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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Go Bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kick Some Viking XXXX

I ask for ONE simple thing. Kick some lowly viking butt
do you think the bears could do that.. NO>>> Once
again Chicago under estimated a team.. I can not wait
for the vikings to implode. They will.

Did We Jinx Brett???

All the great talk of Brett...did we jinx him today??
Sorry Brett.... We luv ya..

Offered A Deal ,,, Because The Cops Screwed It Up???

Thats the feel you get from this..

If I was his lawyer I don't know if I would take a deal..
this has been screwed up and enough questions exist..

Jetts and Broncos

Go Brett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,, Go Jetts.. should be a good one.

Time To Play For Draft Picks???

Heads really should roll.. It can't all be put on Aaron Rodgers
really very little can be.. But if Brett would have been here it would
have different.. I do think its because Brett lifts everyone to a
different level,, a better level.. He makes those around him play
better.. I won't say the Packer's suck.. but its getting really

We used to plan our Sundays' around Packer games.. Now its like
Packer's playing??? Lets go to the movies..

Not quite that bad but not nearly the excitement as years past.

The best we can hope for is great draft picks..Lets just hope
thompson is not there to pick them..

The Vikings also suck on so many levels..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Does Not Everyone Take A Gun To Toys R Us

It's to bad some people think the way to solve something
is with a gun. This is very scary, thank goodness no one else
was hurt.

What Is Wrong With People. Walmart Worker Killed.

I know the police are trying to figure out who was responsible.
But they all are. Each and everyone that stepped on him, that
walked over him and did not stop to help. What the hell?

How do you live with your self, was it worth it. They killed a man
over what?? A few dollars off?

I hope they can figure it all out and the people are held responsible.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving...

Happy Thanksgiving. .. Have a great day.

Police Arrest Pressly Murder Suspect

Guilty verdicts in case of MySpace user's suicide

Update: Don't Break A Crayon In This Teacher's Room

Get Rid Of This Teacher. Shame on the other teacher
who basically told the kid to suck it up and quit complaining.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oates: Favre trade a bad decision

We did not need him to tell us this.

Teacher accused of punching student, police say

I don't care what the kid did, teachers can not hit kids. Ever.
I wonder if that made him feel like a big man, to punch a 8 yr. old.

I would have liked to know how long he had been teaching.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Student wrecks car on snowy road, disappears

Study: Math teachers 1 chapter ahead of students

Vick needs to find an NFL team to take a chance

Some team will take a chance on him. There will
be more than one team who will seriously look at
bringing him on board.

He has the right to get on with his life after he is
out of prison like anyone else.

He is young, he is talented and he will have a long
career in pro football. He no doubt within a year
or two be commanding the same salary he left with.

There will be some who will protest, but they don't
rule the world and will be ignored. Soon will be

Can We Fire Thompson NOW???

SO sorry Packer's you sucked last night. What the hell happened.
There is no excuse for how you played last night. None.
You were horrible. The Saints are not that good. Unless
they are playing the Packers. thompson is a idiot. mccarthy
is taking a close second. I realize its only his third year but mcarthy
made one of the worst coaches of the year list, a couple weeks ago,
he is showing why.

Fire thompson NOW...

Monday, November 24, 2008

UPDATE:WISC-TV Meteorologist Charged In Connection With Incest

I read more about this story this weekend. It has to
do with his 7 year old daughter, and the accusations
are coming from his soon to be ex- wife.

To me that is a red flag right there. This happened
last November, when they supposedly all three
were in BED together.

If its true its very sad, ,,, BUT if this is nothing
more than a angry soon to be ex wife,, creating a
story.. Then she belongs in jail.

Wow He Did It...

Brett Favre.. boy do we miss him.. I like Aaron Rodgers but it
would not have hurt the Packers to let Brett play with them again.

With Brett,, NO doubt we would be sitting on top of the
division sharing with NO one.

I really do hope the Packers win tonight. IF they don't
it will say a lot.

I still have hope they will fire thompson as the
end of the season.

Great Job Brett and the Jetts.

Go Packers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Will Brett Beat Tennesse?

Will Brett be Tennessee ? O.K. will the Jets beat Tennessee?
Its looking they maybe they can pull it off. I hope so.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

WISC-TV Meteorologist Charged In Connection With Incest

How very sad. I would hope its not true.
What if its not true? How does a public figure come
back from a allegation like that. There will always be
some people who wonder. And accuse. Why a year

If it is true?? Lock him up.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Is Martha Stewart Stalking Your Dog?

Ten top ways to tell if Martha Stewart is stalking your dog

10. There's potpourri hanging from his/her collar.

9. The dog's nails have been cut with pinking shears.

8. The dog toys are all stored in McCoy crocks.

7. The pooper scooper has been decorated with raffia bows.

6. That telltale lemon slice in the new silver water bowl.

5. You find liver and whole wheat dog treats stamped out with copper cookie cutters and decorated with royal icing using a #2 rosette tip.

4. Dog hair has been collected and put into wire baskets for nesting material for the birds.

3. A seasonally appropriate grapevine wreath adorns the front of your dog's crate.

2. Your dog goes outside naked and comes in wearing a thyme colored virgin wool hand-knitted sweater with matching boots.


1. The dog droppings in your backyard have been sculpted into swans.

Cops: Wife Attacks Sleeping Husband with Meat Cleaver


Two Officers Relieved of Duty In Beating of Donald Driver's

WATCH: Palin Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered In The Background

This woman has no brains or class.

