner Cited After Fat Dog Freezes to Sidewalk

All animals need shelter in the winter. You can not
just leave them outside. It bugs me when I see
people who live in town with huge dogs, and then
leave them outside 24/7. IT is way to cold.

I wonder how they would like to stay outside
24/7, in subzero weather. Probably would not
care for it huh?

Our dogs only go out to potty and back in.
Even then they look at us, as if it say.

" Are you crazy you want us to go out there?
It's cold."

Deputy Charged: Family Settles Suit in Fatal Crash

Delusional Is Putting It Mildly.

Some of had said the idea of selling a senate seat is
delusional. It is .. Who would think they could ever
get a way with such a thing.

To threaten to with hold funds from a hospital.
To try to tell the Tribune whom to fire.

I think this guy truly is delusional, brazen.

They say they have been investigating him for
three years. He has only been in office for six,
and almost from the start he was suspect.

Illinois needs to impeach him and get him out of

Could You Be That Forgiving?

The husband and father of those killed when a military
jet crashed into his house. Says to pray for the pilot.

To pray for the pilot, who bailed out and saved himself.

He is asking for prays for the pilot.

This man and what is left of his family will get our prays.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Sissy???

I would like to see Jerry Jones play.
Much less play hurt.

Jerry Jones is the sissy and I
don't even like Dallas.

Good Job On The Early Call

It was good to see Evansville make the call very EARLY.
Normally they wait until 7:55 a.m. to call it.

Just kidding. When I woke up at 4 a.m. Evansville
and Edgerton had already called it.

Freezing rain made it a easy call.

Not good that those buses had to drive in it
yesterday afternoon.



Life is all about

you're either covering it,
laughing it off,
kicking it,
kissing it,
busting it,
trying to get a piece of it,
or behaving like one....

That's right, you've been ' elfed ' . Pass this on to as many people as possible, but you can't send it back to the person who sent it to you. He who elfs last, elfs loudest!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Kid pursues Obama interview

Very Cool...Wisconsin's own Dwayne Wade is helping.

This Is Really Sad.

It's really to bad when schools need to make cuts
to save money, they start with the teachers.

Lets start at the top with administration. IT tends
to be heavy any way.

A “instructional managers”. So these kids basically
won't get squat.

Click on the post for full story.

The Year That Broke Evansville's Heart...

Wow it is hard to believe another year is coming to a
end. It has been a rough year. It has actually been a
rough couple of years.

Tomorrow it will be a year since Jared Fredrickson
passed away. It broke our hearts.

Evansville has lost numerous people over the last
couple of years. But none broke our hearts quite
like the loss of Jared Fredrickson. A very sweet loving
boy who battled and lost his fight to cancer.

I think of Jared and his family very often.
They have been in my thoughts and prays.

We lost Dale Bryant July 5th.. He was someone
who would always stop and talk. He had a lot of
good ideas for our schools and community. We see
Hannah and Trevor often as our kids play together.
They are doing as well as anyone could expect.
He is missed.

We lost Art Phillips on Sept 30th. I don't think for
one moment that Art had any idea what a huge
impact he had on the people around him and this
community. He is very deeply missed and will never
be forgotten.. The work he did and the memories
will stay with this
community forever.

Our prays and thoughts go out to everyone
whom has lost someone , may you always hold
them close in your heart and memories.

I Thought He Was Going To Be Tough..

I thought when Brad Childress came in to the ant like vikings
he was going to straighten out those outlaws.

Now we find out he has several druggies on his team
and some played yesterday. What kind of message does
that send about what he expects of his players.

Outlaws.. yes they are.

Is It All About Brett?? Yes IT IS!!!!!!!!!!

I was sad to see Brett and the Jetts lose again yesterday.
I would as would many hundreds of Packer fans love to
have Brett back.

I did not really start watching the Packer's until after I
was married. I don't even remember Don Majkowski.
Even though that is who the quarterback was when I
started watching.

I was talking with my neighbor who happens to be a big
Chicago Bears fan. He said ' So you are not really a Packer fan?'
Well I am. I cheer during the good and BAD,, I just tend to
do a lot of swearing as well during the BAD.

I would never cheer for any team other than the Packers
in our division. UNLESS its play offs and the Packers are
obviously not in it this year.. I will not cheer for the outlaw
druggie Vikings no matter what. It would be a cold day in hell.

I would cheer for the Jetts before the Packers. I make no
apology's for that. Even my Bear loving neighbor thinks it
is unforgivable how they treated Brett.

Who do you think was doing the play calling the last couple
of years? Brett or McCarthy.. This years games make one

So disappointed in the Packers defense. Houstons first touchdown
yesterday and the way they did it , was very telling.

Its a good thing Houston turned it over so often or we really
would have got beat into the ground.

How about that play their punter made?? How embarrassing .