GM to return two leased jets amid criticism

It's A Start.

Nebraska lawmakers vote to limit safe-haven law

It never should have been for anything but newborns. HOW
very sad that some people, especially those from out of state
just dumped their kids.

Some I am sure, who were just tired of being parents, of the

At the same time, there needs to be more in place to support
parents. People also need to be willing to accept help.

Dumping your kids off some where for a permanent visit
is not getting help.

What Happens When The Teachers Are Disorderly?

After having dealt with the school district for years now. We had a pleasant
surprise. Our son graduated this last June. During the course of his senior
year he received a couple disorderly conduct tickets for various things.

Which the definition of disorderly conduct is nothing more than having
the potential to cause a disturbance. Pretty simple.. High school kids
get these all the time for swearing or being disruptive in class.

During the course of our son's high school years, he could have wrote a
book on how to get a disorderly conduct ticket. Several times I flat out
had discussions with the school where I let them know, you provoked him.

YOU know how to push his buttons and you do.

But its quite funny that they have been out of high school for almost 6 months
now, and not ONE disorderly conduct ticket.

Not a ticket for anything..

Brings in to question more light on if there are teachers and staff that provoke
certain kids.. we know there are.

Like the shop teacher who threatened to strangle a student,, that by law could be
seen as disorderly. It fits the definition..

How about the E.B.D. teacher who slams things around when she gets mad,
or makes threats she has no business making. That slamming things around is
disorderly conduct not to mention the swearing.. Students can get a ticket for
doing the same.

NOT to mention the teachers who just swear in general, casually.. That is grounds
for a disorderly conduct ticket.. The kids get one for the same.

So if nothing else since graduation we have found , that yes a good part
of the issues were related to staff at the school...

If I had to do it again,, I would start calling in the Rock County and press charges
against staff that violate the law.. If tickets are good enough for students they
are good enough for the staff..

I know a student who has actually started taking a small voice recorder
with her, to prove what these teachers and staff are doing.

I know another kid who recorded a threat by a teacher on his cell phone...

This is just the beginning of my list.

Commentary: Big Three must show a plan

Are American taxpayers getting screwed or what? I would have bailed
out the automakers before the banks. But no one should be getting money
with out a plan. Not banks, credit card company's, auto makers. No one.

If they are short on money they should probably sell the jets they rode in on
and any other 'toys' they have.

Banks and Insurance company's need to stop the company trips on the taxpayer
dime. Click on post for full story.

Cop Steals XBOX

Its funny the cop had no reason to believe it was stolen, he ran the serial no. Yet he took the xbox anyway? He implied this guy had stolen it. Was betting he could not produce the box and receipt and he- the cop, would get to keep it.

The cop is the one who is a thief. I wonder what else he has stolen.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Living Things Have Value

I think I said it before and will again some of those
people on craigs lists are ninny's. The ones who want
to tell others what to do.

Like the lady who bitched about someone breeding yet
she was a breeder years ago.

But a topic on there today was not to give any animal
away for free. I agree totally.

Even if you just charge 10.00 for a barn cat or 100.00
for a barn cat.. People who give animals away are nothing
more than irresponsible and adding to to pet abuse and
over population.

There are people out there who look for free animals
for very cruel, cruel reasons.

If people can not afford 10.00, how are they ever going
to take care of the animal you are giving away??

I talked with someone this summer who got a adult
cat from a local pet store, for free. . This pet store
had no idea what this cat was like. This cat attacked
a couple people in this family. Most cats in particular
will hide when brought into a new situation. Not attack.

With young children in the family, they could not keep
the cat and the pet store took the cat back. More
than likely to give it to some other poor unexpecting family.

When animals are free people get very impulsive, they don't
think long term they only think ' oh how cute.'

Our neighbor found baby kittens this summer in their garage.
They had them vaccinated , wormed and tested for feline leukemia
before homing them with a adoption fee, but at a loss to them.

They did not allow anyone to take one home the same day, asked
them to think about it for a couple of days , and would hold the kitten
for them for 48 hours and if they still wanted it , it was theirs.

Also informed them to bring the kitten back if it did not work out.
Regardless of the age of the kitten/cat.

One person did 3 months later. So now my neighbor has a cat.

Every living thing has value,, to give some living thing away is
disrespectful and irresponsible.

Things My Dog Ate

Being we suffer as well from a dog who eats and destroys
just about everything , when I found I this website, I was
thrilled to know its not just our dog that does this type of

Our dog, actually my sons dog is over a year now and better
than she was, but she has now destroyed two couches, laptop
chargers, pillows, toys, chews on the wood part of furniture,
Christmas ornaments, dirt, dry wall, KNIVES . Things that you would
never think she would try to eat. Yuck. More beanie babies
have lost their lives to this dog than anything I can think of.

We block her off from part of the house with gates just to find
she can jump them, even the bigger ones.

Of course this should come as no surprise to us as she clears
the fence in our yard by a good 4 inches when she wants.

She is a good dog, would never intentionally hurt anyone.
She is doing better now that she is older.

IF you have the time check out the website it is funny and good
to know we are not alone.

Coroner: Father Dies In Tree Lane Double Shooting

Well what do you say to this? It is tragic.
My friends kids go to the same school this little boy did.

When it was announced to the school yesterday that he
Kyle had died, one of he kids asked ' well isn't he the kid whose
dad killed him? '

The teacher responded with ' he died of unknown causes.'

Why lie to these kids? Who can all read, and watch the news.
I think you create more fear at this age by not being honest.

It is a scary thing for some kids who wonder well the next time
mom and dad get mad at me, are they going to kill me?

This needs to be talked about with these kids, and explained
that this is tragic and there was a lot of things going on with
this guy, and for what ever reason he felt he had no way out.

The teachers should be telling these kids there is always a
better solution that hurting your self and someone else.

These kids are 5-8th graders they are old enough to
understand and probably have a lot of questions.

This same school lost a 8th grader this year as well. He went
to bed at night and never woke up. It is believed he died from
a heart condition he was born with.

Plenty sadness in this school this year already.

Take the time and talk to your kids.

Family: Donald Driver's dad beaten by Houston police after dispute

These so called officers belong in jail. They put a man in icu and there
is absolutely no excuse for that. I dare say a 'old' man. I not only
hope they are fired, I hope they are jailed for attempted murder.

I wonder how they would like that.

NO they do not get benefit of the doubt. There is no
excuse for beating anyone so severely, regardless of
who they are.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hillary Would Make A Excellent Secretary Of State

This Is Why There Needs To Be Laws.. For Kids Under 18

This is absolutely ridiculous how this boy was treated by the
police. They have basically set things up nicely for dismissal
of charges. Some police have no brains or common sense at all.

The kids is only 8 years old, maybe he did or maybe he did not
do this. But by using the 'techniques' a.k.a. intimidation, bullying
we may never know what really happened.

There should be a law in all 50 states no 'interviewing' of suspects
under the age of 18 with out parental consent and a lawyer.

This kid did not know enough to ask for a lawyer.

Shame of the officer's involved who bullied and intimidated a
8 year old.

How Can Any One Kill Their Own Child?

Go the website above. This website is about the little boy whose father
killed him this week.

How does one do that?

So they were having financial problems, so what.

There are worse things in life. Things will get better.

As long as you have your family and everyone is healthy.

There are many things to be grateful for.

Please do check out this little boy's web page. The world
has lost a beautiful child.

Tips renew hopes of solving Holloway case

Failed Carjacker Couldn’t Drive Stick Shift

This is just to funny.

There's A New Blog In Town

I found a new blog relating to our area. I am always doing searches for local blogs, ones
in Wisconsin. They are new. Be kind.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Murder Indictment

I was watching Nancy Grace last night and they were
talking about drew peterson going to see a divorce lawyer.

1. First of all he would have to prove that she left
him, how is he going to do that?

2. They played a tape of a reporter interviewing him
on the phone, and asked him about seeing the divorce
lawyer, and asked him his thoughts on the news
there is soon to be a murder indictment.

Drew Peterson who is normally a media whore, declined to
comment, very unusual for him. He referred all questions
to his lawyer.

A murder indictment? I think we can all assume its slimy drew
peterson who the indictment is against. But the question would
become indictment for murder for wife 3 or wife 4???

You can bet we will be watching and waiting.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Judge: MySpace hoax jury can hear about suicide

I am sorry I hope they throw the book at this Lori
Drew. I have watched and listened to her in interviews
and she is the most unremorseful I have ever listened to.

She denies doing this, put the evidence points to her.
She comes across as a cruel person. Who allows their
kids to behave in this manner, not only allows it but joins

That is just sick.

Drew Peterson talks with divorce lawyer

Oh please he knows he does not need a divorce lawyer.
The guy is creepy, and no creepy does not a killer make,
but he is.

Its to bad Stacy did not divorce him two years ago.
She would be alive today.

When To Walk Away..

I had a sad conversation with a neighbor this weekend.
We were out walking this weekend and noticed them
taking things out of their house and into the back of a
pick up.

I jokingly asked - Where do you think you are going, are you

They had, had there house for sale, so I thought maybe they had
sold it.

NO they had not sold it, but they were moving as they put it
before they get told to get out.

I was shocked. But not completely. I had talked to them enough
that I knew they had been struggling for over a year.

They have one of those adjusted rate mortgages and it had recently
again gone up , by 300.00 a month AGAIN. There mortgage is from one
of those predatory lenders that we have heard so much about lately.

They would just barely get a the mortgage paid in a month and would
have to start figuring out how to pay the next months.

When they made these payments it left them with little money for their
other bills like food, heat, etc..

They had tried to refinance. Had tried to sell.
The house, like most everyone's in this day and time
is not worth what they paid for it.

They were incredibly calm. But I think once they made the
decision it was a weight off them like no other.

I feel bad for them. They have been making a honest attempt at keeping
up with the payments.

It really angry that banks can give out loans they should not.. out of greed.
Then get there butts rescued.. Who is rescuing the home owner??

These banks and mortgage company's that are high interest

We have M&I right here in Wisconsin who have said they may need
part of that bail out. Shame on them. I hope NO one in this company
is getting any bonus's anytime soon.

I think any and all company's who get a part of the bailout it needs to be
public information. It should be public information. It OUR money and
we have the right to know who is getting what. I would not do business
with a company that gets part of a bailout.

They put themselves in that position. It all started with them.

Missing Woman's Body Found, Husband Arrested

Why would anyone think they could get away with killing someone
especially a ex - whatever.. The first person the police look at is
the EX... unless they have reason to think different.

The reports that I read on this said he , the ex never helped to
look for her.. RED FLAG...

Looks like Wisconsin has its own Drew Peterson.

They Spanked Them!!!!!!