I also heard a nasty little rumor that Al Harris will not be back
next year.

So what kind of draft picks do you think we will get. I guess it
makes no difference as thompson will squander them.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fire McCarthy and Thompson.


Major Winter Storm Coming..

Major winter storm coming.. YIKES.. 6-12 inches monday night
through Tuesday night..

Stay home off the roads if you can.

When we have snow like this people on the roads just
get in the way of those that HAVE to be out.

Snow plow drivers, Police, Emt's... etc...

My niece was one last year.. 'Oh my gosh I make not much
above minimum wage but I must drive 40 miles in
near blizzard conditions to get to my great job.'

Any other time I would say she has great work ethic
last year I just cringed.

My husband's company actually created a bad weather
policy after last winter. So absences do to extreme
weather did not count against them.. Before that they
had nothing in place.

Sources: Blackwater guards to surrender Monday

  • Story Highlights
  • Five former Blackwater guards identified
  • Sources say they are charged in 2007 shooting that killed 17 Iraqis
  • Sixth guard in plea negotiations, sources say
  • Charges could be made public as early as Mon

I hope they put them away for a long time.......

To Prison They Should Go,, Dog Fighting Ring Broke Up..

Friday, December 5, 2008

Rock County Board applicants rejected

I think it is to bad they did not choose Susan Hilbert. She is a
very educated , well spoken lady who could have brought a lot
to this position.

Janis Ringhand is this position?? When I can find a nicer
way to say what I am thinking.. I will post.

Listen In At The Observer-Audio: Evansville Plan approves car lot at old Curves Location

Guess what I don't have a problem with this.
1. It was already zoned commercial. IT is not like
they were rezoning residential to commercial like
that gas station that I do love.

2. Car lots tend to be quite. Really should not
disturb the neighbors.

3. Maybe part of it is its not across the street from
me or in my back yard.

4. This was never going to be residential again, so
why not do something with the building instead
of letting it sit and fall apart.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Parents file wrongful death suit on 4-year-old

When I first started reading this wondered where the hell were
his parents?? I still wonder where they were. We go to
the Kalahari at least twice a year and many pools in between

When my kids were younger, like this boys age.

they ALWAYS wore life vests. Either my
husband or I were always within
arms reach of them. In a wave pool
things can get dicy quickly..
Our kids are older now they don't wear the
life vests, can swim pretty well.
But we still are always in the water with
them and within a couple of feet of them.

But then as you read, its clear the resort staff screwed up.
Regardless of where the parents were.
. I hope to heaven the parents were not
sitting along side the pool having a drink.
I don't know why any life guard would not jump in and help
someone in distress. Screw asking your supervisor.
So what if you make guests mad. Better to be
safe than sorry..

This is tragic and could have been prevented
from both sides.

AT&T to cut 12,000 jobs (AP)

So folks when does a recession become a depression?
We obviously are not at that line yet, but where is the line?

These lay offs don't surprise me. There has been a lot of
changes in terms of communications biz .

Teacher sells ad space on exams to raise money for supplies

I think this is a interesting idea. I don't think any teacher should
have to pay for classroom supplies out of their own pocket. UNLESS
they are going over and beyond of being reasonable request. I think
making copy's is a reasonable request.

O.J. Simpson could get 6 years, 18 years -- or life

  • Story Highlights
  • NEW: Probation report recommends 18 years; defense asks for six
  • O.J. Simpson convicted of robbery, kidnapping in October
  • Judge to sentence Simpson on Friday in Las Vegas sports memorabilia case

When he is sentenced should he not be sentenced based on this crime
and not what we highly suspect.

First time offenders .... usually get???

That is what he is a first time offender for this crime.

I would like to see him go away for life.. But that is just figuring in what
I suspect him of doing from years before.

Family of man trampled to death sues Wal-Mart

  • Story Highlights
  • Temporary worker Jdimytai Damour was crushed while he unlocked store's doors
  • Wrongful death suit names Wal-Mart, mall's owner, manager, security firm
  • Suit accuses plaintiffs of "wanton disregard for public safety," recklessness
  • Wal-Mart says it will work with authorities to implement stronger safety measures
It is also being reported the family is suing the city and police dept where this
happened. That part I am not certain why. Suing Walmart. Go for it.

They wasted NO time. I wonder how many lawyers they had knocking
on their door before the body was cold.

Sister's ex killed Hudson relatives in jealous rage, prosecutor says

Who can save Detroit?

Forgive Mumbai attackers, victims' relative says

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Two Bits

I was going to leave a reply on Evansvillehometownherald blog to
their question should Evansville be looking at employing Paramedics
and not just EMTS.

But then the thought was I have my own blog, I will put it here.
This question has come up before, it is not a new one.