WOW!!!!!!!!! Where has this Packer's team been all year long that
we saw yesterday??? It is like everything was just clickin..

A.J. Hawk looked great, he did a great job. Aaron Rodgers looked

It was good to beat them, because years of late they have beat and
embarrassed us..

Nice to return the favor.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Bears Still Suck Polka Song

** Out dated in some ways but still funny...

The Bears Still Suck Polka

written by J.Krueger-sung by OTTO

How many times must we take this disgrace
Another Bears fan throwing insults in our face
The Packers are the greatest team to ever play the game
Even if from time to time they've been a little lame

How could you ever love a team with Jim McMahon
Not even Porky Pig was as big a ham
They got a reputation that's mostly based on luck
The Bears…Still…Suck

The Bears still suck, the Bears still suck
The Bears still suck, the Bears still suck
They really really really really really really suck
Yes the Bears…Still…Suck

If you drive to Soldier Field they make you pay a toll
For cripes sake they only won one lousy Super Bowl
They make fun of Wisconsin, but we don't get upset
Where do you think that they're all headed every chance they get

We don't really hold a grudge 'cause this is all in fun
As far as football rivalries we're both number one
Still we wouldn't mind seeing Ditka run over by a truck
'Cause the Bears…Still…Suck

The Bears still suck, the Bears still suck
The Bears still suck, the Bears still suck
They really really really really really really suck
Yes the Bears…Still…Suck

(All the ladies now) The Bears still suck, the Bears still suck
The Bears still suck, the Bears still suck
They really really really really really really suck
Yes the Bears…Still…Suck

(Everybody now) The Bears still suck, the Bears still suck
The Bears still suck, the Bears still suck
They really really really really really really suck
Yes the Bears…Still…Suck…HEY !!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Agree We Can Not Say Replacement

I think it was put perfectly when on the blog on
the gazette someone said something to the effect-
following in Art's shoes is like being the next quarterback
after Brett Favre.

We miss you Art. No one will ever 'replace' you.

55 Charged In Dogfighting Operation

A special education teacher? I know teachers don't make
the most money, but try working at walmart before abusing

Jury awards $2.5 million to teen beaten by Klan members

Most excellent. I hope this kid gets everything
they have.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Kitten Kicked Like Football... These Kids Belong In Jail.. And Then Hundreds of Hours Of Community Service.

They have no respect for life. Anyone's.
I am a strong believer that if you can hurt a
animal, its only a step away from hurting a
human being.

What About Christmas???

That time of year again.
Are you going to make changes to where or how
you shop for Christmas this year? With the economy
like it is. For the last two years we have done our best
NOT to shop at Walmart for Christmas gifts. Most any
place will beat or match Walmart's prices.

Last weekend we headed over to Mt.Horeb they have the
neatest shops. I always try to find something unique for
my Mom as she 'needs' nothing. If she does need something
she goes out and gets it before anyone has the chance.

I love shops they have in Mt. Horeb, New Glarus, Cambridge.

I do know we will be buying lots of gift certificates again this
year for our kids friends.. Just easy and they love them.

NetFlix is one we also buy 'gift subscriptions ' to for several
people.. Its nice having the movie store in town, but the more
we go there the more frustrated I get with it.

Dare I say they don't do things like Barb did.

They do not have enough of the new releases, Barb had plenty.
That is the only reason we go there, is for the new releases.

So we have gone back to using Netflix, as have others who have
had the same problem there. Netflix is great, NO LATE FEES,
YOU can PREORDER new releases so when they get it in , it goes
out to you. Delivery does not usually take more than a day.

It really is just easier, less frustrating.

But we will also be getting subway gift certificates, which we get here in
town, and gift certificates from Citgo , teenagers love those , free gas as
they see it.. Our son has already asked if we are going to do that again this
year for a couple of his friends..

But we definitely find our selves checking adds more, The Black Friday .com
is a excellent sight for ads.

But always remember what Christmas is really about. If you can't remember
what its really about,, it does not mean much.

Spat between girls, 15, led to gunfire at school

How tragic. High school is rough. There are some very
nasty girls, and some boys at every school. But you
just can't shoot those you don't get along with. I wonder
where this girl got the gun?

Jets Win In OVer Time, We Miss You Brett...

If Brett can take this Jetts team and end up in first place.
Just imagine the different type of year the Packer's would be

Thursday, November 13, 2008

If They Lose

If the Packer's lose this weekend to the Bears, can
we fire ted thompson?? Will that be enough loses
for everyone? All over thompson's arrogance.
I don't have a good feeling about this weeks game
based on how they have played all year.

Win or lose,, playoffs of not. Which looks to be
as likely as a shot to hell. Get rid of thompson.

Brett plays tonight. Go Jets.

Guess What, I Like It...

For as much as I have disliked this millpond project. I agree with the
thought that Evansville may have caught a break, with the economy
being so horrible.

If the millpond has to be done, I think this is the best we could have
hoped for.

Not a horrible no, $1,365,000 and this price includes cost for

If they are going to do the culvert box and creek walls they can
work them into the budget like the rest of us do.


We knew it would be as to many people think
they don't have to answer to anyone under this
bush administration.

Is General Motors Worth Saving?

It is hard to believe anyone would ask that question.
Maybe they should as all of those who have lost their jobs.

The Ninny's On Craigs List

That is the only word that really fits, its a word my mom
uses once in a while.. My mom is not someone who swears
so she comes up with some strange things once in a while.

Any way. I have noticed that on craigs list under the pets
section there are a lot of ninnys.

Any one who knows craigs list, knows its a great place to
post things. Most of the time its free to post, at least in
our area.

But under pets there are always some ninny's , twits, old bats,
nosy people who feel they have the right to criticize what others
are doing, be it what they are selling, how much they are selling
it for, if they are breeders or not.. why they are rehoming....etc

They complain about people's adoption fee's, and if someone is
a breeder or not.

News, heads up to these people who leave these comments and
harass people. YOU are not suppose to be posting in the pet
section, you are violating craigs list rules as well, but they seem
to think they are above the rules.

People can decide for themselves how much they want to
spend, if they believe why a animal is being re homed, and
can decide for them selves if its a healthy animal.

I have been talking with someone at craigs list about this issue
as when you are looking for a animal you should not have to
go through all the crap comments that end up on their. They
are starting to compile a list of people who chronically post
comments, by their ISP's and are going to start blocking, she
said they were recently contacted by law enforcement in a
community this person is going to be charged with harassment
as thats how bad its become.

About time.

As the people who post these need to get a life,, stop
being a twit, ninny, busy body, old bat what ever you
want to call them.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Bus Driver Belongs In Jail

Bounty Hunter Holds Prayer Vigil For Caylee

This family needs to wake up and realize that this little girl
is gone- dead. I feel so bad for them, but they need to quit
defending their daughter. She make me sick.

But on the flip side,,, look of the case of Elizabeth Smart.
Miracles do happen.

But sadly I fear there will be no miracle in this case. This
'mom' has lied from day one.

Eight arrested in Klan-related killing, police say

I hope they fry the people responsible for this and its
probably the only time you will see me say that. But
people that are racist , and involved with the KKK have
very little to offer this world, and just add to the evil
and violence in this world.

Bid Comes In Way Under?

The lake bid came in way under what was expected? How did S.O.L.E ever
come up with the 2 million dollar mark?

That is great that it is so low. It makes one a little nervous though wondering
why the one bid is SO low?

They, the city said they would check references so I hope they have.

I think a big part of it is, contractors are just as desperate for work
as a lot of people and may be going lower than what they would if
the economy were in a good place.

The city had these bids,, so why this last week did they say they
were going to ask for OVER 2million.

That is very strange.

As the bid not even hitting the one million dollar mark, that would add
not much at all to people's taxes..

The referendum was for nothing more than the dredging of the lake.

It was not worded ' up to 2 million for the dredging of the lake leota, and
if we can stuff it in there the creek walls as well.'

IF they want to do more, creek walls, box culvert etc.... they need to work
into the yearly budget like the rest of us.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dear Mr.Grumps...

"grumps said...

Based on the bids opened last night the project should be well under $2M and could be as low as half that."


Having read your comment I have a couple questions for

1. IF the bid could be half? Why are they asking for so much?
even adding in extra for the unexpected, does not explain this

2. Could it be they are going to try to squeeze in the creek walls
into this figure , if they can get the actual dredging for closer
to a million than 2 million?

3. Now IF that were to be the case, that would not be what
Evansville citizens voted on would it? There is going to be
some very angry people if that's what they are trying to do
and people find out the addition to their tax could have been
half, but the city took it upon themselves to spend money they
were not authorized to spend, per the wording in the referendum.

4. The problem with taking out more money in a loan than what
you need, is IT will get spent. To many people , the the city
included have in the last few years have over extended them selves
thinking they can handle it , that it will be o.k. We have all watched
what a disaster this has turned into. It also kind of asks the question
can the city not stay within a budget? 2 million or under?

So the entire thing is odd.

Obama's Favorability Rating Hits Record Level By Ashish on November 10, 2008, at 1:50PM Obama's favorability rating has hit 68%, the highest of any

Obama's Favorability Rating Hits Record Level

By Ashish on November 10, 2008, at 1:50PM

Obama's favorability rating has hit 68%, the highest of any major presidential candidate since Gallup started tracking favorability ratings. His highest point during the election was 62%.

Meanwhile, George W. Bush is also setting new records. His new disapproval rating has hit 76%. That's the highest disapproval rating for any President in American history.

.. Joy And Elisabeth Spar Over Veterans Day (VIDEO)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck needs to shut up and go home.
My sister is a vet as well but she does not expect people
to kiss her ass.

In fact she brings it up very little. Some people she works
with, had no idea she was in the service.

She also has been and is against this war in Iraq.
She thinks bush is the biggest joke and he, bush is not well
respected among those in her unit.

She is so glad she got out.

I Do Understand..

I had quite a talk with Richard Woulfe this last weekend.
He has told me he does not wish to run for school board
at this time. He explained why and I completely understand.

Each time I encourage him to run, I think to myself well then
we lose the coverage that we get, and no one covers it quite
like he does. Where you can hear the school board, or council
speaking. You know who said what.

I have always said that I like having him on my side of the
table. There is no one in this town that covers the issues
as honestly as he does. You can hear and see these meetings
through the work that he does. Thanks again to the Observer.

HOWEVER there goes my dream school board. But there will
be a open spot and I sincerely hope that Thomas Alisankus runs
for this position, or one of them. ( I am not sure if there are other
spots open or not in this spring's election. )

We strongly feel that Mr. Thomas Alisankus would make a
excellent school board member. He has served as the city's
judge for years and years , and is very well liked even those
whom have been in his court have favorable things to say. That
is always impressive.