But I think before Evansville should go that route of hiring Paramedics
I would want to know what the numbers are. How many times are they
having to call for back up from another town? Like Janesville or
Or Madison? I have witnessed for myself them meeting another
ambulance from another city on 14 for assistance. I think many of us

I know that when I had the heart trouble I did back in October, which
I have always had it, its just gotten worse with my age. We thought
about calling the ambulance.

But as even my brother put it, with the time it takes them to get to
your house, and they decide if they are going to take you or not.
You will be in Madison. Which I needed several drugs given by
IV so it did work out better just to go up on our own. Because there
would have been nothing they could have done for me.

So I do look at it from another view, as it would be nice if it were
to happen again to know they could actually do something besides

I don't know as though we would need a all paramedic staff, but at
least one on each shift who could administer iv's.

It could save a life.

I am on some good drugs now so hopefully this will not be a
issue we will have to deal with again..

But Evansville is growing. It is something as some point
that will have to be considered.

No Gift Card From There.

We normally get a gift card from the Great Wolf Lodge in
the Wisconsin Dells for my sister in law and kids for
Christmas. For the last three years we have done this.

However the Great Wolf is one of the hotels/resorts
that has struggled for several years now. This last week
I read comments from them in a article where they used
the word.. ' bankruptcy.' ..

Its a nice place to go with the family.. but for them it was
all about going big , fast and I think it has come back to
bite them.

So I think we will just book a room for them
instead of taking the chance of losing the gift card
value if they file for bankruptcy.

Same with the Kalahari,, very nice , but did to much to soon.
All out of greed.

I Would Have Bailed Out ...

So the big 3 auto makers, want money,money, money..
Why should they be put to different standards than the wall streets giants
or should I say smalls.

Truthfully not one dime should have been given to anyone until
they banks, credit card company's, hotel, malls until they all
have a plan. Common sense would you not think.

I would have bailed out the auto makers before the banks.
The banks don't produce goods. The auto makers are suffering
because of their goods, the cost, the quality..

Banks and Wall Street , Credit card company's are in deep doo doo
because of pure and simple GREED>>>>>>PATHETIC

Any company who gets so much as a penny,, has to have a plan.

As for the fear of G.M. filing bankruptcy we did have some fear as my
mom, and many retired workers and spouses get nice pensions they
were afraid, and I admit I was afraid would be gone if they filed

But we now know they are insured, or backed and will not be lost.

My dad worked hard for many, many years to make sure he, and my
mom had that when they retired.. It has taken care of my mom
very nicely with my dad gone.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Father, Son Stranded In Woods During Storm

A very happy ending.

Rock County Humane Society executive director fired today

About time. Long over due. I normally feel bad for people who lose
their jobs. Not this time. I have worked with a local shelter for almost
two years now, and have not heard too many good things about her.

Our friends daughter works there and she has nothing nice to say about
her. She has worked there for three years.

Fired for her 'style'? . Her style was bitchy, most don't like that.

Hopefully now with new leadership at the helm, they can get some new
programs going to help the community.. The big thing that I would hope
would increase would be the donations to them..

There were some people who would not donate a dime with her there.

This will be a good change.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Local Blog Asks - Is It Time To Bring In The Paramedics?

Free Husband for adoption (Madison)

Free Husband for adoption (Madison)

**** I found this on craigs list this a.m. and just had to post.
I think anyone who has been married for any length of time
can relate. I posted the full thing here as I am sure this will
get flagged and deleted and then you would miss it.. Too funny.

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-12-01, 5:57AM CST

My husband said it's him or the dog? So, it was a tough choice, but the dog only takes up part of the bed, and he doesn't steal the covers, so I'm keeping the dog.

Husband has tendency to wander, likes to sleep all day, will play with his balls, isn't house trained, but will beg to go out. Needs fenced yard without grass to mow, a home with plentiful food (favorite food is pizza) and drink (loves wine). Gets along well with other dogs, doesn't much care for cats or children. Has little redeeming value, but he is cute. Comes from a long line of hunters, would love to be your hunting companion. Knows Sit, Heel, Stay, and Down. Doesn't always do them? But he knows those commands, don't let him try to convince you he doesn't. Is current on all shots, pretty healthy, has had his teeth cleaned recently, and is NOT NEUTERED. He makes a good income and is great in bed, but sometimes a jackass like many men.

Too good home, fee negotiable, I know I can't get anywhere near what I've got in him back. Comes with Packers T shirt, large flat screen tv, and always ready-to-go.

Serious inquiries only!

Lie, cheat and steal: high school ethics surveyed

Nice.. But it happens more than anyone thinks
it does.

UPDATE: River Rescue, Two Brothers Die

Everyone should be warning their kids to stay
off of and away from lakes, ponds, pools ,
RETAINING PONDS NO matter how cold. In
this case it just has not been cold enough long
enough for anything to truly freeze.. Even if it
is frozen, what is the fascination with frozen water
by both adults and children?