There are a number of serious issues that need to be addressed
within the school district and we feel Mr.Alisankus would make
a positive and noticed impact on the quality of education and
working conditions at the school.

He would be a great source of information and how laws
pertain to the issues at hand, without being biased.

We do realize that he was just elected for another term of
municipal judge but we do hope that he considers running
for the school board. If you know of someone you think
would make a positive impact encourage them to run.

The more good people the better.

I would have loved to see Richard Woulfe and Mr.Alisankus
both on the school board. But I do understand.

So we respectfully request that Mr.Thomas Alisankus consider
running for school board.

Those Packers

They played like crap they did not deserve to win.
I will stick by my thought that the Vikings suck.
They just played better than we did.

What do you think there problem is. We can not
lay all of this on Aaron Rodgers. It seemed like
he took forever to get rid of the ball at times on

It also seemed at times like some of the hits he took
like the vikings were trying to hurt him, more than what
he was.

Matters not , neither team is going anywhere.

OH My Gosh..They Are Just Baiting Me..

The mill pond over 2 million??? Oh NO>>> that is not
what the people voted for , it was for millpond dredging at
or under 2million. NOT even a week later its being questioned
if they can keep it under 2 million.

Are they out of their minds ??? It makes one wonder if they
were not questioning all along,, if they could keep it under 2 million.

I mean come on they lied about the total cost, why not lie
about the cost of just the dredging.. I can feel a recall coming.
Can you not.????

But we will wait and see and continue to follow these meetings.
They have deceived and lied about the cost of this project for months
we will have to see what happens in the next couple of weeks.,

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Not Happy

What the heck, the Packers what are they doing?
Not much of anything evidently.

Vikings suck, no matter the outcome.

Brett.. more than likely will rest the second half
of his game,, up 40+ to zero.

Losing what patience I have left.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Not Long Enough.. Man Gets Jail For Hanging Dog

Up to a year is not long enough for what he did
to this dog. If he could do this to a dog, what else
is he capable of doing?

They Both Look and Sound Stupid.

It did not take long for the mccain aides and staff to start
firing off shots at sarah palin.

We all knew they would if they lost. However some of their
comments make them look stupid as well. It is their camp who
picked her. YOU picked her.

I find it very hard to believe she did not know that Africa
was a continent. But then again based on some of her other
comments who knows.

But I think the mccain camp has to be very careful in how
much bashing they do, as it just reflects on them.

What Went So Horribly Wrong

This Charles Witzel guy , what do you think went so horribly
wrong in his life, that he just has a huge disregard for human

I am glad they have him. Grateful he killed no one else.
He could of very easily have killed alot more people than
he did.
Sad that he killed at all.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

WKCE Testing Again..

Well the school is once again doing the WKCE testing. I have no pity
for the school at all. For the students yes.

WKCE testing is there , because that is the spot the schools have put
them selves in. The government would not have stepped in , if schools
were doing what they were suppose to be doing.

But they were not. They were graduating students who could not
read and write. Graduating students that could not read or write at
the same time collecting tax payer money.

Yet you should hear the school cry about it. It would seem they don't
think anyone should be watching what they are doing or not doing.

Just give them the money.

I would like to think Evansville schools would not graduate kids that can't
read or write. But some of things I have witnessed makes me question
that .

There has to be oversight by the government of our schools. IF they want
to continue to get funding from tax payers.

I do think the WKCE test could be tweaked in some areas.

The Evansville schools complain about this testing, yet they created there
own testing called ,, MAPS.. There should be more focus on teaching and less
on testing.. Teachers know just from day to day contact in the classroom where
students are.. Through daily work, and the subject testing.

Like we told our kids,, just fill in the circles , don't worry about it. IT does
not count for a thing, and the kids are being punished for how the schools
have performed or not.

We have talked with others who have told their kids the same.
One commenting that public schools get further and further away
from teaching each year and are more political than ever.

Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast,

Not Just A Ding Bat, But A Witch

Dane County 911 Does It Again

There is no room for error in this job.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Will They Keep It Under 2 Million?

Some one asked today if I thought the lake/millpond project
would stay under 2 million. Firsts thoughts was yes. Then
well it better. As that is what is said in the wording on the
referendum. That is what they want people to believe.

Now that its a 'public' project all the records are public
as well , right down to whom they paid what, down to
the last dime.

People are going to be angry when they figure it out
they have been snuckered.

We White Folks..

I was so excited last night that I could not get to sleep
until well after 1 a.m. and I am someone who usually passes
out by 8 p.m.

But as we watched and listened last night. Watched all those
hundreds of thousands at Grant Park and around the nation
celebrate in the streets. It became very clear that we as 'white
folks' can not fully appreciate Barack Obama's win.

We have never TRULY been discriminated against based on
the color of our skin.

We have never been told we can't vote, based on the color of
our skin.

We have never been refused service based on the color of our skin.
We have never been told to sit on the back of the bus, or denied service
at all based on the color of our skin.

We have never been told 'this restroom for whites only'
We have never been called nasty names for the color of our skin.
We have never been denied education because of the color of our skin.
We have never been sought out and killed because of the color of skin.

So as I watched so many with tears of joy running down their face
white and black, purple and green what ever it was clear just what
a huge night this was.

They said they race was not nearly as much of a issue as they had
wondered if it would not be.

Why should race be a issue at all?? This is 2008, are there really
still ignorant people in this world that judge someone by the color
of their skin?? Yes I know there is .. These people are just plan,
ignorant, stupid.. truly ignorant. They are missing out on a lot of
life because of their ignorance.

I will always remember last night and always be grateful that he

I will always have a piece of that history as I voted for him, and
I recorded the coverage last night and his speech that will make
it onto a dvd.

Always remember to vote.

Why Would You Not Vote???

I am very impressed with Evansville's turn out yesterday.
It was over two thousand when I went. I have voted in other
other elections in Evansville, where we were lucky to hit 1000.

When I went yesterday we were over two thousand.

But why would some one not vote?

I will tell you right now my SON did not vote. I found it a good
thing to nag him about, but he did not budge.. HE DID NOT VOTE
FOR MCCAIN.. He did not vote for Obama he just did not vote.

I also have a neighbor who did not vote, and she is twice his age.
She should be able to see all the reasons to vote. But she did not.

In all fairness to my son, my husband and I were talking and
and realized that we did not vote for President either that first
year after we turned 18.. But every election since we have.

History was made last night folks and those of us who voted
were part of it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

OBAMA WINS!!!!!!!!!

ARE you recording this??? This is HUGE,, History...

I am so excited.... He is what this country needs.
A huge night for all democrats..

Do you think Sarah is on a plane home yet?
We can all hope..

One And Done

Lake Leota will proceed passing 70 to 30 %. I had
said all along I did not think it would be close. But we
tried. I am grateful it went to referendum that's all one
could have asked for.


IF you lived on the west side, right to the point Westfield Meadows.
Pissed that the city wants to spend 2.65 MILLION, on a hole in the
ground. BUT yet they moved like snails when it came to helping us
protect our homes, pissed at the hit our homes have taken in value,
the items we have lost, the damage that has been done by the flooding.


But the city wants us to O.K. there 2.65 MILLION dollar project...
for a hole in the ground.

I don't think so..I would be voting a big fat NO>>>>>

Go Vote!!!!!!!!!

Go Vote Today!!!!!!!
Good Luck To All!!!!!!!!!!

Rove Predicts Obama Blowout On Tuesday

Obama's grandmother dies after battle with cancer

This is so sad. It would have been nice had
she been able to see the results from today. However
she was very proud of him,, regardless of today.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Other Options!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you go and shop for a major purchase , be it car, tv,
washer and dryer any major purchase , you shop around.

You look at all your options.. S.O.L.E. and the city would
like us to believe there is only ONE option ..They are
They could leave Lake Leota alone, let it go back to its natural
state,, at a cost under 1million according to our councilman.

Under 1 million compared to 2.65 million.. Big difference..

There is always options.. .. the fact that the city and S.O.L.E.
have only given one option says a lot.. they want their way
like spoiled children, the my way or the highway attitude.

Let them know in this time of layoffs, people losing their homes,
trying to feed their family's we all need options , not someone
trying to back us into a corner..

Vote NO on this 2.65 million project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where Does All The Money GO????

In this Lake Leota project do you wonder where is all
the money going?

S.O.L.E. has gone from giving a figure of 1.5 million-1.75
million now two million?? Now keep in mind the dredging
is two million, that does not include the box culvert or
the creek walls.

So how did we get up to 2million JUST for the dredging?
Just how much are we giving these land owners and who
are they?? The ones who would be paid to put the soil
on their land if this referendum passes???

If it were to pass, it would have to be public information.
I get the feeling the city and tax payers are being soaked
by these people who own the land where the soil would go.

What OTHER explanation would there be for the price change??

Because at the last meeting , before the vote to go to referendum
that is what they were waiting for,, to get costs on what they were
going to have to pay the landowners, and if the landowners would
even go along with it..

It is good soil.. really good.
My plants have loved it..

This is tax payer money,, we have the right to know and
should know just what money is going where...

Before we agree to anything.. NOT enough questions have
been answered...

Vote NO... Not enough options.. Not enough answers..

Vote NO to this 2.65 million dollar project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Can Register To Vote On Election Day

You can register to vote even on election day.
What you will need:

Driver's License or last four of your s.s. if you
do not have a license.

Proof of residence-drivers license, utility or
cell phone bill, paycheck or bank statement.

Thats it.

If you are in line by 8PM ,, you have the right
to register and vote.

Take advantage of your right... VOTE...

Greed and Entitlement

Evansville used to be a small town. It was run very much
like a small town for years, we were small. We are no
longer small. It can no longer be run like a small town
where things are run by a few. Where if certain people
wanted something to happen it happened.

This is 2008 and towns can not be run by those
who are used to getting their way.

The example the idea of restoring Lake Leota is going to
raise house values , BULLSHIT>> for who??

For those who maybe have homes by the lake?
Do you want to put money into those homeowners
pockets, at your expense? I don't think so.

Lake Leota is not the heart and soul of Evansville.
Does Evansville have a heart and soul? I don't
think so..

How often do you even go to Lake Leota park.
We maybe go twice a year. Our kids are beyond
swingset age, and we have a small park in our

A ton of money has already been put into the
'New west side park' and they plan on putting
more into it.. IT is a beautiful park..

NO none of us would intentionally put money
into our neighbors homes, so we need to vote
NO to lake leota..

As it will NOT add to home values...

It is just a sense of greed and entitlement by a few
who would like a prettier view from their homes
as reason why they want this done.

It can be pretty,, it does not need to be a lake to be

Vote NO.


The other problem with spending 2.65 million on
Lake Leota/millpond.

The Evansville School district is going to need
to build new schools, in the next few years
with a price tag of 44 million..

Kids have to become before a lake/millpond.
The truth is the schools will happen, one way
or another. Can you afford to pay for:

Lake Leota
Public schools with a price tag of 44 million
Water treatment up grades at 3million
Library expansion
New fire station..

What do you think your taxes will look like.
We did not get a vote on the fire station, we
need the schools, we have to have the waste
water treatment plant.

But we don't need the lake... VOTE NO!!!!!!
Keep the money in YOUR wallet not the lake.

Video: Just Say NO to Lake Leota---The Top 10 Reasons - VIDEO

Video: Council: Lake Leota: Ald. Jacobson urges full disclosure---council rejects

There is nothing quite like video, to tell the truth..
That this is a 2.65 million project, not 2million.

That some council members are less than honest.
That they don't want the Evansville Taxpayers
to know the full price of this lake project..

They admit that if they put the full price on the ballot
they fear it would not pass.

The price on the ballot is wrong and misleading..
Evansville Taxpayers are being lied to...deceived.

Vote NO....

Lake Leota Is Begging us..

Lake Leota. a.k.a. millpond,, is begging us - leave me alone
let me return to my natural state.. I was never meant to be
a lake. Leave me alone..

That is what is going on with Lake Leota, its just trying
to get back to what it was suppose to be along.

Quit messing with nature.

Vote No to Lake Leota..
Keep the money in YOUR wallet,, NOT the Lake..

DNR official suggests "restoring" Lake Leota may make flooding worse

Are Local and County Jails Feeling The Pinch?

Our friend works at city hall in Stoughton, she was telling us
this last week that due to the financial budget issues they have
'squashed' many warrants for non-violent crimes. It has gone from
around 25.00 dollars a day to feed and house inmates to over 80.00
dollars a day. It is costing them money to lock people up for
municipal fines. Her comment that the hope is people will bail out
and they then can collect the money, before people sit to long, but
most don't. So the county ends up losing money.

They can still try to collect on these fines, by sending it to collection,
suspending driver license's and intercepting tax refunds.

Everyone is feeling the pinch these days and the county is
no different.

They Must Have Missed My Sign...

There was a lot of people out this weekend, stompin for their
candidate or cause.

IT would seem those leaving flyers for the millpond missed
my sign in the yard, the says,, " Just Say NO to Lake Leota"

I noticed they NEVER anywhere on this flyer list a price for
fixing this millpond, they never mention 2.65 million.

The people we have talked with said forget the 2.65 million, 2
million is TOO much.

It's not just the two million, its the fact it will be never ending
its always going to cost this town MILLIONS... as by the time
we get done paying for it, we will have to do it again.

VOTE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness only ONE more day to go.
Do not forget to go and vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW remember no one can loiter at the polls
and poll workers can not wear any type of
clothing or pin to try to influence voters.

Take your i.d. with you.

ALSO these people that J.B. Van Hollen is
sending out have NO authority.. if anyone is
given crap about voting, call the police it is
your legal right to vote.

If you see something suspicious where you
are voting report it..

It's your right, make sure you vote.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Congrats To The Green Bay Packers.

Well they lost. They had opportunity's and failed to take
advantage. But it was a good game.

Now if you go into Minnesota next week and LOSE>>>
I will be ___________, just fill in the blank.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Failed Leadership OR Confused Leadership???

I as many have watched the video on the flooding that you can
see on the Observer..

Some one posted they were 'embarrassed' by how some of the
People responded at this meeting. PLEASE...

They have every right to be angry . VERY angry.
As I was watching and listening to this it became very
clear they were not angry just about the insurance and
fema and our government.

There is a lot of anger about how the city of Evansville did not DO SQUAT.....
UNTIL they talked of getting a lawyer.

Even then the city of Evansville has been very slow in responding to
this CRISIS.

I AND MANY, say crisis as these people have spend hundreds of thousands
on their homes, and some could not sell them if they wanted to .

NOT with out disclosing the flooding issues. Not without saying
a great selling point is we have ' lake front property.' Unfortunately
its not lake leota/millpond we are talking about.

Its from flooding on the west side, Westfield Meadows and the city
bares much responsibility for that disaster out there.

As do the contractors.. The only ones not responsible for this
disaster is the home owners. They have every right to be angry.

They have been way to patient with the city.

So failed leadership or confused leadership either way,, we don't
need either one.

Flooding Evansville Style>>>>>>>>>Does Lake Leota Contribute..

******** Click on post for full audio and video

OH MY GOSH,, I feel so bad for these people. The biggest investment of
their lives has been damaged by flooding, the biggest reason being the city
of Evansville just allows people to build and build , and build.

IT is already a known fact they NEVER should have allowed the building of
SO many houses in any one area in Evansville.

Westfield Meadows... the city made a HUGE mess out of this and has
been very SLOW In responding to this mess, and has done very little.

I wonder if Lake Leota/MILLPOND contibutes to flooding
along ALLEN Creek, along cherry st, Varco pruden, the American Family
Insurance building, where Heads Up Hair Salon used to be. These areas
ALL have had flooding issues.

Some one made the comment that since the millpond/lake leota has been
drained they have not had as serious flooding in the above mentioned areas.

Go and watch the video on the Observer on these flooding issues.

Poor Baby ,, Her Rights..

Oh Please if you can't take the heat get out!!!!!!!! She does
not handle criticism very well, but she sure likes to dish it out.

It is not violating her rights.

She is a ding bat and shows more each day how
dingy she really is.